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National TV and Radio Council


The National Television and Radio Council of Azerbaijan Republic council was set up by Decree No. 794 of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 05 October 2002 for the implementation of state policy in TV and radio broadcasting sector and regulating of this activity.
The main task of the Council is to regulate the activity of television and radio broadcasters, to protect the interests of the public at the time of the broadcast, to exercise control over the observance of the legislation on television and radio broadcasting.
The Council is set by the President of Republic of Azerbaijan consisting of 9 members. Three of the members of the Council are appointed for a period of two years, three for the four-year, and three for six years. Members can be re-appointed again. Council members elect their chairman and deputy chairman. Chairman of the Council carries out the Council\'s leadership. Activity of the Council is regulated by the “Regulations on the National TV and Radio Council”. The Council bases on the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the laws of Azerbaijan Republic, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, orders and decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic and “Regulations on the National TV and Radio Council” in its activity.  The council is funded by the state budget and it is independent in activity.   

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