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Meikhana is a musical-poetic genre belonging to Azerbaijan, sung with accompaniment of percussion instrument or recitation.  It is mainly spread in the villages of Baku.
It is usually sung in the form of debate of two or more poet-singers impromptu. The specific genre of meikhana, color patterns is more expressive and deep. The factor giving this unique appearance to meikhana is using metro rhythmic percussion instrument for accompaniment, which shows the ancient history of this genre.
Only during the twentieth century the genre of meikhana had passed from three stage development. The stages coincide with period full of contradictory events in the life of the people of Azerbaijan. After the April revolution in April 1920 spreading of the new ideology gave a wide place to meikhana.  Meikhana had gained a good position in repertoire of “Critical-application theater, and in general fiction literature, as well as in stage works.
During war years of 1941-45 meikhana turned to fellow of people, inspired the people, and increased his belief in hope, faith.
Since 90-es years of the last century meikhana stepped at third development stage. However, when the country gained independence, the new approach to meikhana genre is formed: In TV meikhana competitions are held, masters of meikhana are invited to the celebrations, meikhana collections are published and finally, meikhana becomes the object of research.
Meikhana is continuation of folk poems in modern time, its development. Each period has its own meikahana. This genre that takes the pulse of the time, was always linked with genre that reflect colors of environment the created, always reflected people\'s desires and wishes and criticized disadvantages of the period. 
Distinguished kinds of meikhana for its structure and genre:
a) rhymed meikhana
b) radif meikhana
c) Verse meikhana
d) meikhana without rhymes, badihas 

Meikhana singers
Mirza Abdulkhaliq Yusuf, Hashim bey Saqi, Mirza Samandar, Aliaga Vahid, Mashadi Azer, Yayha Molla oglu, Ahmad Anatollu, Aghadadash Muniri, Dilgam, Aghasalim Chıldag, etc. Poets had created classic examples of meikhana.
At present, a lot of talented men engaged in this art. Among them Agamirza, Agakerim, Namiq Mana, Vugar, Namiq Garachukhurlu  etc.are recognized.

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