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AzerEnergy CJSC


In 1935 by the Order of People\'s Commissioner on Heavy Industry of the USSR dated July 29 Elektrotok office was withdrawn from structure of Azneft and given to subordination of  Basenerji  Main Power Dept of USSR People\'s Commissariat on Heavy Industry and Azenerji” Regional Power Dept was set on its base.
By the order Azneft trust dated August 15, 1935 Elektrotok Office, together with its entities were given to structure of the newly-established Azenerji Azerbaijan Regional Energy Office, and in October 20, 1935 Azenerji Regional Energy Office began to function officially.
In 1970,  by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic On transferring of energy enterprises and organizations in the territory of the Azerbaijan SSR to subordination of USSR Ministry of Energy and electrification” Azenerji Production Association has been established in the structure of the said ministry.
In 1988, Power and electrification Azbashenerji of Azerbaijan SSR of the Ministry of Power and electrification of the USSR was canceled and Azenerji Production Association has been established the base of the Industrial Association of Power and electrification of the Azerbaijan SSR.
In 1993, according to the decree of the President of Republic of Azerbaijan, by order of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Azerbaijan, dated June 14, 1993, the Power and Electrification Azenergy Industrial Unit of the Azerbaijan SSR was transformed to Power and electrification Azenergy State Company.
In 1996, according to the President\'s decree dated September 17, 1996, the Azerenergy Open Joint-Stock Company was established with 100 percent state-owned shares at the initial stage and stocks of “Azerenergy OJSC were not emitted.
The main function of joint-stock company is implementation of management of power production and transmission in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
In addition, the joint-stock company carries out the distribution of electric power in the regions of the country, in Baku city, and with the exception of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. 

Address: AZ 1005, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ak. Abdulkerim Alizade str. 10
Phone: (99412) 492 31 09
Fax: (99412) 492 63 55
Web page: www.azerenerji.com

Oxunub: 190475