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Vocal performance
Popular music samples divided in two parts: with bahr and without bahr. With bahr means, music genre having clear metro-rhythm, playing percussion instruments during accompaniment. This type of music includes composer tasnif, rang, dance and folk songs. “Without bahr kind includes music kind which not uses percussion instrument, free rhyme music samples- music dastagah, vocal music.
Like in every nation’s musical heritage, the folk music heritage of Azerbaijan consists of vocal, instrumental and vocal-instrumental music.
The scientific and practical development of the national vocal art in Azerbaijan is connected with name of the founder of the national school of vocal art - Bulbul. The development of a national school of vocal school is closely connected with collection of vocal folklore and its study. To this end, in 1932 the Scientific Research Music Cabinet was approved.
Bulbul that was well-known vocalist received vocal training as a first Azerbaijani student of the State Conservatory organized in 1921, and learned Russian and European classical music here, broadened his world outlook. During tours of the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg the creation art of famous Russian singers, especially the work of Shalyapin and Sobinov influenced him. In 1927 Bulbul went in Italy for getting deep knowledge of vocal art, who learned here for 4 years from the well-known musicians, benefited creative works of the well-known Italian singers. Bulbul has opened a new page in the music; his creation was an important stage in the development of vocal art.

Vocal works
Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s vocal creation is presented with songs and romances-gazals. Romance-ghazal genre was appeared in 1940-es in art of  U.Hajibeyov. In connection with 800 anniversary of the thinker, poet, outstanding figure of classic poetry of Azerbaijan in XII century, U.Hajibeyov had composed two vocal works on the base of the poet\'s two gazals “Without You (1941) and Sweetheart (1943), and so the foundation of the romance genre-ghazal was laid.
Without You and Sweetheart romance-ghazals is distinguished with style of music in terms of its originality, harmony.
Even in the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in the period 1918-1920 National anthem, The Azerbaijani march, The Black Sea was waved had created character songs in the spirit of the patriotic hymn, which are considered as most beautiful examples of vocal  music. Words of National anthem” belongs to U.Hajibeyov, The Azerbaijani march and The Black sea was waved to Ahmad Javad. These works were considered to be lost for a long time. But they became famous and was published in Turkey. Only in 1980, they were found and restored by the employees of memorial house museum of Uzeyir  
Later vocal music became one of the main areas of Azerbaijani music, almost all the composers (especially G. Garayev, F. Amirov, T. Guliyev, A. Huseynzade, V. Adigozalov, etc well-known composers) had addressed more to this genre. Bulbul, R. Behbudov, M. Babayev, F. Gasimova, X. Qasımova, A. Zeynalov, T. Amrah, etc. artists are considered vocalist having special place in Azerbaijani music. 

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