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In rock music using of the electronic musical instruments, being satisfied with playing music made by self is a second-degree and sometimes it leads to wrong ideas. Therefore, the belonging of some of the music kinds to rock is under question. At the same time kinds of fashion, subcults like hippies, punks, gots is closely connected with rock. Rock has light light rock-n-roll (rock and roll) and aggressive grindcore kind. Songs can narrate of light and free, deep and philosophical themes. Sometimes rock and pop music are compared with each other. In fact, between the rock and pop concepts there is no clear boundary many kinds of music kinds remain between them.
The main development centers of rock are in the United States and Western Europe. The United Kingdom is leading rock loving country.
The rock music is widely spread in Azerbaijan 1966- 75. At that time, the youth listened Western rock music on radio waves. More young people who wanted to listen quality music, listened groups like Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Animals. In universities, cultural houses, schools rock groups were created. Many faced difficulties in understanding the words of the music played in foreign languages, so when the original word played was not used always.
As Azerbaijan is a country with a great musical culture there was no special control over the nature of this music coming from the west. Komsomol Committee was the main organizer of rock festivals. However, it was necessary to make up for the communist slogans for concert.
In 1960-70-es Eksulap (Medical University), Khurramids (University of Economics), Color and rock groups were created and lived by youth. Compared to the influence of Western music of the 70-es they created their own musical style. These included “Jur-ba-Jur (under the leadership Jahangir Garayev), Brevis, Three fire.
2 groups  played a major role in the formation of the rock music style. They are Expriment Ok and Ashugs (under the leadership of Ali Shihkaliyev) group. Ashugs in own music uses oud, tar, and  kamancha. Elkhan Shikhaliyev also played saxophone in Experiment OK group. Unformal group has been awarded the Red Crescent Prize for the best rock groups in 2001, in BIC Fest 01 festival. Even American radiostations wanted to sound the composition “I’ll hope  there\'ll be played but due to lower qualities of sound they have failed to do it.
Presently the audience of Azerbaijani rock music is weak. But, nevertheless, such groups continue to function, and often perform concert programs in foreign countries.  

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