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Organ music



Organ (the Latin word, orqanum, means instrument, tool) - is considered the largest religious keyboard musical instrument. Organ is keyboard, wind instrument. It has existed for centuries, and improved. Number and size of tubes is different. Every tube gives specific sound. Though they are the adjusted similarly but belong to one register.
Organ music is played by the churches.
Performance of the organ began to develop about in 60-es. The main impetus to it was opening of organ class in 1961 in the Azerbaijani Conservatory. The first Azerbaijani organ player professor Z.G.Jafarova that got lessons from well-known organ players I.Braudo and L. Royzman has played an active role.
In 1964 with installation of the concert organ in the big hall of the Conservatoire organ music as an integral part of the music culture had been entered once in the multi-faceted music life of republic. A number of organ players representing different schools and countries made tours and increased an interest on the organ music and performance.
Azerbaijani organ players studied special lessons in class, had organized organ and claves chair later in 1995.
Training of national cadre, expansion of concert life had stipulated Azerbaijani composers to create the new genre of art in the national art – Azerbaijani organ music.
In 1996, under guidance of Mrs. M. Aliyev with the help of Friends of Azerbaijani Culture Fund the II Republican contest of organ players was held. That was a significant event in the life of the republic. I.Aliyev, N. Rimazi, T. Karimova, F. Abdullayev and others have been the winner of the competition. In 1998, the festival of Organ music of France and of Azerbaijan was held. In 2000, in conjunction with the German Embassy in Azerbaijan the festival dedicated to the great I.S.Bach was held.
Increase of state care to the development of organ music says about broad perspectives of this genre. Thus, according to the decree of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated 15th March 2010, Chamber and Organ music hall of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic building had been repaired and as a result, this building has become one of the beautiful architectural monuments of the city. Let’s note that this historical-architectural monument was built as Evangelic Lutheran church in 1896-1899. The building functioned as a church until 1934. The organ music here was played for the first time in 1900. Later, he held various cultural events. Since February 1, 1989 the building handed over to the Ministry of Culture, and during the period of independence directly to Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society.

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