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Choir music



Chorus from the Greek word means choros. In other words, the collective of singers. As composition of the choir it can be the same sex (men, women, or children) and mixed, and for the number of performers it is big and small. Mixed choir consists of 2 groups;
- Soprano, alto (female voices)
- Tenor and bass (male voices).
In chorus collective of each group itself may be divided in a few parties. In mixed chorus there are at least 12 (each group, 3) or at most 100-120 singers. At the same time the choir has choir a and instrumental accompaniment types. Musical works for chorus are as follows: independent work, or operas, oratorios, or part of the cantata.
Jahangirov Jahangir (1921-1992) played an important role in the development of choral music of Azerbaijanis an author of vocal-symphonic poem On the other side of the Araz, Fuzuli and Nasimi cantatas, Sabir and Hussein Javid-59 oratorio. He is also composed Azad and the fate of singer operas, theatrical performances, film music, and instrumental works.

Azerbaijan State Choir - is one of the leading music collectives. It was formed under the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society in 1966. The establishment of the Choir is connected with the name of honored art worker, choirmaster Eduard Novruzov who led the collective for 
the long period of time. In 1996 till date the art director and conductor of the Azerbaijan State Choir, People\'s Artist Gulbaji Imanova. Choir repertoire includes the works of composers and Azerbaijan and foreign countries, as well as composed on the basis of mughams C. Jahangirov’s Fuzuli cantata, Azad from the opera Chargah chorus, N. Aliverdibeyov’s Bayati-Shiraz, etc. choral compositions occupy a prominent place in the Azerbaijan State Choir’s repertoire.

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