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State Insurance Commercial Company


In 1921 the local State Insurance Department was created
the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.
All State Insurance Offices of the USSR had of wide network of branches in the big cities and districts, regions, provinces of the republic. State Insurance Department of Azerbaijan SSR had 11 branches for the city of Baku, and 80 branches in the cities and regions.
In 1991, after the collapse of the USSR the Republic of Azerbaijan had re-established its independence. The State Insurance Department of the USSR was liquidated and the Azerbaijan State Insurance Company was established.
In 1992, it was named as the State Insurance Company and continued activity as Azersıgorta”.
At the moment, Azersıgorta functions in all over the territory of the republic, and has 80 insurance agencies.
There are over 30 insurance companies in the Republic of Azerbaijan and representative offices of brokers and insurance companies of a number of foreign countries are functioning here and Azersıgorta Company has been cooperating with them.

Address: I. Dadashov str. 60
Phone: (+994 12) 561 68 41, 495 98 64
Fax: (+994 12) 561 26 41
E-mail: azersı[email protected]

Oxunub: 26223