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Dance melodies



Dances have a connection with history. These dances reflect life, the daily life problems of the people. There are different types and genres of dance art in Azerbaijan. Most of the folk dances are men and women\'s dances. However, there are pair (duet) dances, too. There are group dances consisted of a certain number of participants. Traditional male-female dances have funny and optimistic character, high temps. Qazagı dance can be an example of it. Music of Qazagı is notable for its modesty and ardency. Dance gradually gets a speed and ends with high temps. Woman dances are with inner silence, tranquilly and modesty. Uzundere, Halay, Gulgaz, Yuzbir, Innaby, Bagdagullu, Vaghzaly are such dances. Uzundere as a usual is danced in wedding ceremonies, when the bride is going to home of groom. The size of music of this dance is 8/6. Uzundere has lyrical, expressive, and attractive melody. This lyrical dance was used by U. Hajibeyov in If not, then this musical comedy (Mashadi Ibad’s couplets). 
Men\'s dances are with passionate feelings, quick rhythm, power, temperament. For example, Qaytagı, Jangi, Qazagı, Khanchobany and others 

1. Tarakama 
2. Yalli 
3. Arifi 
4. Diamond 
5. Bakhatavari 
6. Jangi 
7. Jeyranı 
8. Darchini 
9. Halay 
10. Innaby
11. Innaby 
12. Kamalpasha 
13. Kecimemesi 
14. Orange 
15. Nelbeki -Saucer 
16. Nazelemə 
17. Nabatkhanım 
18. Dance with qaval 
19. Qars 
20. Red Rose 
21. Qasangi 
22. Tarakama 
23. Turaji 
24. Uzundere 
25. Sagani 
26. Yalli 
27. One hundred one  

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