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Azerbaijan State Dance Ensemble

Azerbaijan State Dance Ensemble was founded in 1970. The ensemble for many years was led by a well-known ballet masters, USSR People\'s Artist Leyla Bakirova and the republic People\'s Artist Alibaba Abdullayev. Since 1984 it is headed by People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan Afaq Malikova.
The repertoire of the ensemble includes dances created based on works of Azerbaijani composers Tofig. Guliyev, Jahangir Jahangirov, Telman Hajiyev, Said Rustamov, Haji Xanmamadov, Agshin Alizade, Vasif Adigozalov, Emin Sabitoglu and others.

Qaya State Ensemble
This group  was founded in 1956 by 4 students studying in the School of Music named after A. Zeynalli Teymur Mirzayev, Arif Hajiyev (choral conductor), Rauf Babayev (drums) and Lev Yelisovetski (wind instruments - trumpet). In 1972 by the decision of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR and the Ministry of Culture, Qaya was given the status of the State Ensemble.
The ensemble grown in 1980 and was named as “Qaya Vocal Group of the State Variety-Symphony Orchestra. In group with over 100 members there were chamber orchestra, rock group, jazz choir and soloists.
Art of ensemble and its place in our professional music was highly appreciated by world-famous musicians G.Garayev, F. Amirov, R. Hajiyev, T. Guliyev, M. Rostropovich, G. Vishnevskaya, M. Kajlayev and others.
Since 2001, with the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, R. Babayev has been appointed Head of Gaya State Ensemble. In the same year at the initiative of the ministry Look at me” vocal group has been included in the structure of ensemble.

Azerbaijan State Song and Dance Ensemble named after F. Amirov 
Azerbaijan State Song and Dance Ensemble was founded in 1938 by the founder of classical music of Azerbaijan U.Hajibayov. During various periods the collective besides U.Hajibeyov was led by well-known composers like Said Rustamov, Jahangir Jahangirov Vasif Adigozalov, Haji Khanmammedov, Telman Hajiyev, Ramiz Mirishli. The ensemble was named after F. Amirov after his death.
In the choreography group of ensemble the well-known dance masters lik Amina Dilbazi, Tutu Hamidova, Boyukaga Mammadov, Roza Jalilova, Aliya Ramazanova, Afaq Malikova, Kamil Dadashov, Alikram Aslanov, Nadir Mamedov and others were grown.
Ensemble repertoire includes songs and dances of the peoples of the world, the choral works.
Since January 2000 Azerbaijan State Folk Instruments function in ensemble. 
Dan Ulduzu Chamber-Instrumental Ensemble
Dan Ulduzu chamber-instrumental ensemble was founded in 1966,  by the  musician, pianist, honored art worker of Azerbaijan Gulara Aliyeva.

Azerbaijan State String Quartet
Azerbaijan State String Quartet was founded in 1998. Repertoire of the quartet is rich in classical and modern works of Azerbaijan and foreign composers. 
String quartet members: Uran Seyidov (first violin) - Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Republic. Concertmaster of Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after G. Garayev,  Soltan Mammadov (second violin) - concertmaster of the contemporary music ensemble  SONOR. Vakhtang Imanov (viola) a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra. Rasim Abdullayev (violoncello) - honored artist of Azerbaijan Republic.

The Azerbaijan State piano trio
Azerbaijan State Piano trio has been established in September of 2002 at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture.
Repertoire of piano trio is rich with classical and modern works of Azerbaijan and foreign composers.
The participants of the piano trio: Tohva Babayeva - violin, assistant professor of the Baku Music Academy, soloist of Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra named after Uzeir Hajibeyov. Winner of republic contests of musicians, honored artist of Azerbaijan Republic. Sabina Ibrahimova (cello) - soloist of Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra named after Uzeir Hajibeyov. Teacher of Baku Musical Academy. Nargis Aliyarova (piano) - senior lecturer of London Academy of Music, candidate of art criticism. Winner of the II competition of musicians.

Azerbaijan State Theatre of Song named after Rashid Behbudov 
Azerbaijan State Song Theatre was created in 1968 by the outstanding representative of the vocal art USSR People\'s artist Rashid Behbudov. 
Music Theatre named after Rashid Behbudov for its aesthetic structure is a wonderful example of the theater. During the years he showed self as the most beautiful and exemplary propagandist of music and choreographic art.  
Repertoire of the theater today includes works of Uzeir Hajibeyov, Gara Garayev, F.Amirov, Jahangir Jahangirov, Rauf Hajiyev, T. Guliyev, Polad Bulbuloglu, Ramiz Mirishli, Faik Sujaddinov, Azer Dadashov and other national composers. Popular art masters like  Zaur Rzayev, Natavan Sheykhova, Ilhama Guliyeva, Mubariz Tagiyev, Elkhan Ahadzade, Khadija Abbasova, Azer Zeynalov, Zohra Abdullayeva, Aybaniz Hashimova worked in the theater since date of operation. 
Theatre’s repertoire also includes dances of the peoples of the world.

Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after Gara Garayev
Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after G.Garayev was founded in 1964 at the initiative of a prominent Azerbaijani composers F.Amirov and G.Garayev. Since date of establishment in 1992, the orchestra\'s artistic director was People’s Artist, professor Nazim Rzayev .
During 1995 - 1997, the collective led by Yashar Imanov.
Since 1998 till date orchestra is led by People\'s Artist T. Goychayev.
Orchestra repertoire includes over 200 works of the Western European, Russian and Azerbaijani composers.

Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society
The building of the State Philharmonic Society was built in 1910-1912 as A summer house of public meetings. After the establishment of the Soviet power in Azerbaijan in 1920, the retail operating ensembles, orchestras and music lovers were gathered in this building. On May 25, 1936 like in other republics of the USSR (CIS), the Philharmonic Society was established in Azerbaijan, too.
In 1937-36 the building was restored.
On August 11, 1937, with the decision of the Council of People\'s Commissars No 5021  it was asked from Communist Party of Azerbaijan that in order to memorize the name of  Honored Art Worker Muslim Magomayev Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society to be named after  the  name of the composer.
7 collectives worked on organization of this concert. They were  Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra named after U. Hajibeyov under leadership of the people\'s artist of the Azerbaijan Republic, State Prize Laureate, professor Rauf Abdullayev, Azerbaijan State Choir under leadership of the People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan Gulbaji Imanova,  Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after G.Garayev under the leadership of the People\'s Artist of Republic of Azerbaijan\'s Teymur Goychayev, the Azerbaijan State piano trio, the Azerbaijan State String Quartet, Azerbaijan State Song and Dance Ensemble named after F. Amirov,  Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Folk Instruments under the collective functioning here.  
Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society is the leading concert organization. Philharmonic Society plays a significant role in the promotion and popularization of classical music.

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