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July 1
1806 – famous Azerbaijan writer, public and military man  Ismayil bey Gutgashinly was born. 
1903- The first general political strike has been held in. Baku. Demands of the strike which mainly covered oil-industry, was connected with improvement of work condition of the workers, raising salaries.
1909 - well-known chemists scientist, academician Rustam İsmayılov was born. 
1920- well-known military man, General Nusrat Bağırov, fought in the tank brigade in the years of the Second World War, was born
1996- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and the Republic of Ireland .
1998 - Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Tunisia.
2004 – President Ilham Aliyev has signed an Order about affirming of the State Program on improvement of living conditions of refugees and IDP-s and increasing their employment.
2008- President Ilham Aliyev has taken part in the summit of the leaders of countries of Georgia-Ukraine-Azerbaijan-Moldova (GUAM), Organization for Democracy and Development in Batumi (Tbilisi).

July 2
1892- Azerbaijani writer, pedagogue, public figure Taghi Shahbazi Simurg was born (1892-1937) in Baku.
1910- Azerbaijan producer, Honored Art worker Huseyn Seyyidzade was born. 
1918- Chairman of the Council of Ministers Azerbaijan People Republic and Minister of Internal Affairs Fatalikhan Khoisky has given order on establishment of the division of the first police in the country.
1921- The first higher school training pedagogical cadres in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Male Pedagogical Institute has been founded. 

July 3 
1794- Azerbaijan scientist, writer and statesman Abbasgulu Agha Bakikhanov was born. 
1917 - The first number of the Hummat newspaper has been published in Baku. 
1918 - by decision of the government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic 19 years of age has been determined as call age for military services.
1993 – Milli Mejlis had adopted a declaration addressed to international organizations, states of world in connection with expansion of aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan.
2008-  Joint declaration have been signed in Baku at meeting of  Azerbaijan and Russia presidents Ilham Aliyev and Dmitri  Medvedev on  strengthening of partnership between two countries.

July 4
1797- Irani shah Mahammad Gajar has been killed in Shusha, the centre of Karabakh khanate in the result of the conspiracy.
1858 - Office regulating the work of the trade ships – the Caspian Navigation has begun activity in Baku.
1912 - Composer, Honored Art worker Agabajı Rzayeva was born. 
1918 - by decision of the government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic the ban on export of  strategic product -  leather out of borders of Azerbaijan has been imposed. 
1992- Units of Azerbaijan National Army have liberated the centre of region Mardakert (Aghdara) of the past autonomous region from Armenian military units in the course of military operations carried out in the north of the Nagorno Karabakh.

July 5
1012 – medieval century Azerbaijan poet Gatran Tabrizi was born. 
1851 - scientist and public figure Isasultan Shahtakhtinski was born. 
1921 – at meeting of the Caucasian Bureau of the Russian Communist (Bolshevik) party the decision has been adopted on keeping of Nagorno Karabakh in structure of Azerbaijan SSR. 
2002 – by decision of President Ilham Aliyev the State Committee on work  with Azerbaijanis living in foreign countries (Diaspora) has been created.

July 6
1878 –Azerbaijani journalist, historian, one of active participants of Sattarkhan movement -Mahmud was Ganizade was born in Salmas city. 
1918 - the first radio station has begun activities in the Ganja.
1926 - Baku, Sabunchu Railway has been electrified. This was the first electric railway in Azerbaijan territory. 
1927- military man, Major-general of tanks troops Valeh Barshadly was born.
1931- The first note Sharq orchestra of music tools has been created in Azerbaijani radio. 
1993- at Istanbul Summit of heads of states of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) the  declaration condemning military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan has been adopted

July 7 
1892- One of leaders of the revolutionary movement of South Azerbaijan, publicist Sayyid Jafar Pishavari  was born.
1923- the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan SSR has adopted a decree on establishment of Nagorny Karabakh Autonomous Region in the republic territory.
1939 - writers, investigator, professor Elmira Nazar kizi Zamanova was born. 
1992- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Thailand.
1994 - head of Turkish Armed Forces,  general of the Army  Dogan Guresh visited  Azerbaijan with official journey.

July 8
1909 - notable linguists, scientist Doctor of Philology Abdulazal  Demirchizade was born in the Sheki.
1992 – President Abulfaz Elchibey, participating at OSCE Summit (1975) in Helsinki has signed the documents on membership of Azerbaijan to the organization, as well as Helsinki Final Act. 
1996- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Bolivia.
2002- the fire took place at General Shikhlinski tanker of Azerbaijani Caspian Navigation at  Turkmanbashy port of Turkmenistan. 
2003- President Heydar Aliyev had received Margerita Boniveri, the head of Foreign Affairs of Italy and Abdulkadir Aksu, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey, and had the meeting of Security Council.

July 9
1821 - prominent representative of the ashiq poetry of Azerbaijan Ashiq Alesker (1821-1926) was born in the Agkilse village of the Goycha region.
1906- prominent Azerbaijan scientist, a real member of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Hasan Ahmedov was born. 
1919 - temporary directions about secretaryship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Peoples Republic has been affirmed. 
1926 - one of notable representatives of Azerbaijan dramatic composition Najaf bey Vezirov, played non-substitutive services in formation of the national theatre has died. 
1994 - President Heydar Aliyev went to Saudi Arabia on an official journey.

July 10 
1835 -notable Azerbaijani poet and educationist (enlightener) Sayyid Azim Shirvan was born in Shamakhy.
1884- military men, major-general of the army  of Azerbaijan People Republic Abdulhamid  Gaytabashy was born. 
1918 - Azerbaijani and Turk (Ottoman) military forces (Caucasian Islamic army) have defeated the dashnak-bolshevik troops of the Baku Soviet in the battle near the Kurdamir. 
1930 - Prose-writer, people writer Sabir Ahmedli was born. 
1932 - well-known scientists, academician, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Mahammad Shahtakhtinski was born. 
1934 - well-known mathematician, pedagogue, public figure Zahid Garalov was born. 

July 11
1918 - notable poet, writer, educationist ( enlightener) Abbas Sahhat has died.
1926- the notable public figure and pedagogue, honoured teacher, , doctor of psychological sciences owner of Presidential individual pension Isa Mammadov was born. 
1990- Armenian robber groups had shot the civilians after exploding the Tartar-Kalbajar passenger bus.
1991 - Armenian robber groups had begun attacks on Nuvadi village of the Mehri region, the last settlement of Azerbaijanis in Armenia.
2000 – Turksih President Ahmed Nejdat Sezer made his first foreign journey as a president to Azerbaijan.

July 12
1724 -Istanbul treaty has been signed between Ottoman Empire and Russia. The conditions of the treaty between Russia and State of Safavids of St. Petersburg of Sep 12, 1723 year had been affirmed in the document. 
1862 –Great Azerbaijani poet Mirza Alekber Sabir was born
1934- well-known Poet and orientalist scientist Huseyn Kurdoghlu was born in Lachin. 
1912- one of well-known representatives of poetry, people Poet Mirvarid Dilbazi  was born. 
1953- Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party and Baku city Committee has been accepted a decision on joint plenum on dismissal of Mirjafar Bagirov from thee post of 1st secretary of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party. 
1988 - the session of Soviet of People\'s Deputies of the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region had adopted anti-constitutional decision on cession from Azerbaijan SSR.
1993- Mario Raffaelli (Italy), Chairman of the Minsk Group of the OSCE visiting the region by demand of the Azerbaijani administration has got acquainted with situation in the Aghdam region undergone to attack of the Armenian Armed Forces.

July 13
1830- Law on amnesty of peoples exiled to Siberia and other places from Azerbaijan, about returning to them the confiscated lands had been signed by Rusian tsar Nicolaus I.
1889 - prominent enlighter Khosrov  Mirza Ali oglu Akhundzade (1889-1960) was born.
1913 – academician, Honoured Scientist, laureate of state prize Chingiz Juvarly was born.
1918 - by decision of government of  Peoples Democratic Republic Ministry of peoples healthcare had been instructed to establish  military mobile hospitals. 
1992- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Oman.
1996 – President Heydar Aliyev had sent a letter to the Secretary General of European Council on accepting full membership of Azerbaijan at the European Council and joining European Human Rights Convention.   
2006 - Solemn opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline has been held in the port of Jeyhan (Adana province) in the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey in 2006.

July 14
1914 - venerable literary critics, translator, pedagogue Kovsar Tariverdiyeva was born in the Erevan.
1941 - well-known poet, translator and publicist  Isa Ismayilzade was born. 
1969 – the organizational problem has been considered in the plenum of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party. And resignation of 1st secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party Veli Akhundov has been accepted. 
1969 – at plenum of July of 1969  Heydar Aliyev had been elected as first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Azerbaijan.
1989 - terroristic act against the Azerbaijanian population has been implemented in the centre of Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Regions  - Khankandi (Stepanakert) city.
1990- President of the USSR M.Gorbachov has signed a decree on Democratization of TV and its development.

July 15
1915- well-known sculptor, People’s Painter of Azerbaijan Jalal Maharram oglu Qaryaghdy was born.
1918 - Extraordinary Examination Commission for investigating of genocide against Azerbaijanis in the March of the 1918 has been created by government of the Peoples Republic of Azerbaijan.
1925-  People\'s artist of the Azerbaijan, singer-piano player, professor Rauf Atakishiyev was born.
1925 – one of notable representatives of the mastery art, People\'s artist Gulagha Mammadov was born. 
1926 - People\'s artists, actress Sadaya Mustafayeva was born.
1939 - literary critic, publicist Hamid Veliyev was born. 
1952- Kirpi journal has begun publishing. 
1992- President of Azerbaijan Republic Abulfaz Elchibey had issued a decree on turnover of the national currency -  manat.

July 16
919 – the battle happened near Ardebil between the troops of the head of the Sajis state of Azerbaijan Yusif Sajioglu and Caliphate army.
1804 – 1st Russo-Persian war has begun.
1934- honoured architect of Azerbaijan Rasim Aliyev was born in the Ganja.
1989- the foundation conference of Azerbaijan Popular Front has been held in Baku in the condition of semi-conspiracy.
1999- Azerbaijan and Armenia presidents Heydar Aliyev and Robert Kocharian met in the castle of Jato in the Geneva city (Switzerland) 

July 17
1487 - founder of the Azerbaijan State of Safavids, notable commander, poet Shah Ismayil Khatai was born in the Ardabil. 
1906 – prominent historian  Sara Ashurbeyli was born. 
1913- People\'s artist, well-known variety art singer Mirza Babayev was born.
1928- prominent scientist, Laureate of state prize, academician Azad Mirzajanzade was born. 
1920 - public figure, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan People Republic Behbud agha Javanshir has been assassinated by Armenian terrorist Misak Torlakian in the Istanbul.
1953- famous actor, People\'s artist  Telman Adygozalov was born.
1967- founder and editor-in-chief of the Monitor journal, well-known journalist of Azerbaijan Elmar Huseynov was born.
2006- at final declaration of Summit of heads of states of G8  (USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, Russia) in St. Petersburg the peace process in Nagorno Karabakh has been mentioned, too.

July 18 
1908 – revolution led by  Sattarkhan (Mashruta- Constitutional revolution) has gained a victory in Tabriz.
1927 – a well-known sculptors, People’s Painter, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Arts Tokay Mammadov was born.
1932- Doctor of Philology, Honoured Scientist Azada Rustamova was born 
1988- Extended meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR had been held dedicated to Nagorno Karabakh conflict.
2009 – in Moscow meeting between Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian presidents Ilham Aliyev, Serj Sarkisian and Dmitri Medvedev have been held on Karabakh conflict regulation. 

July 19
1826 – Persian troops have entered land of North Azerbaijan being under control of the Russia by passing the Araz River, and 2nd Russo-Persian war (1826-1828) began.
1910- one of the realist theatre –decoration founders  Rustam Mustafayev  was born. 
1918 - Coach on athletics Afghan Safarov was born 
1915 – a well-known operatic singer, People\'s artist Aghababa Bunyadzade (1915-1974) was born. 
1920 – one of the founders of Peoples Republic, vice-president of Azerbaijan Parliament during 1918-1920 Hasan bey Aghayev had been killed in Tbilisi by Armenian terrorists.
2007 – Armenia had arranged the next political show -presidential election at puppet regime in Nagorno-Karabagh.

July 20
1402- near Ankara the historical battle took place between troops of Uzbek-Turk ruler Teymurlang (Emir Teymur) and Ottoman sultan Ildirim Bayazid.
1894 – famous actor, people\'s artist Agahuseyn Javadov was born 
1918 - United Caucasian Islamic Army of troops of  Peoples Republic and Turkish (Ottoman) forces under the command of Nuru Pasaha have liberated the Shamakhy town by making the another strike on dashnak-bolshevik army of Baku Commune.
1955 – famous musician, Honored Art Worker, composer and conductor Hasanagha Gurbanov was born. 2001 - President Heydar Aliyev has signed decree on establishment of the Council of National press, TV and Internet. According to Decree the new entity had to carry out public supervision on activities of mass media.

July 21 
1919 – the Regulations on elections to Assembly of Muassis of Democratic Republic had been accepted. 
1920- Rising has happened under headship of the Namaz against sovietisation of Azerbaijan in Mushkurlu village of Shamkir province of Azerbaijan. 
1920- Armenian robber groups have attacked Zangibasar on the 21st of July. 
1950- the famous representative of the mastery art of Azerbaijan People\'s artist Mammadbaghir Baghirzade was born. 
2002- The summit of heads of state of GUAM (Georgia-Ukraine-Azerbaijan-Moldova) has been held in the Yalta city (the Crimea) of Ukraine.

July 22
Today is the Day of National Press and Journalism.
1875 - the first the number of the herald of the National press of Azerbaijan newspaper of Ekinchi had been published.
1882 - Person played a great role in the independence history of the Azerbaijan, prominent military man and statesman of the Turkey Kazım Karabekir pasha was born.
1884 -famous philosopher and historian, person contributed much to Azerbaijani philosophy science Alexander Osipovich Makovelski was born. 
1941 - Well-known announcer of the Azerbaijan radio, People\'s artists, theatre figure Yusif Mehdi oglu Mukhtarov was born in Kur village of the Sabirabad region. 
1990 - Heydar Aliyev has come back to Azerbaijan from the Moscow where he lived since 1982.
1993- Armenian Armed Forces had fired rockets on Tartar and Gazagh regions’ centers, located out of conflict zone in Garabagh.
2001 – by decree of President Heydar Aliyev the Azerbaijan Republic State Committee on work with religious organizations, has been created.

July 23
1883 –Literary critic and publicist Abdulla Sur was born. 
1898- stage master, People\'s artist Ismayil Talibli was born. 
1916- Notable representative of the Azerbaijans painting art, People’s Painter Maral Rahmanzade was born. 
1991- the declaration of Heydar Aliyev, pensioner of the union importance, Deputy of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan was published in Nezavisimaya gazeta (Russia)  on leaving the CPSU.
1993- Armenian Armed Forces after large scale offensive towards Agdam region had occupied Khidirly, Sarijaly, Giyasly and Muradbeyli villages and early morning had entered Aghdam city.
July 24
The memory day of writer, teacher and public figure Abdulla Shaig, one of notable representatives of Azerbaijan literature of XX century. 
1993- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and USA State Department made declarations on occupying of Aghdam by Armenian Forces.
2001 –Baku served a note of protest to Iran in connection with attack of Iranian military ships on Azerbaijan ship reconnoitring in the Caspian.

July 25
1909 – a real member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijna Vladimir Volobuyev was born 
1918- Dashnak-bolshevik government of Baku Soviet seeing the advance of Azerbaijan-Turkish (Ottoman) troops towards Baku from Kurdamir-Shamakhy front has decided to call for help the British troops deployed in the Iran (South Azerbaijan) territory.
1919- the regular army units of Azerbaijan People Republic  had suppressed the rising in the Mughan-Lankaran region.
1990- political administration of the USSR - Central Committee of Communist Party has decided about disarming of the lawless armed formations in the Nagorno Karabakh.
1992 - Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Sudan.

July 26
Today memory day of notable Azerbaijan writer Ismayil Shikhly. 
1938- according to new constitution of the Azerbaijan SSR  the net of regions (districts) lawfully approved in the territorial –administrative division of the republic.
1992- the division of  the USSR Navy fleet in the Caspian Sea between RF and Azerbaijan Republic was completed and  for the first time on ships passed to us tricolour flag of Azerbaijan  has been  raised. 
1994 – by decree of the President of Azerbaijan the Ministry of youth and sport has been created. 

July 27
1804- The first battle in Russo-Iranian war (1804-1813), Uchmaadzin battle took place. Iranian troops have defeated the Russian troops in the battle which happened near of village Uchmaadzin (present Echmiadzin region of Armenia) in the Erevan khanate.
1826- Strong rising has happened against colonization of the tsar Russia in Ganja.
1897- Notable statesman, Doctor of Medicine, professor Aziz Aliyev was born. 
1921 –Stage master, People\'s Artist of the Republic Najiba Malikova was born. 
1933- Non-substitutive propagandist of the Azerbaijan music, Honored Art Worker Gulara Aliyeva was born. 
1997 – President Heydar Aliyev has gone to the USA to the first an official journey. President of Azerbaijan met the Secretary General of UN Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the NATO Xavier Solana, business circles of the USA in the New York during the course of visit lasted till 6th of August, and then went to Washington on the 29th of July.
2002- President Heyda Aliyev has taken part in the first graduation of the graduates of the Azerbaijan Higher Military Flying School.

July 28
1723 - Russian troops sent by tsar I Peter occupied Baku. Ruler of Baku Mahammadhuseyn bey has been sent to the exile.
1923- famous poet,  literary critic, laureate of state Prize Gasım Gasımzade was born. 
1931- famous Azerbaijani oil-industry worker, geologist Farman Salmanov was born in the Shamkir.
1935- prominent composer, People\'s artist of Azerbaijan Vasif Adigozalov was born.
1990- first All-Republican forum of the democratic forces, led by Popular Front has been held in Azerbaijan.
2001 – Turkmenistan  has sent note to Azerbaijan about belonging to him of the fields Azeri and Chiraq exploited by Azerbaijan within the frame of Contract of century, as well as  Kapaz structure. 

July 29
1989- Railway going from Azerbaijan to Armenia has been closed in the result of attacks done on trains in the Armenian territory.
1993 – UN Security Council has adopted a resolution No 853 connected with occupation of the Aghdam region by Armenian Armed Forces and expanding of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.
2002 - at extraordinary session of the Milli Mejlis the bill submitted to the Parliament by legislation initiative of President Heydar Aliyev on amendments to the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic has been approved after discussions.

July 30
1435- near Tebriz the battle took place between the troops of  Kharaqoyunlu ruler  Isgender and  united forces of rules of Teymurids Sharukh and Shirvanshah.
1744- Azerbaijani (Turk) ruler of Iranian throne Nadri shah Afshar after Central Asian and India victories launched attack on the Ottomans.
1918 – by decision of People Republic the name of  Yelizavetpol given to  Ganja city after tsarist Russian occupation (1805),  have been annulled liquidated and the historical name of the city has been restored. 
1969- National Hero of Azerbaijan Agil Mammadov (1969-1992) was born in the Gubadly region.

July  31
1918 – Disintegration occurred in Dasnak-bolshevik Baku Soviet. Armenian dashnaks socialist-revolutionary and the Mensheviks united and overthrown the Bolshevik government of Baku Commune (Baku soviet of people commissars) led by Stepan Shaumian.
1926 – academician, well-known scientist in oil & gas field, public figure Miad Abbasov was born.
1991- Armenian terrorism has implemented the next bloody action against Azerbaijan.
2002 - President Heydar Aliyev has signed Decree on establishment of The Border Services of Azerbaijan Republic . 

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