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Shamakhi Khanate


In 1747 Mahammadsaid khan had founded a khanate in Old Shamakhy and in 1748 Haji Mahammadali khan with his supporters founded khanate in New Shamakhy (Aghsu). The long term rivalry between them ended with capture of New Shamakhy by   Mahammadsaid khan in 1763. Shamakhy khanate had borders with Guba khante in north, Garabagh khanate in south, Javad and Salyan khanates in south and Baku khanate and the Caspian Sea in the east, and Sheki khnate in the west. Its capital initially was Agshu (New Shamakhy), and later Shamakhy city. From 1768 to 1789 Shamakhy khanate was in structure of Guba khanate and years 1789-1792 were period o struggle for power. This khanate was annexed by Russia in 1805 and was abolished in 1820 by tsar decree.

Ruling khans:
1747-1763   Haji Mahammadali khan
1748-1768   Mahammadsaid khan, Agasi khan
1792-1820   Mustafa khan

Oxunub: 81564