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 September 1 
1900 - The famous circus wrestler, professional wrestler, Rashid Yusifov (1900-1982) was born.
1907 - Doctor of Philology, Professor Nasir Mammadov was born.
1919 - The Parliament of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, has adopted a law on the establishment of the first higher education institution - Baku State University.
1924 - the famous millionaire and philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev died.
1949 - Azerbaijan SSR shifted to 7 years of compulsory education.
1992 - Republic of Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates (our country\'s independence was recognized on December 26, 1991) established diplomatic relations.

September 2 
1829 - The Edirne Treaty was conclded between Russia and the Ottoman Empire (on the results of next war 1828-1829) 
1994 - Madeleine Albright, Ambassador of the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, visited Baku as  the personal representative of President Bill Clinton\'.
1920 -  the 1st Congress of the Peoples of the East was opened in Baku.
1827 - Russian troops occupied the southern areas of Azerbaijan. In 1991 the so-called Nagorno Garabagh Republic  was created.

September 3 
1826 - Russo-Iranian war, Iranian troops had suffered in the first battle.
1951 – People actor, famous actor Yashar Nuri (Nuriyev) was born in Baku.
1993 – At the National Assembly session, it was decided that Azerbaijn will be a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
2008 - United States’ Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in Baku.
1945 - The Democratic Party was founded in Tabriz.
1991 - H. A. Aliyev was elected as Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

September 4
1804 – near Gamarli village of Erivan khanate (the present-day Armenia, Artsat district) the battle between the armies of Russia and Iran took place.
1918 – the British military contingent arirved in Baku by call of  Dashnak-SR-Menshevic Sentrokaspi dictatorship government began to leave the city.
1991 – at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan (began to work on September 3) organizational issues were reviewed.
1921- -people writer Aziza Jafarazade was born. 
1932- famous Azerbaijani poet Hafiz Bakhish was born. 

September 5
1892 - a well-known musical figure, actor Ahmad Bakhikhanov was born. 
1914 - The honored worker of science and technology of Azerbaijan, oilman Məmmadpasha Guluzade (05.09.1914-28.02.1994) was born.
1935 - People\'s Artist, theater, well-known actor, created a gallery of memorable characters in film and television performances Sayavush Aslan.
1944 - Social and political activist, poet, dramatist, publicist Hidayat Orujov was born in West Azerbaijan, Maralzami village of  Mehri region.
1991 - A presidential decree on the establishment of the Ministry of Defence was issued.
1993 - Acting President Heydar Aliyev visited Moscow.
2002 - President Heydar Aliyev issued a Decree  On additional measures for increasing of state support for the development of mass media.

September 6
1841-  the poet  Fatma khanum Kamina was born in Shusha.
1916 - The first Azerbaijani pilot, officer in the Russian army in World War I, Farrukh Gayibov had participated on skies of Vilnius at the first air war.
1918 - the delegation of the Democratic Republic  met with the leadership of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul.
1942 - During World War II, the division Taganrog 416 consisting of Azerbaijanis was established. Division had passed an honorable way of fighting from North Caucasus to Berlin.  

September 7
1914 - A well-known literary critic and specialist in drama study, a public figure Jafar Jafarov (07.09.1914-19.09.1973) was born.
On September 7, 1918- the Government of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan decided on having lessons of art and Azerbaijani language for the non-Muslim students of secondary and higher schools.
1939 - Poet, translator, screenwriter Vekilov Mansur (Mansur Honor) was born in Baku.
1991 - Armenian forces carried out subversive acts of terrorism against Azerbaijani population of Nagorno-Garabagh. 
1998 - International Baku Conference on restoration of  Historical of Silk Road 
2000 - Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev  had a speech in New York att UN;s Millennium Summit of the General Assembly.
2006 - a new document  adopted at 60th session of the UN General Assembly about the consequences of the war of aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan. 

September 9
1126  -the great poet of Azerbaijan Khagani Shirvani was born.
1578 - the second phase ofperennial wars between the Ottoman Empire and the Safavid state has begun 
1900 - the prominent chemist scientist, academician Habibulla Shakhtakhtinski was born.
1991 - The Armenian armed groups carried out terrorist acts against Azerbaijani population of Nagorno-Karabakh.
1942 – by decision of USSR State Defense Committee (chairman Josef Stalin) officially martial law was declared in the territory of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.
1991 - Pakistan recognized the independence of Azerbaijan and diplomatic relations between the two countries were established. 
1997 - member countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova) of the Council of Europe at Summit in Strasbourg have created an association called GUAM.

September 10
1618 - Marand peace Treaty on the results of the next war between the Ottoman Empire and the Safavid state (1616-1618) was signed 
1822-  the first Admiral  of Azerbaijan Ibrahim Aslanbeyov was born. 
1917 - People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan, one of the first actress of the State Musical Drama Theatre Firuza Alikhanova (1917 - 24.11.1994) was born in Ordubad.
1931 - Vocal singer, actor, musical comedy theaters’ soloist in a long time Mobil Ahmedov (1931 - 3.6.2006) was born in Ganja.
1935 - The literary critic, translator, publicist Magsud Hajiyev was born.
1939 - a number of amendments were made by the USSR Supreme Soviet in territorial-administrativedivision of the country.
1947 - writer, journalist Mustafa Chemenli (Mustafa Mustafayev) was born in the village of Chemenli of Agdam region. 

September 11
1795 - near Tbilisi the battle between the troops of the Georgian King Irakli II and the army of the Persian shah, Agha Mohammed Gajar took place.
1813-  Azerbaijan entered Russia, with exception Nakhichevan. In 1828,  the whole of the north of Azerbaijan annexed to the Russian Empire, 
1913 - A well-known film director and cameraman, the national actor of Mukhtar Dadashov (1913-1998) was born.
1914 - Prominent Turkish educationist, publisher and philosopher Ismail Gaspirali (Gasprinski) (8.3.1851 - 11.9.1914) died
1996 - The Council of Europe\'s Committee of Ministers  adopted a resolution no (96) 32 of the Council of Europe in order to accelerate the transition to democracy of Azerbaijan andintensifying of talks with Baku. 

September 12
1723 - St. Petersburg Treaty was signed between the Safavid state and Tsar Russis. Under the Treaty, the coastal areas of Azerbaijan (Derbent, Baku, Salyan, Lankaran, Rasht, Anzali) went under the control of Russia.
1801 - Tsar Alexander I signed a manifesto on annexation of eastern Georgia to Russia.
1887 - Well-known writer, translator, and social and political activist Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli (1887-1943) was born.
2001 - Writer, translator Manaf Faraj oglu Suleymanov (3.3.1912, Lahij - 12.9.2001, Baku) has died.

September 13
1826 - The Ganja battle, contributed significantly to the progress of the second war Russian-Persian War (1826-1828) took place.
1905- Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan Suleiman Taghizade was born.
1919 - Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Nasib bey Yusifbayli called on the government addressing to parliament an informed on cabinet resignation.
1922 - the famous Azerbaijani scholar, academic Latif Imanov was born.
1933 - The famous composer, People\'s Artist of the USSR Arif Melikov was born.
1936 - Decision of the Council of People\'s Commissars n founding of the House of Pioneers.

September 14
1939 - Writer, dramatist Aslan Gahramanli was born in New day of region of Agstafa.
1914-  a well-known composer Midhad Amedov was born. 
1920 - Sheikh Muhammad, the founder of the National Government of South Azerbaijan in Tabriz Khiyabani was assassinated
1924-  the national poet, laureate of the State Prize of Hussein Arif was born.
1991 – in Baku, 33rd Congress of the Azerbaijan Communist Party (CP)  was held.
1994 - Republic of Azerbaijan and Qatar established diplomatic relations.
1998 – in Baku, Azerbaijan Women’s Congress began. This is the first such forum of Azerbaijani at years of independence.

September 15
1918 - Under the command of Nuri Pasha, the Turkish (Ottoman) military forces of the Islamic Army of the Caucasus removed Sentrokaspi dictatorship  from Baku and Dashnak government.
1918 – in Ganja, the official newspaperm of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the organ of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan newspaper was published in the first issue.
1943 - director, screenwriter, Khamis Muradov was born 
1959 - singer, actor, Dadashova Brilliant.was born 
2004 - by the decree of President Ilham Aliyev (21st  May 2004) a new academic year will begin  on Sep 15.
2004 - CIS summit in Astana with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenian President Robert Kocharyan and Ilham Aliyev, of Azerbaijan was held.
2007 - People\'s Artist Elbey Rzaguliyev (17.6.1926 - 2007) has died.
2008 - President Ilham Aliyev had signed a Decree on The State Program on poverty reduction and sustainable development in 2008-2015 in Azerbaijan Republic”. 

September 16
1790 – Azerbaijani traveler Haji Zeynalabdin Shirvani was born.
1909 - scientist, doctor of chemistry Izzet Orujova was born.
1918 - the first trade agreement was signed between the government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and  the Ottoman government.
1926 - The famous oilman of Azerbaijan Garash Amirov (1926-1973) was born.
1940 - People\'s Artist, television and film director Vasif  Babayev was born 
1988 - the Chess Center was opened 
1989 - The Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR had filed a petition on cancellation ofSpecial Management Committee of Nagorno-Garabagh Autonomous Oblast of the Azerbaijan SSR at the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 
1989 - A terrorist act carried out against the Azerbaijan by Armenian provocateurs.

September 17
1909 - the first female pilot Leila Mammadbayova was born.
1917 - a prominent military figure, artillery General Hussein Rasulbeyov was born.
1918 - The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan moved in Baku from Ganja, where functioned three months. Baku officially was declared as the capital of the Republic.
1988 – Armenian gangs began mass raids of the homes of Azerbaijani population, at the administrative center of Nagorno-Garabagh, Stepanakert (Khankendi) 

September 18
September 18 is celebrated as the day of Uzeyir music.
1048 - Seljuk Turkish army established in the lands of Azerbaijan defeated the combined troops of Byzantine, Armenian and Georgian feudals.
1885 - The great composer, musician, scientist, writer, publicist, teacher Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1885-1948) was born in Shusha.
1885 - The famous composer and conductor Muslim (Abdulmuslum) Magomayev (1885-28.7.1937) was born.
1978 - The famous actor, director, People\'s Artist Adil Iskandarov (5.5.1910-1978) died.
1988 - The great poet, a prominent representative of twentieth century poetry Muhammad Shahriar (1906-1988) died in Tehran.
2002 – Solemnized laying of foundation of Sangachal terminal of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan main export pipeline was held.
2006 - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev participated at X friendship, brotherhood and co-operation Congress of Turkic states and societies held in Antalya, Turkey. 

September 19
1909 - a well-known linguist, scientist, academician Mammadaga Shiraliyev was born.
1922 - a prominent Azerbaijani composer, People\'s Artist of the USSR Rauf Hajiyev was born.
1939 - a prominent orientalist, critic and translator, Doctor of philological sciences Aida Imanguliyeva was born. 
1992 – in Sochi, with mediation of the Russian Minister of Defense cease-fire agreement was reached at meeting of Defense Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan.
1997 - co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group (Russia, USA, France) visited region with a plan of “step by step settlement of Nagorno-Garabakh conflict.
2002 - the results of the referendum held on August 24, 2002 on amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan entered into force on the date of the publication. 

September 20 
1827 – At course of Russo-Iranian war the Russian troops led by Major General Ivan Paskevich seized the fortress Sardarabad of Erivan khanate of strategic importance.
1906 -Shamsaddin Abbasov writer and playwright was born. 
1907 - A well-known mathematician and academician Ashraf Huseynov (1907-1980) was born in Amirvarlı village of Jabrayel region. 
1881 - A prominent politician and statesman, member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Mr. Aslan bey Safikursdki was born.
1918 - 26 Baku commissars were shot at Agjaqum desert of Turkmenistan\'s Caspian coast near Krasnovodsk (now Turkmenbashi) city. 
1919 -  the famous film director, honored art worker Ajdar Ibrahimov was born.
1921 - The famous astronomer, founder of Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory, academic Hajibay Sultanov (1921-2008) was born.
1928 - A well-known public figure, Doctor of Law Murtuz Aleskerov was born.
1957 - Doctor of medicine Azad Aliyev was born.
1993 - The famous filmmaker (Her big heart, Stars do not exhaust), screenwriter Ajdar Ibrahimov (29.4.1919-1993) was died.
1994 – in Baku, at Gulistan Palace the contract signing ceremony was held on the development of oil fields Azeri, Chirag and Gunashly in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea. 
1994 – Signing of Contract of the Century 
1994 – by Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Sept. 20 was declared as a holiday of oilworkers.

September 21 
1493 - The well-known representative of classical fine arts Nizameddin Sultan Mohammad (1493-1555) was born.
1865 - one of the founders of the professional theater, actor and educator Jahangir Zeynalov was born. 
1938 - Poet, writer Nurangiz Gun was born.
1959 - Honoured Scientist, Professor Nizami Jafarov was born in the village of Zelimkhan of Agstafa region.
1991 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev arrived in Baku with initiative to mediate in the conflict solution.
1992 – last unit sof Russian (former USSR) border troops began to leave the territory of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan. 
1993 – by the decision of  National Assembly the current state of emergency imposed  in Azerbaijani territory since April 2, 1993 has been lifted.

September 22
1876 – in Shusha the famous singer, honored artist known by the nickname Segah Islam Islam Abdullayev was born.
1909 - one of the first filmmakers, film director Samad Mardanov was born.
1918 - The Government of the People\'s Republic made a decision on emission of  the country\'s national currency - manat (Baku bons) 
1920 - The Bolshevik government (the Provisional Revolutionary Committee) decided to establish of the local authorities in the country - the Poor’s Committee 
1920 – participant of the Second World War, the national hero of France Ahmadiyya Jabrayilov was born. 
1929 - honored scientist, philosopher Hasan Shiraliyev (22.09.1929 - 30.11.1997) was born.
1929 - Secretary-General of Turkey-Azerbaijan Cultural Association Ahmed Bey Qaracanın (1929-16.5.2005) was born.
1990 - Azerbaijani deputies of Parliament of the Union of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR had addressed to the leadership of the USSR and demanded to give a political assessment of deportation of Azerbaijani population from Armenia. 
2008 - The XIII Congress of Azerbaijani teachers was held.

September 23
BC  494 - According to historical sources, the ancient city of Ganja was founded.
1910 - one of the well-known literature, writer, playwright, Honored Art Worker Sabit Rahman was born.
1914 - Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, the first woman doctor of medical sciences, professor Valida Tutayuq (23.09.1914 - 12.11.1980) was born in Shusha.
1928 - A well-known opera singer, people\'s artist Firangiz Ahmadova was born 
1929 - Honored art worker, writer Afghan Askerov was born 
1969 - poet, publicist Ulvi Bunyadzade (23.09.1969-20.01.1990) was born.
 1970 - The famous writer and playwright, screenwriter Sabit Rahman (Sabir Mammadov, 26.3.1910-1970) died.
1989 - The Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR adopted the Constitution Law On the sovereignty of the state”. 
1991 – in Zheleznovodsk (Russia, North Caucasus) city, Kazakhstan\'s President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Russian President Boris Yelsin met with the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Ayaz Mutalibov and Levon Ter-Petrosyan. 
1992 - Republic of Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with Albania and Vietnam. 
2002 - During the visit of President Heydar Aliyev in Moscow an agreement on the division of the Caspian seabed between Russia and Azerbaijan was signed.

September 24
1857 - the first chemist scientist Movsum bey Khanlarov was born.
1992 – at result of  battles held between Armenian occupational troops and Azerbaijani Armed Forces one of the big settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh, regional center of Khojavand (Martuni) was liberated.
1992 - Diplomatic relations were established between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Indonesia.
1993 – Azerbaijan joined the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
1994 - President of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev appealed to the nation on television about the situation in the country.
2003 - Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev spoke at the 58th session of the UN General Assembly .in New York. 

September 25
1890 - scientist Abulgasim Huseynzade (1890 - 2.9.1988) was born.
1906 - Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan Khanlar Hagverdiyev was born. 
1913 - the chief artist of the National Drama Theater for many years, theater artist Nusrat Fatullayev (1913-1.10.1987) was born.
1918 - The government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic decided on emission of the first national bank notes in circulation.
1928 – one of the famous cinema figures, the honored artist Arif Babaev was born. 
1935 - scientist Asif Efendiyev (Asif Ata) (1935 - 06.06.1997) was born.
1946 - Well-known figures of modern literature, one of the most popular poets Nusrat Kasamanli (1946-2003) was born.
1993 - Within the framework of the summit of CIS heads of state in Moscow the first face to face talks of presidents Heydar Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Levon Ter-Petrosian of Armenia was held.
1997 - President Heydar Aliyev left for Italy on the first official visit. 
1998 - X Congress of the teachers of Azerbaijan was held in Baku.
1999 - United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sent a letter to the President of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev and asked to take bold steps to compromise on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. 

September 26
1141-  the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Gancavi was born in Ganja.
1897 - the world-famous singer, lyrical and dramatic tenor Bulbul was born in Shusha.
1918 - the Caucasus Islamic Army under the command of Nuri Pasha  launched a strong attack on Armenian Dashnak forces in Karabakh while military operations for the restoration of power of People\'s Republic in all the territory of the country. 
1943 - the well-known translator and journalist, Golden Pen award winner Natiq Safarov was born. 
1950 - People\'s Artist, kamancha player Fakhraddin Dadashov was born.
1961 - a great singer, People\'s Artist of the USSR Bulbul (Murtuza Mammadov, 22.6.1897 - 1961) died.
1991 - The next act of terrorism committed against the Azerbaijani population in Garabagh by Armenian provocateurs.
2002 - Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) adopted a resolution to considerate the military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan\'s and aggressive policy against Azerbaijan. 
2008 – in New York, at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly  Azerbaijani, Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers Elmar Mammadyarov and Edward Nalbandian held a meeting with Ali Babacan.

September 27
Today is the International Day of Tourism.
1534 - The first march of Ottoman army was led by Sultan Suleiman I (the Magnificent) took place in the territories of Azerbaijan.
1911 - the daily socio - political, literary Caucasian newspaper began publication.
 1911 - a prominent Azerbaijani biologist, professor, honored scientist Alakbar Guliyev was born.
1914 – Mohammed Biriya, Azerbaijani poet was born in in Tabriz.
1991 – following the The Communist Party of Azerbaijan the activity of Communist youth organization – komsomol was terminated.
1994 - President Heydar Aliyev being on visit in New York to participate at the 49th session of the UN General Assembly met with . President Bill Clinton.  

September 28
616 - The powerful ruler of ancient Azerbaijani state Albania (Caucasian Albania) Javanshir (616-669) was born.
1908 - in Ardebil, the outstanding representative of  Azerbaijaniliterature of the 20th century, writer and literary critic, honored scientist Mir Jalal was born. 
1912 - the elections to the State Duma of Russia IV started. Unlike the first two Duma, III Duma (5 years) had completed its term entirely (5 years).
2001 – at the U.S. Congress, the issue of the cancellation of Section 907, which prohibits humanitary assistance to Azerbaijan (adopted in 1992) has been raised. 

September 29
1833 - Shusha, poet, philologist, painter, calligrapher and musician Navvab Mirmohsun was born. 
 1919 - the Parliament of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was approved at a meeting of the Charter of the Baku State University.
1991 - President Ayaz Mutalibov issued a decree on the establishment of the Council of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan 
1994 - President of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev made a speech at the UN General Assembly for the first time.
 1994 - Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Afiyaddin Jalilov and Head of Special dept of the Office of President, Colonel Shamsi Rahimov were assassinated.
2001 – in Baku, at meeting of presidents Heydar Aliyev and Eduard Shevardnadze  Azerbaijan and Georgia, Shah Deniz gas transit (Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline project) agreement was signed.

September 30
1139 - terrible earthquake occurred in.Ganja. 
1884 –the famous composer, honored artist Zulfiqar Hajibeyov was born in Shusha.
 1894 - worthy follower of the traditions of Fuzuli, the poet, honored art worker Aliaga Vahid was born.
 1903 - literary critic and writer Ahliman Akhundov was born. 
1920 – in Moscow, Soviet Russia and Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic signed an agreement on military and economic alliance.
1920 - film director, honored art worker Latif Safarov was born.
 1928 - a prominent scientist, professor, honored worker of science and technology Azad Mirzajanzade was born. 
1990 - local elections were held to Soviets of People\'s Deputies of the USSR Supreme Soviet. The elections were held for the first time in an alternative format, and condition of multy parties.
2002 - The adoption of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on the State Language  

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