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1st  May
The Memory Day of the representative of Azerbaijan literature of XX century, writer and publicist, honoured art worker Mammad Said Ordubadi.
1494 - the great Azerbaijani poet, a great thinker Fizuli (1494-1556) was born in Karbala of Iraq.
1900 - the Government of Tsar Russia  issued a law On the structure of the state peasants’ land in the South Caucasus .
1901 - Honoured scientific worker, therapist and cardiologist Jahangir Abdullayev was born.
1913 - Honoured Scientist, doctor of technical sciences, academician Chingiz Juvarly was born.
1918 - troops of the Soviet of Baku Commissars attacked on Guba.
1920 – after overthrowing of Democratic Republic in Baku  units of the army of the Bolshevik Russia passed through Shamakhi and Agsu  without resistance reached Ganja.
1934 - the world famous Azerbaijani writer Isi Malikzada was born. 

2nd May 
1908 - the first female film director of Azerbaijan and the East Gamar was born.
1879 - The well-known theatre worker of Azerbaijan, actor, and publicist Mehdi bey Hajinsky was born.
1912 - Director, People\'s artist, laureate of state prize Maharram Hashimov was born.
1920 - master of the stage, the honoured artist Ataya Aliyeva was born.
1925 - Honorary oilman, Hero of Socialist Labor Yusif Kerimov was born. 
 1992 - Turkish Prime Minister Suleiman Demirel arrived in Azerbaijan for the first time.
1995 - Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic has approved the composition of the commission for drafting a new Constitution.
2002 - 45th European Championships in freestyle wrestling was opened in Baku Sports and Concert Complex.
2003 - President Heydar Aliyev initiated an amnesty on occasion of 58th anniversary of Victory over fascism

3rd May 
It is marked as International Speech and Press Freedom Day in the world.
1857 - writer, publicist, translator, actor and specialist in drama study Asker Adigozalov (Gorani) was born.
1920 - Soviet government began to spread to the whole territory of Azerbaijan.
1938 - master of the stage, actor Kamal Khudaverdiyev was born.
1995 – in the course of visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Erdal Inonu to Baku  the first Internet network was created in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences with the help of fraternal country  

4th May 
1855 – folk poet, minstrel Molla Juma was born.
1864 - one of the founders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Alimardan bey Topchibasov was born.
1949 - Poet, honoured art worker Elman Habib was born Nakhichevan.
1994 - within the framework of the  CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly held in  Kyrgyzstan\'s capital Bishkek the negotiations towards the achievement of a cease-fire in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict began.
1994 - during visit of President Heydar Aliyev to Brussels (Belgium) at NATO headquarters  Azerbaijan had signed  Framework Document about joining the NATO Partnership for Peace program. 
1995 - with the participation of President Heydar Aliyev the official opening ceremony of building (Liberty Street, 83) of the Embassy of the United States of America in Baku held. 

5th  May 
1866 - Writer and publicist Eynali bey Sultanov was born.
1886 - a well-known stage figure, people\'s artist, the USSR State Prize laureate  Sidgi Ruhulla was born.
1892 - The outstanding representative of Azerbaijan literature of XX century, the great poet Ahmad Javad was born.
1908 - a prominent chemist, scientist, academician Murtuza Nagiyev was born 
1910- a well-known cultural figure, teacher, director Adil Isgandarov was born in Ganja.
1912 - A well-known writer and journalist, a skilful translator Mammad Akbar was born.
1923 - Scientist, doctor of economic sciences, academician Ahmad Mahmudov was born.
1930 - singer and teacher, honoured teacher Nariman Aliyev was born.
1930-A well-known singer, actor Yagub Mammadov was born

6th May 
1856 - One of the first educator women of Azerbaijan, founder of the national press, the wife of Hasan Bey Zardabi Hanifa Malikova was born.
1884 - Azerbaijani geographical, educational statesman Gafur Rashad Mirzazade was born 
1907 - The founder of hydrogeology in Azerbaijan, professor Aziz Asgarov was born.
1913 - A well-known stage figure, the honoured artist Imamverdi Bagirov was born 
1921 - The first all-Azerbaijan Soviet Congress (May 6-19) has started.
1930 - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Rafiq Radjabov was born.
1949 - one of the largest irrigation systems of the Caucasus region  Samur-Davachi channel was put into operation for the first time. 
1991 – Protesting to attempt of Armenian parliament to consider the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the Congress of USSR People\'s Deputies Azerbaijan\'s Supreme Soviet Presidium made an appeal to Moscow, the USSR Supreme Soviet.

8th May
1883 - 520-km-long Baku-Tbilisi-Batumi railway line was launched.
1910 - A well-known critic and literary critic, Professor Jafar Khandan was born.
1917 - People\'s Artist, tar performer Aliagha Guliyev was born.
1919 - A well-known composer and teacher Soltan Hajibeyov was born in Shusha.
1992 - the Armenian armed forces occupied the town of Shusha, the largest settlement of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. 
1992 - Republic of Azerbaijan had established diplomatic relations with Sweden and Italy.
1994 - Bishkek Protocol brought to Baku by the Russia\'s representative in the OSCE Minsk group Vladimir Kazimirov was signed by Azerbaijan.

9th May
1907-The scientist, academician, honoured scientific worker Mammadtagi Ganiev was born.
1909 - a well-known literary critic, was born academic Mammadjafar Jafarov was born..

10th May
1914 - Honoured Engineer of Azerbaijan, State Prize Laureate Alish Lambaranski was born.
1923 - The well-known politician and statesman, former president, Heydar Aliyev was born in Nakhichevan.
1926-The writer-script writer, State prize laureate, honoured art worker Ahmadagha Muganli was born.
1934- Well-known literary critic Shamil Gurbanov was born.
2004 - Heydar Aliyev Foundation has been established in order to study Heydar Aliyev’s socio-political and statehood heritage, its propaganda, to implement social, charity and educational activity using this heritage 
2004 - President Ilham Aliyev signed a pardoning decree on occasion of 81-year anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev 

11th May 
1907 - Doctor of Philology, Professor Nasir Mammadov was born.
1911- a well-known political figure and statesman, writer Nariman Narimanov’s Nadir Shah Afshar play staged for the first time in the house of General Hussein Khan Nakhchıvanski.
1915 - one of the founders of the art of sculpture of Azerbaijan, the people artist Fuad Abdurahmanov was born.
1917 - draft resolution prepared by Mohammad Amin Rasulzade among the final documents was adopted at  All-Russian 1st (May 1-11) Congress of Muslims in Moscow.
1918 - the new negotiations started in Batum between the Ottoman Empire and Seim of Transcaucasia.
1935 - The writer, playwright, screenwriter Magsud Ibrahimbeyov was born.
2007 - President Ilham Aliyev participated in the Energy Summit held in Krakow, Poland.

12th May 
It is marked as Day of the World Nurses.
1905 - Social worker Agamirza Ahmedov was born.
1906 - Bakinsky rabochi newspaper began its publication.
1907- Outstanding composer, People\'s artist, laureate of State Prize Said Rustamov was born
1916 - The well-known statesman and scientist, doctor of medical sciences, professor Veli Akhundov was born.

13th May
1943 – The people writer, playwright, statesman Elchin (Efendiyev) was born.
1929 - A well-known poet and translator, honoured art worker Hikmet Ziya was born
2004 - The European Commission (European Union\'s supreme executive body) has adopted the European Neighbourhood Policy Strategy.
2005-A well-known singer, People\'s artist Sara Gedimova died.
2006 – repeated parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan were held in 10 constituencies.

14th May
1916 - the first full-length Azerbaijani feature film - Ibrahim Musabeyov’s In Realm of Oil and Millions has been demonstrated.
1945 - Museum of Azerbaijan Literature named after Nizami of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan started its activity officially.
2011 – at 56th Eurovision Song Contest  duet of Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal from Azerbaijan, participating  fourth  time at contest  won the place with performing Running scared song.

15th May
1885 - A well-known statesman, publicist, and educator Mahammadyusif Jafarzade was born.
1899 - People\'s Artist, State Laureate Reza Afqanly was born 
1922 - The famous Azerbaijani composer, USSR People\'s Artist Rauf Hajiyev was born.
1937 - The famous footballer of Azerbaijan, Master of Sports Tofiq Akhundov was born.

16th May
Memory day of XII century Azerbaijani poet Falaki Shirvani 
1812 - the Bucharest peace treaty was signed on the results of Russo-Turkish (Ottoman) wars (1806-1812) 
1907 - Azerbaijan\'s famous podiatry physician and health organizer, a professor Kubra Farajova was born.
1923 - Honoured lawyer, chief justice counsellor Hasan Seyidov was born.
1992 - a coup d’état that took place in Azerbaijan legalized on parliamentary level.
1997 - Milli Mejlis ratified the wing agreement “On conventional armed forces in Europe .

17th May
1870, a well-known writer, playwright and public figure Abdurrehim bey Hagverdiyev was born in Shusha.
1936 - Poet Vagif Huseynov was born.
1992 - The Armenian occupants had occupied Lachin (May 17-18)

18th  May
World Museum Day is marked.
1912 - Azerbaijan ichthyologist, doctor of biological sciences, corresponding member of the Academy Yusif Abdurahmanov was born.
1927 - A well-known surgeon, urologist, academician Mirmammad Javadzade was born.
1988 - the first rally  held in Baku protesting forced deportation of Azerbaijani population from Armenia and Armenians\' claims on Garabagh.
1990 - by the decision of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan the new territorial-administrative units were established.
1992 - the protocol was signed on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Moldova.
1994 - The National Assembly of Azerbaijan has appealed to the nation in connection with various views among the society regarding the cease-fire agreement reached with Armenia (12th May 1994).
2002 – at the invitation of President Mohammad Khatami of the Islamic Republic of Iran President Heydar Aliyev left for an official visit to this country.

19th May 
1869 - the great enlightener of Azerbaijan, the political and public figure, publicist, lawyer Ahmad bey Agayev was born in Shusha.
1898- People\'s Artist,  opera singer Huseynaga Hajibababeyov was born.
1910-The representative of modern Azerbaijan literature, national poet, the State Prize laureate Rasul Rza was born.
1919 - the delegations of Azerbaijan participating in Versailles peace talks met with representatives of Iran and Poland.
1933 - the well-known representative of Azerbaijani vocal art, honoured artist Adil Melikov was born.
1935 - A well-known poet and translator, the honoured artist Vladimir Gafarov was born.
1990 - The President institute has been established in the republic.
1997 - the Republic of Azerbaijan joined Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe. 

20th May 
1863- the famous Azerbaijani scientist, philosopher and literary critic Firudin bey Kocharli was born in Shusha.
1884- a poet, literary critic and textual critic, Azerbaijani literature researcher Salman Mumtaz was born.
1907 - the well-known representative of the musical culture of Azerbaijan, People\'s Artist Haqiqat Rzayeva was born
1920 - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Tofiq Gaziyev was born.

21st May
1927- famous Azerbaijani commander of tank troops, major-general Ibrahim Ahmadov was born.

22nd May 
1879-  a prominent Azerbaijani poet Mohammed Hadi was born  
1918 - People\'s Artist of USSR, a well-known actor, director, teacher Mehdi Mammadov was born.
1928- People\'s Artist of  republic Nadir Kasimov was born.
1937 - Composer, People\'s Artist Agshin Alizade was born in Baku.
1945 -  the famous Master of scene, honoured artist of the Republic, State Prize Laureate Vafa Fatullayeva was born.
1961- the famous composer  Hikmet Mirmammadli was born  
1990 – an attempt of parliamentary elections for Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic failed in  Nagorno-Garabakh region of Azerbaijan
1995 - diplomatic relations were  established between Laos People\'s Democratic Republic (our country\'s independence was recognized on January 2, 1992) and Azerbaijan.  
2002 - The head of the Vatican, Pope John Paul II arrived on an official visit to Baku at the invitation of Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev. 
2006 - protest actions against writing of articles insulting Turks  held in major cities of  South Azerbaijan.

23rd May 
1911- a well-known director, People\'s Artist Shamsi Badalbeyli was born. 
1919- the people writer  Huseyn Ibrahimov was born  
1923 - Central Public Library was opened in Baku.

25th May 
1908-A well-known musician, accordion-player Teyyub Demirov was born 
1911 - one of the most well-known geologist of Azerbaijan, as well as of the former USSR, the scholars, the Hero of Socialist Labour, Academician Baba Babazade was born.
1911- military figure, Major-General Akim Abbasov was born in Nakhichevan.
1918 - Ottoman military delegation led by Nuri Pasha came to Ganja.
1919 - the renowned chemist, Professor Rustam Aliyev was born.
1920 - as a sign of protest against the sovietisation of Azerbaijan the rebellion began in Ganja.
1923 - the famous scientist, doctor of economic sciences, academician Ahmad Mahmudov was born.
1925 - Poet, prose writer, playwright, journalist Hasan Fatullayev was born.
1929 - Oil-geologist, Honoured engineer Jumshud Ibrahimov was born.
1938 - a well-known public figure Samir Novruzov was born 
1992 - a joint statement calling for peace talks on Armenia and Azerbaijan Russian was adopted   in Moscow at meeting of Russian  President Boris Yeltsin and Turkish Prime Minister Suleiman Demirel
1993 - the withdrawal of troops of  Russia (former USSR) from Azerbaijan has been completed. The last Russian military contingent has left the city of Ganja. The withdrawal of the Russian (Soviet) military from Azerbaijan initially began from units in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in August of 1992.
2005 – at Sangachal terminal near Baku, the ceremony of pumping oil from Azerbaijan part of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline has been held. During the ceremony Presidents of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, the U.S. Minister of Energy, a total of representatives of more than 30 countries and companies attended it.

26th May
1894 – famous Azerbaijani literary critic, publicist Vali Khuluflu was born. 
1993 - diplomatic relations were established between Madagascar Democratic Republic and Azerbaijan 
1914 - One of the prominent representatives of the XX century Azerbaijan literature, National writer Ilyas Efendiyev was born.
1938 - Poet and journalist Adil Rasul was born.
1877 - Azerbaijani scientist, educationist Democrat Mahammadali Tarbiyat was born in Tabriz.

27th May
1906 - The director of Azerbaijan, People\'s Artist Soltan Dadashov was born.
1918 - After the collapse of the Transcaucasian Seym the deputies of Azerbaijan held in Tbilisi, Georgia the extraordinary meeting and created temporary National Council of Azerbaijan
1925 -A well-known writer and literary critic and statesman Shikhali Gurbanov was born.
1992 - The Parliament of Azerbaijan adopted a law On the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
2002 – basing on pardoning decree signed by President Heydar Aliyev 73 prisoners were released.
2008 – at the Gulistan Palace  the solemn ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was held.

28th May 
1494 - the great Azerbaijani poet Mohammed Fuzuli was born.
1918 – in Tbilisi, Georgia, at Azerbaijan National Council it was declared about establishment of  the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.
1919 - The Azerbaijani delegation headed by Alimardan bey Topchubashov met at Paris Peace Conference with U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and asked him to recognize the People\'s Republic of Azerbaijan.
1942 - the well-known TV reporter Ahmad Ashurbeyov was born.
1947 - the famous composer, pianist, People\'s Artist, chairwoman of Composer Union Firangiz Alizade was born in Baku.
1992 - the bridge (Bridge of Hope) uniting Nakhchivan with Turkey was opened in Sadarak. 
2004 - Diplomatic relations were established between Kenya and Azerbaijan 
2006 - oil from Azerbaijan being transported on Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline reached to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean coast.

29th May 
1555 - Conclusion of Amasia peace treaty 
1913 - Honoured art worker, artist Nusrat Fatullayev was born.
1919 - Israfil Mammadov, Azerbaijan\'s first Hero of Soviet Union was born.
1925 - A well-known oil-master, honorary oilman Hero of Socialist Labor Yusif Kerimov was born.
1946-A well-known artist and actor, honoured art worker Elchin Mammadov was born. 
1992 - Diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

30th May 
1862 - The satirical poet, educator and thinker Mirza Alakbar Sabir was born in Shamakhi.
1881 - The well-known political figure and statesman, diplomat Behbud aga Shakhtakhtinski was born.
1909 - Azerbaijani geographical scholar, ocean researcher Qasim Gul was born.
1910 - Actor and film director, the honoured artist Ismail Efendiyev was born.
1918 – radio telegrams were sent to the world states about the establishment of the People\'s Republic of Azerbaijan
1930 - Poet, journalist Fikret Sadiq was born in Shamakhi.
1931 -  a well-known publisher and public figure Ajdar Khanbabayev was born.
1954 - Actress, the People\'s Artist Shukufe Yusupova was born in Baku. 
1991 - the next terrorist attack was committed by Armenian provocateurs against Azerbaijan  
2003 - President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding of  President Heydar Aliyev with  the Order of Saint Apostle Andrei Pervozvanny - Russia\'s highest award  for his contribution to the history of the development of strategic partnership relations of Russia and Azerbaijan.  

31st May 
1568 - an outstanding representative of classical Azerbaijan poetry, poet Govsi Tabrizi was born.
1881 - The well-known statesman and political figure,  one of the founders and heads of government of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan Nasib bey Yusifbeyli was born.
1898- famous Azerbaijani singer Zulfi Adigozalov was born.
1906 - elections to the First State Duma of Russian Empire  held among Muslim-Azerbaijani population of the South Caucasus. 
1912 - well-known scientist of Azerbaijan\'s oil and gas industry, professor Sabit Orujov was born.
1920 - Ganja revolt against the Soviet government, headed by Major-General Javad bey Shikhlinski was mercilessly suppressed. 
1922 - People\'s Artist, a well-known singer Sara Gadimova was born.
1929 - A well-known composer, the People\'s Artist Ogtay Zulfugarov was born 
2001 – at Minsk summit of CIS heads of state at the meeting of Presidents of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia  Heydar Aliyev,  Robert Kocharyan and Vladimir Putin Garabagh problem was discussed.  

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