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Hip-Hop (Rap) music was appeared in the United States in 1970. This type of music, which is not accepted by whites, was criticisized and was oppressed. Then music experts assumed that rap was formed among blacks and would disappear among them. But despite all this, within a short time rap started to spread all over Europe.
This genre known in Azerbaijan since the early of 1990 was met by the people with great sympathy. Role of Azerbaijan\'s National Hero Chingiz Mustafayev in the development of rap, its popularity is irreplaceable. In addition, Chingiz Mustafayev was the founder of first disco-club in Azerbaijan. At that time songs of popular Snap, Dr.Alban negro groups were sounded. Thus, Chingiz Mustafayev recorded his name as a first man brought Negro rap in Azerbaijan.
Then with the Poor song song Anar Nagilbaz composed the first rap in Azeri. In 1993, the album presented by A. Nagılbaz to public was a cause of interest than it was expected. This enre already caused an interest in each. Winner of Patriotic Song Contest “Deyirman group later became popular with “Garabagh or Death song.
Elshad Khose’s Life is unchanged album was met by rap funs with interest.
In 2000 Anar Nagilbaz gathered talented young people around self by Azeri Image Service project. At this project, known as the first rapper girl McRain proved that rap was not only for boys.
In 2001-2002, a new rapper Uran (Ibrahim Ibrahimov) stepped into the world of rap.
Besides Deyirman group in 2002 Uran and in 2009 Chaos rap groups were created.

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