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1 November
Celebrated as agricultural workers day
1889- Seid Shushinski, a famous khananda was born. 
1906 –  “Fuyuzat” magazine launched in Azerbaijan.
1907 – State Duma III launched in Russia 
1923- Aliaga Bakir, a Ghazalkhan-poet, was born 
1931- Aliashraf Mammadov, an Azerbaijanian geologist born 
1939 –Mammad Ismail, a poet and publicist born 
1993 – The first meeting of the Council of Defense of the Azerbaijan Republic held  
1999 –Awards Ceremony of the Ataturk Peace Prize to Heydar Aliyev held in Ankara 
2008 – The agricultural workers day celebrated for the first time in Azerbaijan

2 November
1934 – Ogtay Rzaly, a distinguished poet born 
1937 – Emin Sabitogly, a distinguished composer born  
1944 –Mehdi Huseynzade, a legendary guerrilla killed 
1992 – The diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan and Ethiopia  
1993 – President Heydar Aliyev called the population of the country to mobilization against the aggressive attacks of the Armenian army   
1994 –The President Heydar Aliyev took part in the 500-year anniversary celebrations of the ingenious poet Mahammad Fizuli 
2008 –A regular meeting of the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia held in Moscow.   

3 November
1803 –The occupational attacks of the Tsarist Russia on Ganja khanate started  
1921 -  The Central Committee of Russian (Bolsheviks’) Communist Party made a resolution on the formation of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia federations 
1929- Boyukaga Javanshirov, a famous tarzan (a player of tar, national musical instrument) born 
1974 – Agil Musayev, a National Hero of the Azerbaijan Republic born  
1983 – Aliaga Agayev, a distinguished actor died  
1994 –The diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan and Chili  

4 November
1928 – The Republic of Turkey made a decision on passing from Arabic alphabet  to Latin script 
1997 – Preparatory Seminar of NATO “Cooperative Demand” command-staff exercise 
Held in Baku

5 November
1894- Vali Khuluflu, a philologist and publicist born 
1992 – The first meeting of Organizing Committee of New Azerbaijan Party held in Nakhchivan 
2000 – The regular Milli Mejlis (National Assembly) elections held in Azerbaijan  
2000 - The regular Milli Mejlis (National Assembly) elections held in Azerbaijan  

6 November
Today is the occupational holiday of the employess of TV and Radio of Azerbaijan  
1923- Islam Safarli, an outstanding poet born 
1926 – The day of establishment of Azerbaijan radio 
1931 - Tofig Mahmud, a poet born
1996 – The diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijasn and Bahrain
2004 –Consulate of Azerbaijan founded in Tabriz 
2005 – 3rd convocation elections to Milli Mejlis (National Assembly) held. The elections in the District of Khankendi held for the first time. 
2005 -3rd convocation elections to Milli Mejlis (National Assembly) of the Azerbaijan Republic held
2008 – Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan addressed Boyuk Millet Mejlisi (High National Assembly) of Turkey

7 November
1908 - Magsud Sheykhzade, a famous Azerbaijani poet born 
1917 - Tofig Guliyev, a prominent composer born 
1917- Taghi Taghizadə, an outstanding artist born 
1918 – War Office founded by the Resolution of the Azerbaijan People’s Republic government
1924- Ibrahim Topchubashov, a prominent scientist of Azerbaijan, born 
1929- Nariman Shirinov, a prominent scientist born 
1934- Ogtay Aghayev, a famous singer born in Baku  
1940- Baba Mahmudoghlu, a khanende (mugham singer) born 
1949 – The oil gush in two oil wells in “Gara dashlar” (“Black stones”) of the Absheron Peninsula  
2010- 4th convocation elections to Milli Mejlis (National Assembly) of the Azerbaijan Republic 

8 November
1605 – The Sufiyan battle between the Safavi State and Ottoman Empire 
1944 - Jalil Vazirov, a writer born
1967 – Baku underground put into operation  
1993- The diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Argentina  
2000 – European Council passed a Resolution on invitation of Azerbaijan to European Council membership 

9 November
1865- Sadig bey Aghabeyzade, a prominent military leader born 
1914- Sattarkhan, a prominent leader of the liberation movement in the Southern Azerbaijan, died  
1918 – The government of the Azerbaijan Republic passed a Resolution on the State Flag 
1924- Miralasgar Mirgasimov, a prominent sculptor born  
1991 – Turkey was the first to recognize a State Independence of the Azerbaijan Republic 
1993 – European Union adopted a Declaration on Nagorniy Karabakh conflict 
1998 – The co-chairmen of OSCE Minsk Group presented to the Parties new “Common State” plan as to the arrangement of Karabakh conflict 
2000 – Azerbaijan admitted to European Union full membership  
2001 – I Congress of World Azerbaijanis launched in Baku 

10 November
International Youth Day  
1724 – Peter I, the tzar of Russia, issued a Decree on distribution of armenian population in the regions located on the shore of the Caspian Sea  
1918 – Turkish (Ottoman) military forces leaving Baku 
1991 – Azerbaijan adopted a n Appeal to the Parliaments of the foreign countries on the expansion of armed attacks of the Armenians 
1994 – Parliamentary Assembly of European Council passed a Resolution on Nagorniy Karabakh conflict 

11 November
1467 – The Mush battle between Aghgoyunlu and Garagoyunlu 
1907- Mirmehdi Seidzade, an Azerbaijani poet born 
1934- Arif Babayev, a prominent mathematician born 
1934- Islam Rzayev, a well-known khanende (mugham singer) born 
1917 – Azerbaijani, Georgian, Armenian and Russian nationalist parties adopted a Resolution on collaboration
1948 – The foundations of Mingachevir, a city of power engineering specialist, laid down  

12 November
1902- Firuz Malikov, an academician born 
1936- İbrahim Goychayli, a famous poet and journalist born 
1921 – Gullu Mustafayeva, an artist born 
1950 - Parviz Sadıg Baghirov, Honoured Artist 
1993 – The UN Security Council passed the Resolution No.884 with respect to Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict 
1995 – The first parliamentary elections and Referendum for the adoption of new Constitution in Azerbaijan 
1997 – The first oil production in “Chirag” oilfield within the Contract of Century  

13 November
1918 –  «Brest Peace» declared invalid
1945 – Vahid Aziz, a famous poet born
1945 – Elmira Ismayilova, People’s Artist born
1948 – Arif Madatov, an actor and playwright born
1960 – Shamil Najafzade, film director and artist born
1988 – The next massacre in Armenia against Azerbaijanis 

14 November
1917 - Karim Karimov, Aviation Lieutenant General born 
1925 - Garay Fazli, a poet born
1967 – Alakbar Huseynzade, Honoured Artist died  
2006 - Ogtay Aghayev, People’s Artist died 
2006 – Action Plan on European Neighbourhood Policy signed between Azerbaijan and European Union (EU) in Brussels
2008 - IV Energy Summit held in Baku  
1915 - Rashid Behbudov, a prominent singer born
1919 – Azerbaijan Armenia Conference opened in Baku
1927 - Khudu Mammadov, a famous scientist born 

15 November
1603 — The siege of Iravan fortress by Shah Abbas
1919 — Baku State University (BSU) established

16 November
1994 — The diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan Republic and Afghanistan
2004 — Azeri Press Agency (APA) started its activities 

17 November
National Revival Day celebrated in Azerbaijan
1883 - Mirasadulla Mirgasimov, an outstanding surgeon born
1906- Latif Karimov, an Azerbaijani People’s Artist 
1918 – The English forces headed by General Thomson invaded Azerbaijan 
1933- Gulara Aliyeva, an Azerbaijani Honoured Musician born 
1950- Gulshan Gurbanova People’s Artist born  
1988 – The ceaseless meetings in Baku in protest to the Armenian claims of Karabagh and Azerbaijanis’ deportation from Armenia
1990 – The first meeting of a newly elected Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan ASSR 
2006 - President İlham Aliyev took part in the 8th Summit of heads of Turkic States in Antalia
2007 – XI Congress of Friendship, Brotherhood and Cooperation of Turkic States and Communities held in Baku

18 November
1470- Habibi, an Azerbaijani poet born 
1897- Gulam Mammadli, Honoured Art Worker born  
1910 – Suleyman Vazirov, a famous oilman born 
1992 – The diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan and Georgia 
1992 – Milli Mejlis (National Assembly) adopted the Resolution on Azerbaijan to join the UN Convention and Protocol as to the status of refugees 
1993- The diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan and Zambia 
1999 – The historical papers with respect to Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline project signed in “Chiragan” palace in Istanbul 
2002 – The Azerbaijan Republic admitted to UN Parliamentary Assembly associate membership 

19 November
1900 — The presentation of “The life of Baku people and their movement along Velikoknyaz avenue” film
1996 —Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with Ivory Coast
2008 — “Holland Friends of Azerbaijan” Society founded in The Hague  

20. November
1945 — Azerbaijan People’s Congress founded in Tabriz
1957 — 2 oilman brigades of 21 persons headed by Mikhail Kaverochkin and Suleyman Bagirov died as a result of a storm in the Caspian Sea 
1975 — The memorial flat of Uzeyir Hajibeyov opened in Baku 
1991 — Garakand tragedy
1992 —The Memorandum on the economic cooperation signed between Azerbaijan and Iran  
2000 — Council of Europe made a decision to include a paragraph on “The monitoring of the democratic development in Azerbaijan and Armenia” in the meeting agenda

21 November
1949 — The foundations of Sumgait city laid down
1990 — The political evaluation of 20 January events made by the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan AR
1992 — New Azerbaijan Party formed in Nakhchivan
1994 — Social Protection Fund of Population founded

22 November
The occupational holiday of juridical system employees  
1918 – The Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan People’s Republic approved the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice 
1922 – Fikrat Amirov, a prominent composer born 
1922 – Huseyn Abbasszade, People’s Writer born
1933 –Rasim Ojagov, a prominent film director born 
1933- Firudin Agayev, a writer born 
1938 - Həsən Məmmədov, famous actor born 
1949- Sumgait declared a city under Republican subordination 
1950 - Javanshir Guliyev, a famous composer born
1982 – Heydar Aliyev elected a Politburo member of Central Committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the First Deputy of the Concil of Ministers of the USSR
1995 – The diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan and Jamaica 
2007 – The ceremony of laying down the foundations of the Georgian part of Baku-Tbilisi-Gars railway line carried out

24 November
1995 — Azerbaijan Republic established diplomatic relations with Brunei  
1988 — The Soviet government announced a curfew in Baku, Sumgait and Ganja cities of the Azerbaijan SSR
1992 — Congress of USA adopted Appendix No. 907 to “Protection of Freedoms Bill”  
2006 — Mehriban Aliyeva conferred a title of Goodwill Ambassador of ISESCO

25 November
1875 – Fatali Khan Khoyski, a prominent statesman born
1901 – Marziyya Davudova, People’s Artist born 
1905 – The establishment of the first Soviet of Workers’ Deputies in Baku  
1918 - İmran Gasimov, a famous playwright born
1935 - Soltan Yusifov, a poet born
1935 - Garakhan Behbudov, a khanende (singer of mugham) born
1994 - Mammad Burjaliyev, People’s Artist died  
1999 – Memorandum of Understanding signed between Azerbaijan and OSCE. 
2000 – The grade 6-6.5 earthquake in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan  

26 November
1917 – All-Russian Enterprises Assembly elections in the territory of Russian Empire 
1991 – Resolution on dissolution of Nagorniy Karabakh Autonomous Republic adopted 
1991 – Resolution on establishment of National Council adopted  
1884- Gafur Rashad Mirzazade, an Azerbaijani geographer born.  
1928- Mukhlis Janizade, a famous actor born 

27 November
1802- Mirza Kazimbey, a famous Azerbaijani scientist born  
1912-Isa Musayev, People’s Artist born 
1929- Faig Mammadov, a scientist with great services in the development of farming agriculture 

28 November
1578 – The battle between Safavi troops and the troops of Adil Garayi the Khan of the Crimea
1852 – Mirza Shafi Vazeh, a prominent poet, thinker died 
1893- Tarlan Alyarbeyov, a General born  
1923-Zahra Guliyeva, a famous ophthalmologist born 
1939 – Sevda Ibrahimova Mirza, a composer born 
1939 – Algayit Khalilov, a famous national ashig born 

29 November
1744 – The march of Nadir Shah, the Shah of Iran to Shaki
1918 – The appeal of Mahammad Amin Rasulzade to the population of Azerbaijan as to the parliamentary elections to be held in the country 
1928 – Tahir Salahov, famous artist born  
1947 – Mirza Khazar, famous journalist born 
1990 – Decree issued on the substitution of Azerbaijan SSR for Azerbaijan Republic and declaration of tricolor flag a state flag of Azerbaijan.

30 November
1929- Hasan Shiraliyev, the Philosopher born. 
1934 – Ilyas Tapdig, famous poet and translator born.
1937-Amirhuseyn Majidov, famous stage director born. 
1990 – 2 Azerbaijanis died and 11 wounded as a result of explosion of passenger bus near Khankendi airport by Armenian saboteur groups                  
2001 –Interstate agreement on the division of the Caspian seabed by midline principle signed between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan within the summit of the heads of CIS states 

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