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Jazz music
The foundation of Azerbaijani jazz was laid by the State Pop Orchestra known as State jazz at the end of the 30-es by Niyazi and T. Guliyev. The 1st composition of the ensemble consisted of  three-trombone, trumpet, five-saxophone, piano, guitar and percussion instruments. The orchestra\'s first concert program at the same level with classic jazz was also included Niyazi and T. Guliyev\'s plays. 
After the end of the Great Patriotic War Rauf Hajiyev was the head of State jazz. However, the 1950-60-es the Western propaganda machine against the USSR made a strong damage to the development of this musical genre in country. However, in spite of all precautions, fans of this music gather in one place, listen music in the western radio stations, and then try to perform independently music heard.

Jazz Center in Baku 
Until 1950 years one of the most important performers of jazz was saxophonist, jazzman Parviz Rustambeyov. So-called Soviet Benny Goodmen P. Rustambeyov had created first jazz orchestra in Krasnıy Vostok (now Azerbaijan) cinema, and later in Nizami cinema.
In 60-ies of the last century with support and leadership of Gara Garayev, Niyazi, T. Guliyev, Rauf Hajiyev the pop and jazz music begins its second life in Azerbaijan. Periods of “Qaya and quartet of Rafiq Babayev, V. Mustafazade begins.
V. Mustafazade that is considered the founder of lyrical jazz for the first time in the world had   organized in Tbilisi State Philharmonic Society (Georgia) Caucasian jazz-trio. He had arranged and led the first Leyli lady quartet, Sevil vocal-instrumental ensemble, and Mugam instrumental ensemble. 
V.Mustafazade presented eastern mugham in the language understandable to the western music listeners- that was in the language of jazz. The free feature of the improvisation turned to main part of links between jazz and mugham. V.Mustafazade was well aware of it and early of 60-es the new stream in music – jazz mugham stream was created by him.

Azerbaijani jazz today
Azerbaijani jazz is unforgotten legend. Prominent representatives of the national jazz Salman Gambarov, Rain Sultanov, Aziza Mustafazade, Shahin Novrasli and others names can be mentioned.
Bakustic jazz centre created by Salman Gambarov was always welcomed in festivals and completions held in Georgia, Russia, Germany, England.  
Syndicate group created by Rain Sultanov in 1996 was one of the most popular jazz groups of the world.  
Aziza Mustafazade, gained the first place in piano competition named after Teloyenus Monk in Washington, DC at age 17 had developed the first album in 1991 under the name “Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. Her second album, Always brought her the highest award of the Voice Academy Award considered as the German Music Award and won Sonin’s  Echo Award. A. Mustafazade represented Azerbaijani jazz with performing jazz and other traditional styles in many countries.
Today, name of Shahin Novrasli that performed in international festivals and surprised the world-known jazzmen during his performances in the United States and Europe. Moscow jazzmen call him as the new star of the world jazz stage.
In 2009, in Baku, the first Jazz Festival created a positive turning point in the development of jazz in the country. 
In 2010, the second Jazz Festival was remembered as one of the world\'s major festivals. In addition to Azerbaijan the international jazz performers also took part in the festival.
Currently Baku Jazz Center operating in Baku is making its contribution to the development of jazz in Azerbaijan.

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