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Azerigaz CJSC


On July 20, 2009, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed a decree on improvement of the structure of the SOCAR. By Presidential Decree No. 366 dated July 1, 2009  “Azerigaz Closed Joint-Stock Company and its subordinate organizations was reorganized. Azerigaz Production Association of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic has been established on their base.
By the same order the name of Gas Export Department” of SOCAR was renamed as Gas Operations Department”. Among re-established organizations were such as  Azeriqaznaql PU, Underground gas storage, Production Office, Baku Main Production Gas Dept, Receipt and selling of natural gas LLC, Nakhichevan gas LLC, Transport Subsidiary Joint-Stock Company, Azeriqazsazlama Joint-Stock Company, “Repair-construction Office, as well as Azerbaijan Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Gas.
Azerigaz operates on gas production, processing, storage, transportation, distribution, as well as the construction of industrial and consumer structures, use, control, testing and certification,  for the purpose of import-export and transit of gas through pipelines among manufacturers, distributors, consumers and the gas reservoirs from distance transmission, etc.

Address: Baku, Az 1025, Yusif Safarov str 23
Phone: (99412) 490-43-34
Fax: (99412) 490-42-92
Webpage: www.socar.gov.az 

Oxunub: 184868