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On the performing arts of Azerbaijan 
One of the interesting areas of the musical culture of Azerbaijan is performance (music instrument player) art. The historical importance of performing arts built on ancient and rich traditions of folk music is very high. From paintings, miniatures carved on historical monuments and other ancient sources it becomes clear that the performing arts was always the beloved and well-mannered art.
In “Kitabi Dede Gorgud” epos which is a monument of the ancient culture of our people, the gopuz performing is shown as the holy and glorious art. In works of our classic poets the information is given about well-known performers and was described with great love.  
It becomes clear from historical data that many well-known personalities were as well as skilled performers of various musical instruments. For example, the well-known scientist who has studied the classical music’s history and theory Safiaddin Abdul Momin Urmavi was very skillful performers of oud musical instrument. .
Performance art developed historically, from technical and artistic point of view, got modernized and improved. Starting from the second half of the nineteenth century in gatherings of singers held in Baku, Azerbaijan and Garabagh, along with singing art the performance in musical instruments was raised to the new stage of development and has resulted in formation of many famous singers. Among them the names of Mirza Sadiq Asadoglu, Meshedi Amirov, Bahram Mansurov, Ahmad Bakıkhanov, Gurban Pirimov, Mansur Mansurov functioned in XIX-XX centuries and brightest representatives of of performing arts can be cited as an example.
In the second half of the twentieth century, especially in the tar and kamancha performance stepped in new and higher development stage and performers like Ahsan Dadashov, Salahov Baba, Haji Mammadov, Habib Bayramov, Ramiz Guliyev, Mohlet Muslumov, Aghasalim Abdullayev, Habil Aliyev, Shafiga Eyvazova, Munis Sharifov, Fakhraddin Dadashov, and many other professional performers had raised the techniques of performing in the musical instruments, performance opportunities on high level.

Azerbaijani music performers:

Tar performers
Aghasalim Sahib oglu Abdullayev (1950)
Adil Geray Heybatqulu son Mammadbayli (1919-1973)
Adil Kamil oglu Bagirov (1937)
Allahyar Aslan oglu Javanshirov (1907-1972)
Bahram Mashadi Suleymanbey oglu Mansurov (1911 -1985)
Baba Aliheydar oglu Salahov (1923 - 1981)
Jeyran Asad oglu Hashimova (1934)
Ahmadkhan Mammadrza oglu Bakıkhanov (1892 -1973)
Ahsan Aliabbas oglu Dadashov (1924-1976)
Alikram Hasan oglu Huseynov (1926 - 2006)
Aliaga Eyvaz oglu Guliyev (1917 - 1998)
Firudin Yusif oglu Alekperov (1922)
Firuz Aliabbas oglu Aliyev (1950)
Habib Abdulhusein oglu Bayramov (1926-1994)
Haji Mamed oglu Mamedov (1920 - 1981)
Kamil Alisaftar oglu Ahmedov (1920-1996)
Mammadkhan Mammadrza oglu Bakikhanov (1890-1957)
Majnun Tabriz oglu Kerimov (1945)
Mirza Sadiq Assad oglu Sadıqjan (1846 - 1902)
Mirza Faraj Rza oglu Rzayev (1847 - 1927)
Mashadi Zeynal oglu Hagverdiyev (1861 - 1918)
Mirza Mansur Mashadi Malik oglu Mansurov (1887 - 1967)
Mammadaga Mammadhasan oglu Muradov (1921 - 1969)
Mohlat Khanali oglu Muslumov (1954)
Nazim Kazim oglu Kazimov (1950)
Nariman Bahadu oglu Mehralıyev (1916 - 1983)
Sarvar Rza oglu Ibrahimov,(1930 - 2002)
Shirin Mashadi Hussein oglu Akhundov (1878-1927)
Oktay Suleyman oglu Guliyev (1938)
Qurban Bakhshali oglu Pirimov (1880 - 1965)
Ramiz Ayyub oglu Guliyev (1947)
Vagif Ajmir oglu Abdulqasımov (1942)
Zamiq Balarza oglu Aliyev (1950)

Kamancha performers
Elman Kerim oglu Badalov (1929-1991)
Eyvazova Shafiga Alkhas kizi (1947)
Adalet Safarali oglu Vezirov (1951-2002)
Fakhraddin Alisahib oglu Dadashov (1950)
Habil Mustafa oglu Aliyev (1927).
Gilman Balamammad oglu Salahov (1906 - 1974)
Rafiq Husein oglu Imrani (1951)

Accordion performers
Aftandil İsrafilov (1941)
Blind Ahad (Aliyev Ahad Farzali oglu; 1887 - 1942)
Alakbar Javad oglu Nazarli (1882 -1951)
Latif Husein oglu Kerbalayi (1876 -1944)
Safarali Agarza oglu Vezirov (1929 - 1982)
Teyyub Haji Mammed oglu Demirov (1908-1970)

Piano players
Farhad Shamsi oglu Badalbeyli (1947)
Khadija Osman kizi Qayibova (1893 - 1938)
Rafiq farzi oglu Babayev (1936-1994)
Rukhsara Hadi kizi Mirzabekova (1909 - 1977)
Zaur Suleyman oglu Aliyev (1937)

Wind Instruments performers
Bahruz Mahmud oglu Zeynalov (1926 - 1998)
Kamil Jalil oglu Jalilov (1938)
Mehdi Jawad oglu Nazarli (1892 - 1952)
Nadir Abdulahad oglu Akhundov (1917-1960)

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