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Symphonic music is music to be played by the symphonic orchestra.
Symphonic music includes multipart monumental compositions with deep, complex ideas and emotional content, as well as the small form of popular music, symphony, symphonic poem, overture, suite, concerts, cantatas, overtures, fantasia, etc. The service of Uzeyir Hajibeyov in development of symphonic music in Azerbaijan is great. He is the founder of the school of symphonic music. Prominent representatives of the Azerbaijani  symphonic music like G. Garayev, J. Hajiyev, F. Amirov, Niyazi, S. Hajibeyov, A. Melikov, A. Rzayev and others graduates are from  school students.

Symphonic Mugam
It is a genre of mugham. It was established in 1948 by composer Fikret Amirov. Based on the nature of the material and the composition of music written by F. Amirov mugams like Shur and Kurd-Ovsharı laid the foundation of the Azerbaijani symphonic works of this genre.
The main feature of the genre is that gradual growing development principle specific to mugham dastgah, its composition structure, the dramaturgic movement line was preserved and at the same time symphonic work, different methods of colorful orchestrating were applied in the development of mugham melodies. Many Azerbaijani composers have appealed to his genre.
Niyazi had created Rast, S. Aleskerov Bayati-Shiraz, F. Amirov Gulistan Bayati-Shiraz, T. Bakikhanov Humayun, Nevada, Rahab, etc. symphony mugams.

We bring to your attention the symphonic music samples .

1. 3rd Symphony
Author: Gara Garayev

2. Eternity Symphony No 1
Author: Arif Melikov

3. Eternity Symphony No 2
Author: Arif Melikov

4. Eternity Symphony No 3
Author: Arif Melikov

5. Eternity symphony 4
Author: Arif Melikov

6. Eternity Symphony No 5
Author: Arif Melikov

7. Eternity  Symphony No 6
Author: Arif Melikov

8. Eternity Symphony No 7
Author: Arif Melikov

9. Eternity Symphony No 8
Author: Arif Melikov

10. The 4th Symphony (Part 3)
Author: Eldar Mansurov

11. The symphony (4 parts)
Author: Jeyhun  Allahverdiyev

12. The 2nd Symphony (4 parts)
Author: Jeyhun Allahverdiyev

13. Ataturk Symphony (Part 3)
Author: Vasif Allahverdiyev

14. Heydar Aliyev Symphony
Author: Vasif Allahverdiyev

15. The 6th Symphony (Part 3)
Author: Leonid Vainstein 

16. 1st Symphony 
Author: Rauf Aliyev

17. Concert: Symphony
Author: Rauf Aliyev

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