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March 1
1920 - The first state news agency of Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency (APA) started its activity.
1921-  the well-known artist, national artist Kamil Aliyev was born.
1940 -  labor hero, cotton planter  machine operator  Sevil Gaziyeva was born.
1992 - by the command of General Commander of the Armed Forces of the CIS countries, Marshal Yevgeny Saposhnikov the infantry regiment  366 of former Soviet Army began to withdraw from Khankendi (Stepanakert).
1992 - Statement was adopted in connection with the Nagorno-Garabakh conflict at the Prague summit of Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe on the basis of a report prepared by the first of the mission of the organization in February 1992 to Armenia and Azerbaijan.
1992 -  Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt.
2004 - the first official visit of Azerbaijan\'s President Ilham Aliyev to Kazakhstan.
The memory day of famous singer, honored artist of Azerbaijan Jahan Talyshinskaya.

March 2
1891 - the well-known public figure, member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Akbar Sheykhulislamov was born 
1928- Kazımovski Rauf, the famous film director was born.
1992 – Azerbaijan was adopted as member to the world\'s most influential international organizations -UN.
1992 - Republic of Azerbaijan has been accepted to the United Nations Organization (UN).
1995-   the diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Burundi were established.  
2005 - A well-known journalist, editor of Monitor magazine Elmar Huseynov was killed in Baku.
18 years ago diplomatic relations were established with the People\'s Republic of China.

March 3
1875 - the well-known statesman Mahammadhasan Hajinsky was born 
1912 - the famous writer and translator Manaf Suleymanov was born.
1926 - the poet and literary critic Bulluri Hokuma was born in the city of Zanjan 
1928-  writer and translator Namiq  Abdullayev was born.
1937 – Farman Karimzade, the famous writer was born  

March 4
1460 – big battle took place between Safavid troops led by Sheikh Juneidi and troops of Shirvanshah I Khalilullah at the Samur River.
1842 - The famous Baku millionaire, philanthropic man Agamusa Nagiyev (1842-1919) was born.
1846 - Sadiq Asad oglu – Sadıqjan, famous musician was born in Shusha 
2001 –the next talks on Nagorno-Garabakh conflict started in Paris, between Presidents of Armenia Robert Kocharian and Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev under mediation of French President Jacques Chiraque.  

March 5
March 5 - the day of physical education and sport in Azerbaijan.
1831 – A revolt against Russian occupation in Lenkaran.
1925 - Poet, literary critic Ismail Gahraman oglu Jafarpur (1925-1977) was born.
1936 - A well-known scientist, professor, corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist Yashar Vahid oglu Garayev was born in Sheki.
1938 - Poet, playwright Miryusif Mirnasiroglu  was born.
1947 - scientist, Professor Vagif Arzumanli was born.
1956 - The poet Sabir Sabir Sarvan (Melikov Sabir Sultan oglu ) was born in Pirhasanli village of Agsu region. 
1990 - Supreme Soviet of the USSR made a decision On the settlement of the state oin Azerbaijan SSR and Armenian SSR 
1992 - an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan in connection with the Khojaly tragedy began with intensive discussions.
1992 - Armenian armed forces fired on a village Sirkhavand of Aghdam.

March 6
1864 - a military man, a high-ranking army officer of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Seyfulla Gajar was born 
1917 – Soviets (Councils) of soldiers, officers and workers\' deputies began to establish in Baku 
1955 - one of the founders of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, Chairman of the National Council of Azerbaijan, Musavat party\'s founder, Mohammed Amin Rasulzade died at the age of 71.
1990 - The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic made a decision On the inadmissibility of territorial claims by Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic 
1992 – at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan of power had been changed. 
1994 - Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev visited People\'s Republic of China on an official level.
1995 - The attempted coup

March 7
1821 - one of the prominent representatives of the Azerbaijani Ashiq poetry, Ashiq Alesker was born in the village of Agkilsa of Goycha region.
1908 - People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan, honored art worker, Salam Abdulqasım oglu Salamzade was born 1908 - the national artist, honored art worker Salam Salamzade was born.
1911 - one of the prominent representatives of the national press, the public figure, honored art worker, honored journalist Nasir Imanguliyev was born.
1911 - Nikolai Baybakov, Soviet statesman (1911-2008) was born in Baku.
1916 -  the Azerbaijani writer, honored art worker of Suleyman Veliyev was born
1918 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolshevik Russia  Chicherin  had served a third note to Azerbaijan Democratic Republic required to join the war against general Denikin.
1926 - Orientalist Boyukaga Murtuza oglu Huseynov (1926-1983) was born.
1926 - One of the prominent representatives of the Azerbaijani national poetry Ashiq Alesker (1821-1926) died.
1929 - linguistic scholar, professor Turkan Ashraf kizi Efendiyeva was born.
1945 - the well-known actress, the People\'s Artist Khuraman Hajiyeva was born  
1966 - National Hero of Azerbaijan  Hikmet Baba oglu Nazarli (1966-1992) was born.
1991 – Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR discussed the issue of participation at the referendum on existence of the USSR (March 17, 1991).  

March 8
1338 - Azerbaijani philosopher, poet, thinker of the Middle Ages, the Muslim East Avhadi Maragai (Ruhnaddin) died.
1911 - People\'s Artist Aghadadash Kurbanov (1911-1965) was born.
1920-  a writer, script writer, honored art worker Hasan Seyidbeyli was born.
1919 - the famous singer.Mammadali Aliyev was born 
1934 - People\'s Artist, a performer of tar Jeyran Hashimova was born.
1955 - Poet, writer Isgender Joshgun was born.
1996 - the first official visit to Georgia by Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev.

March 9
1915 - the honored artist Kamil Khanlarov was born.
1917 - Provisional Government of the Russian Empire made a decision on cancellation of in the imperial administrative system in the Caucasus – governorship. 
1992 - Argentine made a statement on recognizing the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
2007 - The first forum of Azerbaijan and Turkish Diaspora organizations was held in Baku.

March 10
1601 - the famous Azerbaijani poet Saib Tabrizi was born.
1834 - in Tabriz, the prominent enlightener, scientist and writer Mirza Abdulrahim Talibov was born.
1917 - a well-known theater worker, people\'s artist, laureate of state prize Nasiba Zeynalova was born.
1924 - the well-known literary critic, doctor of philological sciences, Professor Nazim Akhundov was born in Shusha.
1929 – the birthday of  one of the outstanding announcers of Azerbaijan Radio, honored artist Gultekin Jabbarli. 
1934 - a prominent scientist in the field of probability theory and mathematical statistics, professor of higher mathematics at the Economic University of Azerbaijan Ibrahimkhalilov Ibrahimkhalil Sikhanmad oglu was born.
1940 - the well-known singer, the great performers of folk songs of Azerbaijan and mughams, soloist of  the National Opera and Ballet Theatre, folk artist, a presidential scholar Janali Akbarov was born.
2001, March - The creation of Ataturk Centre in Azerbaijan
2005, March 10 -  Black Belt operation carried out by the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan Republic.                                                                                      
March 11
1925 - People\'s Artist, the famous actor Bashir Safaroglu (1925 - 24.3.1969) was born. Since 1942 by the end of his life, he worked at the Musical Comedy Theatre of Azerbaijan, and created the characters winning sympathy of the audience.
1992 - Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe adopted a statement condemning the violence and attacks by the Armenian forces against Azerbaijani population of Nagorno-Garabakh
1992 - Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with Great Britain and the Republic of Guinea.
1999 - The European Parliament made a resolution On support to the peace process in the Caucasus.
2005 - The National Security Ministry and Prosecutor General\'s Office reported exposure in the country a criminal gang engaged in kidnapping and other serious crimes for a long time. 

March 12
1906 - People\'s poet Suleyman Rustam (1906-1989) was born.
1922 - with the promotion of the Bolshevik Russia as the foundation of  the future USSR - the alliance of the three South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) Republics - the Federal Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Transcaucasia was established.
1933 - the national poet Jabir Novruz (1933-2002) was born.
1935 - the deserved scientific figure, doctor of technical sciences Arif Hajiyev was born.
1992 - the day of establishment of the Internal Troops of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

March 13
1858 - a military man, intellectual Abulfat Shakhtakhtinski was born. 
1927 - People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan Nodar Sashıqoglu was born 
1938 - the USSR government decided about compulsory teaching of Russian language in schools 
in all the union republics 
1991 - with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic the airport of Stepanakert was renamed to Khojaly airport as it was located  in the area of Khojaly region.
1992 - the first emergency meeting of the steering committee of the CSCE (OSCE since 1995) in connection with the Nagorno-Garabakh conflict was called in Helsinki.
1994 - Well-known actor and director Hasan Abluj (1942-1994) died.
1995 - Special Police team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (the former OMON) attacked the division of the Gazagh and Agstafa regions and captured administrative buildings, military units in the region and their activities were paralyzed.
2002 - President Heydar Aliyev signed a decree pardoning 81 prisoners.

March 14
1880 - The famous satirist Aligulu Gamkusar  (Aligulu Mashadi Alakbar oglu Najafov, 1880-1919) was born in Nakhchivan.
1937 – at IX all-Azerbaijan Soviet Congress the third Constitution of the Azerbaijan SSR was adopted 1938 - People\'s writer Anar (Anar Rasul oglu Rzayev) was born. His rich creativity covers novels and narratives, plays, scenarios (up to 10 films), poems and translations, few film sets.
1938 - A well-known literary critic, doctor of philological sciences, professor Samet Gudrat oglu Alizade (1938 - 31.2.2002) was born in the village Khizi.
2008 – at 62nd session of UN General Assembly  the resolution On situation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan was adopted.

March 15
1893 - the well-known representative of Azerbaijani saz-word Ashiq Shamshir (Shamshir Gurban oglu Gojayev 1893-1980) was born in the village of Damirchidam of Kalbajar. 
1893 - the poet-minstrel Islam Qara oglu Yusifov (Ashiq Islam, 1893 - 7.12.1968) was born in the village of Narimanli of Goycha region of Basarkechar area  (now Vardenis region of Armenia) 
1897 - People\'s Artist, famous actor Agasadıq Agaali oglu Geraybayli (1897-1988) was born in Shamakhi.
1899 - People\'s Artist, actor, Mammadali Haji Heydar oglu Velikhanli (1899 - 12.4.1969) was born in Fatmayi village of.Baku 
1923 - a prominent Azerbaijani artist, honored art worker Najafgulu was born.
1941 - A well-known poet, translator, publicist, Isa Mustafa oglu Ismayilzada (1941 - 14.7.1997) was born in Garayazi region of Georgia (now Gardabani) 
1941 - Poet, translator, prose writer Alakbar Salahzada (Alakbar Baba oglu Mammadsalahlı) was born in the village of Jimi of Guba region.
1991 - The Turkish President Turgut Ozal visited Baku while being in the USSR on an official visit. This was the first visit of head of Turkey to Azerbaijan.
1992 - Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with  Libya.
1995 – the mutiny of special police team began. Omon forces made a fortified headquarters at 8th km settlement and demanded the resignation of the leadership of the country.
1997 - The National Assembly of  the country sent  a protest to the leadership of Russia  in connection with the sale of weapons secretly to Armenia.  
2001 - U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell made an initiative to continue the next round of talks with Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents in the Key- West of State of Florida. Negotiations were held at the beginning of April.
2003 - Azerbaijan Press Council has been established. Leadership of the Council was elected at congress with participation of   400 representatives from 170 Media and journalist organizations

March 16
1906- Gilman Salahov, one of the founders Azerbaijan State Song and Dance Ensemble and its leaders, kamancha master was born.
1916 - one of the prominent representatives of Azerbaijan fine art, folk artist, laureate of state prize Maral Rahmanzade was born.
1921 - Moscow agreement on friendship and fraternity between Russia and Turkey was signed.
1940 - The famous jazzman, pianist, composer Vagif Aziz oglu Mustafazade (1940 - 16.12.1979) was born.
1948 – in the western part of Azerbaijan  city of metallurgists - Dashkesen was established.
1950 - writer, playwright, translator Aghalar Idrsi oglu Mehdiyev was born.
1992 - Changes in the leadership of the Defense Ministry were continued.
1995 - President Heydar Aliyev  signed a decree on non-charging of rebels from OMON if they would hand over weapons with peaceful manner.
2006 - Second Congress of World Azerbaijanis was held in Baku.
1916 - the famous composer, honored art worker Zakir Bagirov was born.

March 17
1905 - Poet, prose writer, translator, Mikail  Manaf oglu Rzaquluzada (1905 - 10.11.1984) was born.
1918 – in the South Azerbaijan city of Urmia, in front of eyes of diplomats of foreign countries (Britain, USA, France, the Russian Consuls) the Armenian robber bands killed the Azerbaijani population, and more than thousand  Muslim-Turks were killed then.  
1920 - Bolshevik Russia’s head Lenin had sent a telegram to Revolutionary Military Council of the  Caucasus Front to occupy Baku. 
1991 - The Soviet Union held a referendum on the issue of preservation of the Union.
1995 – the mutiny  started by the Special Police Force – OMON was suppressed by using the necessary  force.
2004 – as per decree of pardon signed by President Ilham Aliyev 129 prisoners, including those 42 people convicted for the crimes, were released.  

March 18
1901 – Russian government decided to move 40 thousand peasants from the central provinces of the empire to the territory of Azerbaijan - the Mil and Mugan plains.
1916 - The poet Boyukaga Mammed oglu Kasimov was born 
1918 – Armenian robber bands committed mass killings against the Azerbaijani population in Shamakhi 1927 – at V all-Azerbaijan congress the second Constitution of Soviet Azerbaijan was adopted 
1943 - The peoples’ writer Movlud Suleymanli  was born in Red Shafag village of West Azerbaijan (Armenia SSR, Kalinino region) 
1992 - United Nations Secretary General\'s Special Representative Sayrus Vens arrived in Baku to become familiar with the situation on Nagorno-Garabakh conflict.
1994 - Armenian armed forces hit the Iranian HERKULES plane at  Khankendi skies with rocket.

March 19
1870 - an outstanding statesman, writer and playwright Nariman Narimanov was born.
1910 - after the revolution against the Shah regime in South Azerbaijan under the leadership of Sattarkhan (1905-1911) succeeded a march towards the South to Tehran began.
2004 - President Ilham Aliyev took part in an international conference in Bratislava (Slovakia) Towards the wider Europe: a new daily 
2004 - President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on organization of the new territorial-administrative unit within Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic –Kangarli region

March 20
March 20 is the first day of Novruz . Novruz was legalized since ancient times by our people as the arrival of fertility and prosperity and celebrated accordingly.
1828 - Tsar Nicholas I approved the Turkmenchay Treaty (10th of February 1828) and issued a decree on establishment of “Armenian oblast in Irevan and Nakhchivan khanates that were annexed to Russia.
1879 - People\'s Artist, a well-known opera singer, actor, director, teacher, Huseyngulu Malik oglu Sarabski (Rzayev) was born.
1899 - Great writer and playwright, Jafar Gafar oglu Jabbarli was born in the village of Khizi .
1920 - Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan signed a treaty with Iran on Peace and friendship
1930 - Mammed Mahmud oglu Mammadov, literary critic, scientist was born.
1930 - Academician, mathematician, scientist Faramaz Gazanfar oglu Magsudov was born.
1933 - Poet, publicist Kalantər Sikhkerim oglu Kalantarli was born in the village of Sudur of Gusar region.

March 21
March 21 - the second day of Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan.
21 March - World Poetry Day (World Poetry Day).
1735 - Safavid state concluded a pact with Russia in Ganja.
1747 – Revolt against Nadir Shah began in Tabriz and Ardebil under the leadership of III Sam Mirza.
1864 - One of the founders of the People\'s Republic, who was the organizer of the health system after sovetization Mammadrza Vekilov was born.
1896 - The famous actor, Kazim Ziya (Kazim Jafar oglu Kazimzadewas born in the village of Yukhary Aylis of Ordubad region.
1898 - People\'s Artist, actor Ismail Talibzade (1898-1967) was born.
1900 - linguistic scholar, philologist Mukhtar Huseyn oglu Huseynzade was born.
1906 - Great poet, playwright, public figure Samed Vurgun was born in the village of Yukhary Salahli of Gazakh region.
1920 - a revolt of Armenian armed robbers against the People\'s Republic  began in Garabakh and Ganjabasar
March 22
1752 - Georgian czars Kartli ruler Teymuraz and his son, Kakheti ruler Irakli II had invited Garabakh, Nakhichevan, Irevan and Baku khans, Borchali and Gazakh sultans at Gizilgaya meeting (near Baku) for the association against the Sheki khanate and subsequently have captured them.
1895 – writer Hajibaba  Haji Alasgar oglu Nazarli (1895-28.1.1938) was born.
1900 - The writer, public figure, Suleiman Ilham oglu Aliyev (1900 - 11.10.1983) was born.
1909 - People\'s writer Mehdi Hussein (Mehdi Ali oglu Huseynov) (1909 - 10.3.1965) was born in the village of Shikhli of Gazakh 
1910 - Poet Ismail Majid oglu Sultan (1910-1963) was born.
1913 - People\'s Artist,  famous actor Aliagha Ismail oglu Agayev was born 
1913 - playwright, writer, Maharram Alizade was born in Baku.
1913 - Writer, literary critic Mirza Mushtaq was born.
1913 - The writer Gahraman Qahramanzade was born.
1914 - People\'s Artist, famous comedy actor Lutfali Amir oglu Abdullayev was born in Sheki.
1919 - People\'s writer Ismail Gahraman oglu Skhikly  was  born  in Shikhly II village of Gazakh region.
1919 - The first woman pilot  Zuleikha Habib kizi Seyidmammadova was born.
1925 - People\'s Artist, actress Zaros Mirzabagir kizi Hamzayev was born in the village Nehram of Babak region of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic 
1930 - Poet Idris Abbasali oglu Zamanly was born.
1931 - famous poet Ali Karim was born 
1933 - People\'s Artist, the famous singer Rubaba Khalil kizi Muradova  was born in Ardabil.
1933 - honored culture worker, professor Zohrab Hussein oglu Aliyev was born.
1938 - The writer, a translator Sabir Ali oglu Azeri was born in Dagkasaman village of Agstafa region
1970 - National Hero of Azerbaijan Ikhtiyar Gasim oglu Kasimov was born.
2002 - President Heydar Aliyev has been presented Press-friend award. The head of state was awarded this prized as a results of survey carried out by RUH - Spirit the Committee to Protect Journalists\' Rights for 2001.

March 23
1914 - Poet Zeynal Khalil was born in Ganja.
1915 - People\'s Artist, dancer, choreographer Alibaba Abdul oglu Abdullayev (1915 -) was born.
1920 - Composer, musician, teacher, Ashraf Jalal oglu Abbasov was born.
1920 - The next disagreement began in the coalition government of the People\'s Republic of (5th government set in December 1919).
1942 - Poet, writer, author of numerous publications for children Zahid Abdulla oglu Khalil was born in  Yevlakh.
1944 – the National Hero of Azerbaijan Viktor Vasilyevich Seryoqin was born.
1946 - Writer, poet Seyran Sakhavat (Seyran Asgar oglu Khanlarov) was born in the village of Yaglivand of Fizuli.
1949 - National Hero of Azerbaijan Pasha Qurban oglu Tahmazov was born.
1992 - Diplomatic relations were established with Republic of Korea, Salvador and Somalia states.
2000 – during the visit of  President Heydar Aliyev to Georgia the problem arisen in connection with transit of oil through Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline was solved.
2004 – in the course of  state visit to President Ilham Aliyev to Uzbekistan bilateral documents, including the Declaration on strengthening the strategic partnership was signed.

March 24
1872 - Well-known writer, dramatist, publicist, Mammad Said Ordubadi was born.
1906 - electricity coverage of city streets of Baku took place for the first time.
1938 - Well-known actor, People\'s Artist Hasanaga Turabov was born.
1988 - Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers made a decision On  measures to accelerate socio-economic development during the years 1988 and 1995 at the Nagorny Karabakh Autonomous Oblast of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic 
1990 - Armenian armed forces have attacked villages in the border region of Gazakh.
1992 – at CSCE (OSCE 1995) Council meeting held in Helsinki it has been decided to hold a conference in Minsk for the settlement of the Garabakh conflict 

March 25
1897 - Specialist in drama study, honored art worker of Azerbaijan Gulam  Mamamdli was born in Tabriz.
1907 - a famous Azerbaijani poet Almas Yıldırım was born  
1921 - a prominent Azerbaijani composer, People\'s artist, laureate of State Prize Jahangir was born in village of  Balakhani of Baku.
1933- a well-known poet Rufat Ahmazade was born.
1992 - an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan was decided to hold the presidential elections.
1997 - During the official visit of Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev to Ukraine bilateral documents, including friendship, strategic partnership and mutual assistance pact were signed.
2000 - the National Assembly  adopted the document on obligations that Azerbaijan had to fulfill after becoming a full member of Council of Europe.
March 26
1892 - the prominent musical figure, the peoples; artist Ahmed Bakhikanov’s memory day.
1893 - The famous opera singer Fatma Mukhtarova (1893-1972) was born.
1902- one of the representatives of Muqtadir mastery of the art of Azerbaijan, the honored artist Yavar Kalantarli was born.
1910 - Well-known theater and film actor, People\'s Artist of the USSR Alasgar Alekperov was born 
1989 - The first elections were held in the USSR alternatively.
1998 - President Heydar Aliyev signed a decree On Genocide of Azerbaijanis.
2000 – the repeated election  were held again as a continuation of the municipal elections held in December 12, 1999 
2005 – at the third congress of the New Azerbaijan Party  President Ilham Aliyev was elected as the new chairman of the organization.

March 27
1917 - the Provisional Executive Committee of the Muslim National Council was elected in Baku.
1927 - World-famous musician and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich (1927-2007) was born in Baku.
1945 - Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic was established.
1945 - a prominent artist, peoples’ artist Samandar Rzayev was born. 
1993 - Armenian armed forces began to attack on Kalbajar region.
Attack lasting a week, resulted in the occupation of the region on April 2, 1993. 

March 28
1895 - the famous scientist, literary critic and translator Aziz Sharif was born.
1919 - the military intelligence and counter-intelligence section has been created within Ministry of the Azerbaijan Republic
1924 - the well-known poet, translator Teymur Elchin was born.

March 29
1803 - Russian troops seized the Georgian kingdoms attacked Jar-Balakan, the north-west of Azerbaijan.
1873 - the poet Mirzali Mojuz was born in Sabustar city of South Azerbaijan.
1939 - Well-known writer, playwright Suleyman Sani Akhundov  died.
1959 - National Hero of Azerbaijan Ilgar Ismayilov was born in Baku
1976 - the outstanding scientist, academician Feyzulla Qasymzade died.
1994 - The discussions lasting two months over the events of January 20 1990,  were ended at the  National Assembly 
2001 - President Heydar Aliyev signed a package of documents on privatization of communication, transport, fisheries, publishing, printing and other areas of the state-owned enterprises of the Azerbaijan Republic in accordance with the privatization program.

March 30
1918 – the mass bloodshed carried out by Russian and Armenian Dashnak-Bolshevik against the Azerbaijani population began 
1920 - Azerbaijan Democratic Republic faced with the next crisis of government. The fifth cabinet headed by Nesib bey Yusifbelyli resigned.
1992 - Diplomatic relations were established between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iraq.
2004 - The National Assembly of Republic of Azerbaijan adopted a law on establishment of establishing of new territorial-administrative unit of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic - Kangarli region

March 31
1861 – one of the most prominent representatives of Azerbaijani art of singing, a unique mugham performer People’s Artist Jabbar Garyagdioglu was born in Shusha.
1918 - the terrible slaughters against the Azerbaijani population began byArmenian armed forces has reached a peak level 
1936 - People\'s Artist, composer, jazz musician Rafig Babayev was born.  
1992 - Armenian armed forces extending aggressive attacks over Nagorno-Garabakh occupied the village Hogha of Fizuli region 
2002 – USA’s ban on selling weapons to Azerbaijan and Armenia has been canceled
2006, March 31 - in Sumgayit city of Azerbaijan Cekli Community Public Union (ACIIB) has been established.

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