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Azerbaijani folk songs


Song is much-loved musical genre. The life of the Azerbaijani people, the struggle, fine-human emotions, joy and sorrow are reflected in folk songs. Azerbaijani folk songs, all based on the classic mughams, and benefited from them.
The most ancient songs are Shepherd’s sound , Tutu grandmother”, Milking song, Flower, plough the land, Song of plough.

1. Hey, beautiful
2. Oh, grandmother
3. Oh, hunter
4. Ay Gulabatın
5. Look at me
6. Hey dili, dili
7. Hey, let me put roses on your roads
8. I put an apple in a large bag
9. Stayed in lowland
10. Hey, girl, I’m your lover”
11. Stork on tree
12. Diamond
13. Jalal Khalig
14. Come on other way
15. There are houses checked
16. Don’t breeze, whiff
17. Saz in the hands of the victim
18. What beautiful mountains
19. Gulgez
20. I entered the garden of my love\'
21. I came
22. You are my love
23. I came
24. In garden of beauty
25. I was hurted by you
26. I poured a water on streets
27. Lachin
28. Play, my Love
29. Pedestrian Koroglu
30. By laughing
31. From tower to tower
32. I was sleeping in fortress
33. Qatyr Mammed
34. Gachag Nabi
35. The girl coming from water
36. Iris ears
37. Sona khanum
38. Yellow nightingale
39. Shusha gazelle
40. Mountains of Shusha, ways of Tbilisi
41. After three days, five days
42. Henna dying
43. Drake end 

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