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Guba Khanate


In 1724 Guba province was included in Russia and Huseyngulu khan was appointed its ruler. Huseyngulu khan declared the khanate as independent state in the middle of century. The khanate had borders with Caspian Sea in the east, with Derbent khanate and Tabasaran in the north, with Sheki khanate in the west, with Shamakhy in the south-west. It has Guba, Rustov, Buduq, Khinaliq, Barmak etc mahals in structure. During the Fatali khan from GUba this khanate attempted to unite all Azerbaijan. The areas from Derbend to Salyan were under his influence. The center of khanate initially was Khudat, later Guba.  In 1806 it was invaded by Russia and it was turned into its province.

Ruling khans:   
1722-1758   Huseyngulu khan
1758-1789   Fatali khan
1789-1791   Ahmed khan
1791-1810   Sheykhali khan

Oxunub: 22284