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Urmia Khanate


It was founded in 1747. The khanate had borders with Khoy khanate in north, Lake Urmia and Maragha khanate in east, Ottoman Empire in south and west.  For administrative structure it had mahals of Margavar, Tarkavar, Bardasur, Baradost, Sumay, Anzal, Dasht, Ushnu, Sulduz, Dol, Nazly, Baykishili, Roza and Urmia. Its foundation was laid by Fatali khan Afshar, the head of Afshar tribe. Fatali khan tried to unite Azerbaijani lands and could unite considerable lands in own khanate. In 1797 Fatali shah came under subordination of Gajar shah and its existence was ended.

Ruling khans:
1747-1763 Fatali khan Afshar

Oxunub: 148085