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Azersu JSC


Baku city is supplied with drinking water through four pipelines built during different periods of the XX-th century, Shollar and Khachmaz underground waters, Jeyranbatan ware reservoir and the Kura River.
However, at the late 80-s - early 90-s, there were serious difficulties in the system of water supply as a result of negligence. To overcome the difficulties in the water supply system, an organization was created for the improvement of drinking water supply first place in Baku, Sumgayit and Absheron peninsula settlements. In this connection, on the basis of fixed and working capital of two former state bodies -Kommunsanayesutejhizat Production Union AzSuGEO Scientific-Research Institute Absheron Regional Joint Water Company was established in 1995 by the decision of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic.
At that time, international financial institutions allocated credit on preferential terms gfor the reconstruction of the Baku water supply system.
In accordance with the decree President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 11, 2004, On Improving governance in the field of water supply in the Republic of Azerbaijan the Absheron Regional Joint Water Company tuned to Azersu Joint-Stock Company. Bakıkanalizasiya Production Union of Baku City Executive Power and enterprises and organizations of the State Committee for Construction and Architecture Azersukanaltamir and Azerkendsutejhizat Production association in cities and regions of republic were abolished and given to its jurisdiction. 
All shares of the Company are state-owned. The main functions of Company is management of  subordinate institutions  for the purpose of the organization water supply and sewerage services in the territory of the Republic of the Company and coordinate their activities and to supervise the work, as well as to develop proposals on the implementation of state policy in this field.

Address: Baku city, AZ1012, H.Aliyev ave, 67
Phone: 431-47-67, 431-47-68 
Fax:      430-28-87 
Webpage: www.azersu

Oxunub: 38269