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August 1
This day is noted as Day of Azerbaijan ABC and Azerbaijani language in the country. 
1421- The battle between ruler of Garagoyunlu Gara Yusif  Isgandar and troops led by Isfandiyar and united forces of  Teymuri sultan Shahrukh and Shirvanshah took place in the Alashkerd valley.
1473- Malatya battle took place between the troops of Aggoyunly state headed by Uzun Hasan  (1468-1501) and Ottoman army.
1887- a well-known Azerbaijan writer Seyid Huseyn was born.
1908- Critic and literary critic Hidayat Efendiyev was born. 
1918- the reactionary organization called Centrokaspi consisted of Socialist-revolutionary, Menshevic and  dashnacs  and dictatorship of Temporary Committee of worker and soldiers.
2001- All organizations, state and non state entitiesin the terriotory  of Azerbaijan Republic have passed to Latin graphic alphabet at all publication..

August 2.
The day of establishing of Azerbaijan cinema.
1898 - popular demonstration of the first film held in Baku. 
1907- well-known representative of the music culture of Azerbaijan, People\'s artist Hqiqat Rzayeva was born.
1920- Famous tar playing, People\'s artist Haji Mammadov was born. 
1923 - Notable producer, People\'s artist Tofiq Kazımov was born. 
1955 - well-known actor, people  artist of Azerbaijan Fakhraddin Manafov was born in  administrative centre of the Nagorno Karabakh in the city of Khankandi.
2001- in Sochi at CIS summit  in the meeting held among  Azerbaijani, Russian and Kazakhstan presidents Heydar Aliyev, Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev problems connected with Caspian have been discussed .
2003- President Heydar Aliyev, being at treatment in Gulhane (Ankara) Military hospital of Turkey due to health problems has sent presensation to the Parliement on appointment of Ilham Aliyev, deputy of Parliament, 1st vice president of SOCAR as Prime Minister of Azerbaijan.
2003 – Ilham Aliyev was elected as Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic

August 3
1548- one of the notable politicians of Middle Age Azerbaijan Parijan khanum was born. 
1917 -Hero of the Soviet Union Gazanfar Akberov was born.
1920- peasant revolts against sovietization began in Davachi and Guba regions of Guba province under the leadership of  Hamdulla Efendi (deputy of the parliament of fallen Azerbaijan Democratic Republic) and Mayil.
1929 - prominent scientist, Honoured Scientist, academician Fuad Gasımzade was born 
1941- the  first  units of troops consisted of Azerbaijanis - 402th division has been organized during WWII.
1993- Opening of the first international satellite communication system in Baku.
1999- Protocol has been signed about establishing of diplomatic relations between Myanmar (Burma) and Azerbaijan.

August 4
1783- Georgiyevsk treaty has been signed about passing eastern Georgian (Kartli and Kakhetia) kingdoms) under patronage of the tsar Russia.
1834- prominent Azerbaijan educationist ( enlightener), scientist and writer Abdurrahim Talibov was born. 
1915- prominent theatre and cinema actor, laureate of state prize, People\'s artist, Mammadrza Sheikhzamanov was born. 
1918 - the first group of British  military forces under commad of general Densterville reached Baku.
1992- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Portugal (on January 7, 1992 the independence of our country was recognized).
2003 – at the special assembly of Parliament the consent was given for appointnment of the deputy of parliament, 1st vice presdient of SOCAR  Ilham Aliyev as Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic.

August 5
1895- prominent scientist, surgeon, public figure Mustafa Topchubashov was born (1895-1981) in the Erevan.
1906-  the ruler of  Iran from Gajars  Muzafaraddin shah had issued a decree on preparation of the Constitution to supress the revolution begining in the country and mass actions against the monarchy.
1918- the day of establishing of Azerbaijani Navy.

August 6
1723 - tsar Peter I began to realize the plans of Russian empire to seize the Caspian Sea 
1832- prominent poetess of Azerbaijan  Khurshudbanu Natavan (1832-1897) was born in the Shusha.
1993- Armenias Armed Forces has begun the extensive attack in the direction of the Fuzuli district. 

August 7
1930- well-known painter, prominent representative of the Azerbaijan descriptive art Toghrul Narimanbryov was born. 
1932- the foundation of hard punishment was laid in economy by decision of On protection of property of state enterprises, kolkhoz and cooperatives adopted by USSR government.
1992-  the decree on Establihsment of territorial defense headquarters in Azerbaijan has been issued.
1993 - Talish-Mugan Respublic has been declared.
2002  - Nakhchivan department of Azerbaijan NAS was established. 

August 8
1948 - prominent film actor, People\'s artist Rasim Balayev was born in the Aghsu.
1991- the last settlement of Azerbaijanis in Armenian territory - Nuvadi village of Mehri region has been robbed in the result of attack of the Armenian Armed Forces.
2008- XXIX Summer Olympic Games has been started in the capital of the Peoples Republic of China, Peking.

August  9
1919- according to agreement signed between Great Britain and Iran has been turned to vassal of Britain and British Military Forces were given great competences. 
1920- XI Army of Bolshevik Russia had attacked Armenian Sisian, Gafan and Gorush regions to sovetize Armenia following Azerbaijan and had driven off   dashnak forces of Dro and Njde from those areas.
1959 -National Hero of Azerbaijan Mahammad Hasanov (09.08.1959 - 14.06.1992) was born in the Goranboy region.
1992- Units of National Army of Azerbaijan had cleaned  Bashkand settlement of the Gadabay region from Armenian Armed Forces. 
1993- Heydar Aliyev, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet, acting president of Azerbaijan had met with representatives of foreign companies desiring to work in exploration of oil fields of Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea.     

August 10
1895- prominent military men, general Jamshid Nakhchevanski (1895-1938) was born. 
1920- Caucasian Bureau of the Russian C(b)P has pronounced judgement without Azerbaijani consent to pass the administration Sarur-Daralayaz region of  Nakhchivan to Armenia.
1939- poet, Laureate of prize Golden Pen” Zaki Yusifov was born.
1990- Armenian military-provocative groups have implemented the next bloody terror against Azerbaijan.
1995- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Canada (the independence of our country was recognized on Dec 25, 1991).

August 11
1473- Otluqbeli (Tarjan) battle took place between Aggoyunly troops headed by Uzun Hasan and Ottoman sultan Mehmet II Fatih. The battle has resulted with victory of the Ottoman army.
1918- Government of the Azerbaijan People Republic has decided on general military mobilization in the country.
1992- Agreement was signed between Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and Azerbaijan on collaboration in consular affairs in Ankara.
2002- “Presidential election” held in Nagorno Karabakh, the marionet regime set by the Armenians. 

August 12
1805- Russian troops have surrounded Baku city at course of Russian- Iran wars (1804-1813) by capturing strategical points of the khanate of Baku.
1926 – people poet Gabil (Imamverdiyev) (1926-2007) was born.
1942-  prominent military historian, journalist and publicist Shamistan Nazarli was born.
1993- the “Schedule of urgent actions” on implementation of Resolutions No 822 (related to occupation of Kelbajar) and 853 (occupation of Aghdam) of Security Council of UNO  was adopted by the Minsk Group meeting of OCSE regarding  Nagorno Garabagh conflict. 

August 13
1993- Armenian Armed Forces has begun large-scaled attack in the direction of centres of regions of Fuzuli and Jabrail, in the South of Nagorno Garabagh. 
2001 - President Heydar Aliyev had made a declaration calling the mass media of the country to respect national values and mentality.
2004 - the first lady of Azerbaijan, president of H.Aliyev Foundation was apppointed as Goodwill ambassador of the UNESCO for active activities in the area of the developing and propaganda of  Azerbaijani oral literature and musical heritage.  

August 14
1930- Government of the Soviet Union has decided to implement a compulsory primary education in the country territory.
1934-. writers, dramatist, Prize winner of  “Golden pen” Shamil Farzaliyev (Shamil Khurshud)  was born.
1989- Large-scaled meetings and popular strike have begun by organizational activities of the Popular Front in 1989 in Baku.
2002- Presidents Heydar Aliyev and Robert  Kocharian have been held face to face meeting in Nakhchivan’s territory, Sadarak region, at the Azerbaijan-Armenian boundary.

August 15
1784- prominent poet, one of the founders of the realist and satirist poetry of the Azerbaijan Qasım bey Zakir (1784-1857) was born one in the Shusha.
1867-  Fighting leader of the Turks of South Azerbaijan Sattarkhan (1867-1914) was born.
1905- I congress of all-russian Moslems has begun in the Nijni-Novqorod city of Russia. Purpose of the congress represented by Azerbaijanis, too, was election to the Russia Duma.
1929 - naturalists scientist, Doctor of Biological Sciences Roza Asgarova was born in the Gahab village of the Babek region.
1992-  the national currency of Azerbaijan - manat has been put into circulation. 
1994- diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and  Singapore (on Jan 2, 1992 the independence of our country was recognized by this country).

August 16
1905- attacks of Armenian-Dashnak robber groups against the Azerbaijani population in Shusha have been prevented.
1906- III congress (Nijni-Novqorod) of All-russian Moslems has begun to work. 
1925- notable representative of the modern Azerbaijani literature, peoples poet, dramatist, public figure Bakhtiyar Vahabzade (1925-2009) was born in the Shaki. 
1993- extensive  attacks of Armenian armed forces had resulted with occupation  of the villages of Gushchular, Gishlaq, Doshulu, Efendiler, Garajally, Balyand, Suleymanli of Jabrayil region.

August 17
1942 - the world well-known singer, the USSR People\'s artist Muslim Magomayev (1942-2008) was born in Baku.
1993 -Milli Mejlis had adopted a decision on Situation in Lankaran, Astara, Masalli, Lerik, Yardimli, Jalilabad and Bilasuvar regions of Azerbaijan” ..
2002- Aid Fund to Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic was established.

August 18
1912- Peoples poet of Azerbaijan Mirvarid Dilbazi was born (1912-2001).
1919- Parliament of Azerbaijan People Republic has adopted a law on protection of the boundaries of the country.
1993- Declaration of the chairman of Security Council of the UNO has been accepted on compelte, immediate and unconditional withdraw of Armenian forces from Aghdam region and other occupied regions of Azerbaijan.
1993- Occupation of Jabrail

August 19
1634- at course of next Safavi-Ottoman war (1623-1639)  Turkish troops led Sultan Murad IV seized  Erevan castle.  
1768 –battles took place between foces of Fatali khan of Guba and Sheki khan Huseyn khan. 
2000 – at informal summit of the head of states of CIS in Yalta (Ukraine) the next negotiations held between President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev and Armenian president Robert Kocharian on Garabagh settlement. 

August 20
1783- general Potyomkin heading the Caucasian  expedition  of tsarist Russia has called  Azerbaijani khans to join to Georgiyevsk treaty on passing under the patronage of Russian empire.
1901 - famous singer, Azerbaijan’s unique performer of the folk music, People\'s artist Khan Shushinski (Isfandiyar Javanshirov, 1901-1979) was born.
1912 – notable conductor and composer Niyazi (1912-1984) was born. 
1918 – Azerbaijan’s famous physical academician Hasan Abdullayev (1918-1993) was born.
1992- withdrawal of Soviet (Russian) troops from Azerbaijani territory had began .This historical process had begun from Nakhchivan.
1997- Treaty has been signed between Azerbaijani government and R.V.İnvestment company of the USA on developing of the gold fields in a few regions of the country. 
2001 –President  Heydar Aliyev had issued a decree connected with improving of system of military education in Azerbaijan.

August 21
1930- notable literary critic, scientist, academician Bakir Nabiyev (1930-2012) was born. 
1991- Armenian saboteur groups has continued the terror attacks against the Azerbaijanian population of the Nagorno Garabagh.
1992 – during visit of Chairman of the  Nakhichevan Supreme Council Heydar Aliyev in Tehran  agreements on supply of electric  power, the communications and food-stuffs aid have been signed.
1997- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Union of Serbia and Chernogoria (Serbia and Chernogoria republics separated in 2006).
1993, August 21-23- the revolt in South region was suppressed

August 22
1819 - first German colonial settlement Helenendorf (present Goygol) had been founded in Azerbaijan.
1965- well-known poetesses, investigator and writer Nurida Atashi was born 
1993-  popular actions of the people against fake regime of Alikram  Humbatov . (Talish-Mugan Republic) has begun in Lankaran.
1999- next meeting on Garabagh settlement has been held in Geneva between Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents.
2000 - Leader of the national liberation movement, ex-president of Azerbaijan Republic Abulfaz Elchibey has died in the Gulhane Military Medical Academy in Turkey(Ankara).

August 23
1514- Chaldiran battle took place near Maku betweeen  troops of head of the State of Safavides Shah I Ismayil  and army of  Ottoman Sultan I Salim (Sultan Salim Yavuz).
1722- Russian troops headed by Tsar Peter I have occupied Derbend city.
1943- prominent actor, People\'s artist Shahmar Alakbarov (1943-1992) was born in the Ganja.
1993 – at the result of aggression continued by the Armed Forces of the Armenia  one more region out of Nagorno Garabagh of Azerbaijan, Fizuli has been occupied.

August 24
944- troops of the Russian (Slav) tribes headed by Kiyev-Russian knyaz Igor  have seized Barda city by entering Azerbaijani land.
1578 - The second stage (the first stage had ended with Amasya peace Treaty in 1555) of the war of Safavid-Ottomans has begun.
2002- The referendum –popular voting on amendments and supplements to Constitution of Azerbaijan has been held.

August 25
1721 – Daghestani ruler Haji Davud khan had seized Shamakhy with help of the local people. Numerous Russian traders in the city have been killed and goods had been plundered.
1992- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan and Morocco state (in 30th of December 1991 this country had recognized the independence of our country).
1993-  acting  chairman of OSCE, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Margareta af Ugglas has made a statement connected with expanding of the encroachment operations in the Azerbaijani territory by the Armenian Armed Forces. 
2001- during visit of head of Army headquarter of Turkish Armed Forces, army general Huseyn Givriqoglu in Azerbaijan the military cooperation issues have been discussed widely between two countries.
2005 – by Decree of President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev the Azerbaijan Tourism Institute  was established.

August 26
837- last fight took place near Bazz castle between Babek Khurrami troops and caliphate army.
1071- Malazgird battle took place between Seljuk Army of Sultan Alp Arslan and Byzantine emperor Romen Diogen’s troops.
1892- One of the leaders of National Movement of South Azerbaijan Sayyid Jafar Pishavari (1892-1947) was born in Zeyva village of the Khalkhal region. 
1949- Chief of the Caucasian Moslems Office, Haji Allahshukur Pashazade was born in the Jil village of the Lankaran region. He got the religious education in Bukhara and Tashkent.
1964 -The first lady of Azerbaijan, president of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, MP Mehriban Aliyeva was born.

August 27
1929- actor, producer, worker of culture Mammadkamal Kazimov (1929-2005) was born in Baku.
1937-  literary critic scientist, writer, translator Gazanfar Pashayev was born in the Duzqiraqli village of Tovuz region. 
1989 - Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR has declared decisions of the congress of competent representatives of Armenian population of the Nagorno Garabagh illegal.
1991-  by decision of the Soviet of People\'s Deputies of Baku city the statue of founder of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin was dissembled from the Lenin square in th center of the city.
1991- at extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of Nakhichevan AR the decision was adopted on suspension of acvtity of CPSU and Komsomol organization and  nationalizing of the their property.
1992 - the protocol has been signed on establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan Republic and Guinea-Bissau state. 
1998 -prominent cinema-producer (Gorush, Uzaq sahillerde, Dede Qorqud, Yeddi ogul isterem) scenario writer Tofiq Tagizade has died (7.2.1919-1998).
2005 – at next CIS summit of head of states held in Kazan (Russia, Tatarstan) meeting between Azerbaijan and Armenia presidents Ilham Aliyev and Robert Kocharian held on Garabagh settlement regulation. 

August 28
1774 – Russian forces led by general de Medem entered Derbend
1918- Council of Ministers of  Azerbaijan People Republic had adopted a decision on nationalizing of the people enlightenment (education), secondary schools.
1919 -  parliament of People’s Republic have adopted a law on creation of the Azerbaijan State Bank of the country.
1935 - prominent writer  Aibala Hajizade was born (1935-2009) in the Aghlikend village of the Bilasuvar region.
1995- the post of personal representative of acting chairman  the OSCE on Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict had been set.
2000 –President Heydar Aliyev had issued a decree on appointment of members of the Appeal Court, the new court instance.

August 29 
1890 – birthday of poet Mahammadali Shafai (1890 1967).
1920- Temporary revolution committee of Azerbaijan has given decree on getting the monopoly of the grain trade in the country.
1960- well-known TV journalist, National Hero of Azerbaijan Chingiz  Mustafayev (1960- 15.06.1992) was born.
1965 – prominent tar player, People\'s artist  Gurban Pirimov has died (26.10.1880-1965). 
1991- Extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic has begun to work.
1993- The referendum on “Votum of confidence on President Abulfaz  Elchibey”  has been held in Azerbaijan.

August 30
1410- at second Shanbi-Gazan battle that took place near Tabriz the forces of Garagoyunlu ruler Gara Yusif had defeated forces of Sultan Ahmed, the ruler of Jalairis.
1930 – by decision of the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan and Soviet of People Commissars the territory of Azerbaijan has been divided into territorial-administrative units - regions.
1940 - well-known journalist, writer-publicist Ahmed  Isayev was born  in Suvagil village of the Zagatala region.
1991- at special session of Azerbaijani Parliament – Supreme Soviet the Declaration   On restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan has been adopted after tense discussions.
1992- Diplomatic relations have been established between Azerbaijan Republic and Kazakhstan.

August 31
1863 - well-known educationist (enlightener), writer, dramatist Rashid bey Efendiyev (1863-1942) was born
1991 - at lasts, state of emergency being in force since jan 20, 1990 in Azerbaijan was lifted.
1993- at result of continued aggression of Armenian Armed Forces one more regions out of Garabagh - Gubadly region has been occupied, too.
2001 - President Heydar Aliyev had affirmed Phase -1 plan on begining to  production of the Big Oilt in the frame of Contract of century (developing of Azeri-Chiraq-Gunashli fields).

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