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Arif Melikov (1933)
A. Melikov is one of the most outstanding figures of modern Azerbaijani music. He is an author of ballets Legend of Love, Two people on the Earth, The epic of the soul, Waves operetta, 8 symphonies, romances composed on N. Hikmet’s poems, tens of various symphonic works, chamber music, film, theater music. Mughams were also used in his  creative works.

Asaf Zeynalli (1909-1932)
A. Zeynalli had learned bases of folk music from U. Hajibeyov. However, he was entered in Azerbaijani music culture as a creator of a number of new genres of music (national romances, children\'s music, etc.), the first chamber-vocal, instrumental, symphonic works. A. Zeynalli is an author of My country, Question, Border man romances, Fragments symphonic suite, Child suite, for piano Chargah play, for violin and piano Mugam like play. His service in collection of folk music was great. He recorded about 50 folk songs.

Agshin Alizade (1937)
Composer A. Alizade is an author of Babek, Trip to the Caucasus (on the basis of the motives of the A. Duma), The waltz of hope , 5 symphonies, Pastoral, Like an ashug Jangi, etc. orchestral works,   Azeris cantata, Bayatilar  chorus chain, chamber-instrumental works, for fortepiano Saga, Old Games, for the organ Mugam echos.

Aydin Karimov (1946)
A. Karimov had written restoration of U. Hajibeyov’s Azerbaijan National Anthem clavir and partita (1991), At the bottom of life symphony (1991), Savings musical comedy (1993), Murder day”
symphony dreams (1994), Summer evening dream musical (1995), Carmen musical (1995), “10 soldiers march” for symphonic orchestra (1996-1998), Vocal series on words of N. Hikmet and V. Samadoglu (1997), music for At the bottom of life (1991), Great Romul (1992), Vizier of Lenkaran khan (1992),Summer snowball fight game (1993), Murder Day (1994) etc

Ayaz Qambarli (1984)
A. Qambarli’s creative works includes “Bey’ suite dedicated to 120 anniversary of U.Hajibeyov  (for double Orchestra), Astalıqlar for violin, cello and piano, concerts for the piano trio, string quartet, piano and orchestra.

Arif Mirzayev (1944)
Azerbaijani composer and performer of the organ. He was a founder of the religious and organ music. Currently lives in Germany. The great memorial prayers to the president was performed in the United States, France and Germany. Well-known composer and performer of Azerbaijan and Russia was awarded an international medal Heirs of Johann Sebastian Bach. He is student of composer Gara Garayev.

Azer Dadashov (1946)
He is an author of Sonata for solo flute (1990), for wind orchestra, Azerbaijani march (1991), Peace song” cantata (1992), Little Muq’s adventures children\'s opera (1993), for wind orchestra March of courage (1996 ), etc. He composed music for “The witness Girl (1990), Dream (1994), Another time (1996) films. 

Azer Rzayev (1930)
Being a professional violinist of composer and teacher Azer Rzayev is also reflected in its creation. Thus, concerts of A. Rzayev for this instrument, sonata for violin and orchestra has high artistic value. The composer is an author of Baku-90 symphony, a number of instrumental and musical theater works.

Jahangir Jahangirov (1921 -1992)
The main part of the creative works of J. Jahangirov constituted of chorus. However, he composed music for symphonic orchestra, The other side of the Araz (1949), vocal and symphonic poem, Friendship (1956) suite, Fuzuli (1959) and Nizami (1973) cantatas. Composer is an author of lyrical songs   (Nazanin Mother, Finesse, Caspian, Dan Ulduz, and I, etc.), Free (1957) and The fate of singer (1978) operas , which occupying an important place in the repertoire of the composer , The New bride”   (1976) operetta, etc. works. 

Javanshir Guliyev (1950)
J. Guliyev is an author of  Oguzname ballet, Love Game, Seven prisoners operettas, 4 symphonies, two spring, a wind quartets, overture for symphonic orchestra and zurna, violin, and saz for sonata, for piano Seven plays music for voice and Caravan trio, Bayati poem, a variety of chamber-instrumental works, many songs.

Jahangir Zulfugarov (1955)
J. Zulfugarov had composed music for Alexander Ostrovski’s Snow Girl, Bertolt Brecht’s Kuraj mother, Alexandr Sergeyevich Pushkin’s Red rooster, Charles Perron’s Red hat, Jani Rodaris’ Chipollino, Mirza Fatali Akhundov’s Paris destroyers, Kamal Aslanov’s East tale , Rahman Ali-zade’s Brownie, Mrs. Tig-tig, Clumsy, Naughty goat kids such cases, Khanumana Alibayli’s Tale of waves and other performances. He also composed music, songs and romances for animated films, documentary films like Romeo and Juliet (1999), Othello (2000) show films (1990 - 2001). He has a variety of musical genres.

Jamil Amirov (1957)
He composed a variety of jazz compositions for instrumental ensembles (1990 - 2001).

Jovdat Hajiyev (1917 - 2002)
J. Hajiyev graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory. He is one of founders of Azerbaijani symphonism. He composed 8 symphonies, symphonietta, 3 symphonic poems, as well as For the sake of Peace (1951) and other orchestral works, as well as the Motherland opera, oratorio, chamber-instrumental works, choir, poem, romance- gazals, and so on. He is an author of ashiq\'s songs, folk dances’ note writings.
Eldar Mansurov (1952)
E. Mansurov is an author of 2 ballet, 5 symphonies, 2 symphonic poems, concert for violin and orchestra, many chamber and choral works, music and songs for many films and performances. 

Elmir Mirzayev (1970)
Elmir Mirzayev in 1994 had improved his skills under the leadership of composer James Dillon, and Ole Lutzow-Holmun  in Goteborg (Sweden), and in 1999 was a participant of V meeting of Young Composers arranged in Appeldoorn(Netherlands) by Louis Andriessen, Michael Smetanin and the Ensemble de Ereprijs. During 1994-2006 he was a participant of various international festivals (as well as international meetings, conferences, symposiums, etc.) held in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Mexico, the United States and performed there own works.
Emin Sabitoglu (1937 - 2000)
E. Sabitoglu composed music for more than 600 songs, 9 musical comedies, about 40 films. He was one of the unique personalities of the modern Azerbaijani music. Valleys, Baku, Good morning, Long green island, Mountains, Moderation is also a good thing, and many  other works are from his creative works.

Aziza Mustafazade (1969)
Aziza Mustafazade in 1988 won the 3rd place in the United States in international competition, named after Monk Tellonius and the second place in contest of  jazz vocalists in Poland a year later and silver medal. Aziza was awarded with highest prize of Fono Academy in Germany in 1994.

Afrasiyab Badalbeyli (1907-1976)
Afrasiyab Badalbeyli was an author of first  Azerbaijani national ballet Maiden Tower (1940), Nizami (1948), Willows will not cry (1971) operas. He also composed music for many dramas (Haji Gara, 1905, Farhad and Shirin, etc.), plays. He composed librettos for Bahadur and Sona, Willows will not cry operas, Maiden Tower, Golden Key ballets, made an eurhythmic translation of texts of  The Barber of Seville (G. Rossini), Daisi (Z. Paliasvili) operas.

Efser Javanshirov (1930 - 2005)
E. Javanshirov worked as art director of the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Committee’s Banovsha Children\'s choir in 1958- 2005. He is an author of the Buratino children\'s opera, symphonic poem, songs for the akapella collective chorus. He composed songs for Banovsha children\'s choir headed by him.

Faraj Garayev (1943)
He is an author of Tristessa-I, Tristessa - II for symphonic and chamber orchestra,  serenade for BSO, for the mixed choir symphony orchestra Qoyya program symphony, for symphonic orchestra 4 postlude, music composed for chamber-instrumental works and films.

Firangiz Alizade (1947)
Among the major works of F.Alizade Qarabagname, Legend on the white horse rider operas, Travel to immortality oratorio, for orchestra of drums and kamancha Silk Road concert, for different teams, Illusion, Oasis, Absheron, Mugamsayagı , Fire, for violoncello and piano Habilsayagı should be mentioned.
F. Amirov (1922 - 1984)
One of the classics of the music of Azerbaijan, F. Amirov is an author of Sevil opera (1953), Urekchalanlar (1944), Good news (1946) musical comedies, Nasimi epos (1973), Arabian Nights (1979), Nizami (1984) ballets. He composed Azerbaijan suite, Symphonic Dances, Azerbaijan gravures, 12 miniatures for piano,  children\'s plays, Music-poem for violin and piano,  sonata, songs and romances, etc.  F.Amirov is a founder of the mugham genre in the symphonic music of Azerbaijan. Shur, Kurd ovsarı, Gulistan-Bayati-Shiraz symphonic mughams make an important stage in his creation. 

Gulara Aliyeva (1933-1991)
Well-known musician, G. Aliyeva had created in 1966, Dan Ulduzu instrumental ensemble. She is an author of  works composed based on mughams Shushtar rhapsody, Humayun suiteı, Shur fantasy, Bayati-Shiraz.

Artogrul Hussein Javid oglu (1919-1943)
A. Javid\'s first large work was 9 Lariasiya composed for piano (has been dedicated to U.Hajibayov 1941-42). He wrote and composed poem for violin and piano (1941), novels and songs. When the Great Patriotic War started he composed symphonic ballad and matches  A letter from a border, and his Sheikh Sanan, Mahsati a series of chamber operas and instrumental works remained unfinished. During 1941-42 he taught in the school of music at the Conservatoire. He made notes for Azerbaijani folk songs, and translated romance and songs of European and Russian composers published in form of separate notes into Azerbaijani.

Haji Khanmammadov (1918 - 2005)
Composer, conductor. He is an author of 2 operettas, instrumental concerts, suites for Orchestra of Folk Instruments, songs (You see the dream, darling, I remembered, Gullu, Gazelle), etc. works.

Ismail Hajibeyov (1949)
İ. Hajibeyov could skillfully revive rococo period in Consertino for orchestra, for piano The sketches in the spirit of Vatto, specially selected music in the world of transparency. Being from dynasty of the Hajıbeyov, composer, applied to heritage of U.Hajibeyov creates rhapsody for piano and orchestra based on the “Jangi” play of national classic. He could complete the work of U.Hajibeyov opera Firuza which remained incomplete.  The scenes of the child composed for children based on fair tales of   Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen deserve the attention.

Mashadi Jamil Amirov (1875-1928)
Tar player, composer and musical figure. He made a note of Heyraty mugham in 1912. He also composed  Seyful mulk mugam opera (1915), Honest girl operetta (1923).

Muslim Magomayev (1885 - 1937)
Being considered as one of first representatives of Azerbaijan composer school M. Magomayev is an author of Shah Ismail and Nargis operas, songs, rhapsody, dance, march, and fantasies. He made notes for over 300 Azerbaijani folk songs and dances.

Mammad Guliyev (1936 -2001)
M. Guliyev is an author of Betrayed stars (based on novel of M.F. Akhundov), opera, 7 symphonies, instrumental concerts, large-scale choral works, including Land of Dede Gorgut (words of F. Goja) cantata, Shabi-Hijran (on words of Fizuli) lyric poem, the author of chamber-instrumental works.

Nazim Aliverdibeyov (1926 -1986)
N. Aliverdibeyov is an author of  Dwarf children\'s opera, chamber-vocal and symphonic compositions. He composed acapella based on Bayati-Shiraz mugham for choir, and later worked on it for organ instrument.

Niyazi Hajibeyov-Taghizade (1912 -1984)
Niyazi is a conductor and composer and an author of a number of well-known symphonic works. He is the author of a number of vocal works Rast symphonic mugham, Farhad and Shirin opera, Chitra ballet. 
Nariman Mammadov (1927)
 N.Mamedov had made notes for mughams in instrumental and vocal-instrumental form. Published mughams: Azerbaijan mughams Chargah and Humayun (Baku, 1962), Azerbaijan mughams Bayati-Shiraz, and Shur (Moscow 1962), “Azerbaijan mughams Rast and Shahnaz (Baku, 1963), Azerbaijan mughams Segah-Zabul and Rehab (Baku, 1965), Azerbaijan Mugam Chargah (Moscow 1970), Azerbaijan Mugam Rast (Moscow 1978).

Oktay Zulfugarov (1929)
He is an author of Alibaba and 40 Thieves ballet,  The youth of Azerbaijan” oda for soloists, chorus and orchestra of folk instruments,  for 4-hand piano variation, novel- concert for piano, Lullaby play for piano, play for flute and cello, etc.

Polad Bulbuloglu (1945)
P. Bulbulglu is an author of symphony based on Bayati-Shiraz mugam (1980), Love and Death ballet, symphonic poem, songs, plays for variety, vocal series, music for plays, drama plays and films.

Gara Garayev  (1918 -1982)
G. Garayev is one of classics of music of Azerbaijan. He is an author of Seven Beauties (based on the works of Nizami), Thunder ways (based on the work of Peter Abrahams, 1958) balets, Motherland opera, Finesse mono-opera (1973), Hot-tempered Gaskonese musical comedy (1972), three symphonies (1943, 1946, 1965), Leyli and Majnun symphonic poem (1948), Don Quixote symphonic gravure (1960),  numerous symphonic and chamber-instrumental works. In 1938, based on performance of G.Pirimov on tar he made a note of Shur mugam.

Gambar Huseynli (1916-1961)
The famous Azerbaijani composer. He is an author of plays for string quartet, for piano, dramatic performances of music and songs, including the world-famous Chickens song. 

Ramiz Mustafayev (1926 - 2008)
He is an author of Shirin (1957), Vagif (1960), Polad (1964), Aydin (1982) operas, several musical comedies, choral works, oratorios and cantatas, the author of songs and romances.

Rafiq Babayev (1936 - 1994)
He is considered as master of Azerbaijani jazz. Virtuoso pianist has played an important role in the formation of jazz music in Azerbaijan.

Rauf Hajiyev (1922-1995)
R. Hajiyev  is an author of Romeo is my neighbor, Cuba, my love, Mother, I marry”, In crossroad operettas, My love and other masterpieces of Azerbaijan vocal music.

Rahila Hasanova (1951)
Being a successor of great G.Garayev her works cover a wide range of different genres and forms 3 symphonies Dervish, Elegy, Sky, 3 string quartet, for piano A la Meykhana fantasy, for organ  Ode symphony, Song tales children\'s opera, Pirabadil , for a large symphonic orchestra Night,  for organ Desert fantasy,Javidi-dastgah chorus opera, Mugfil ,Particle,Nucleus works brought her a glory.

Ramiz Mirishli (1934)
R. Mirishli is an author of Kidnapped girl (1982), Come, let\'s be relatives (1983) operettas, 3 epic symphonic poems, chamber, orchestra symphonies, concerts for tar and orchestras, 3 concerts for kamancha, cantatas and suites, many dramatic works,  music and songs for films.

Said Rustamov (1907 -1983)
S. Rutamov  had  benefited folk dances & songs in his works, and created specific language of music. He is an author of Surayya, Alagez, For your sake sacrifice, Is it not a poem, You did not come and others songs. He is also an author of the first modern musical comedies (The bride of 5 manat, Crane, Chief\'s wife). S. Rustamov had collected Azerbaijani folk songs and dances, minstrel music, and made its notes.

Siyavush Karimi (1954)
S. Karimi is an author of music composed for Yellow bride, Last battle, Farewell to the south City, Pledge, etc. feature films, 9-series Heydar Aliyev television film, 2 animated films, and more than 10 musical theater performance. He was awarded with “Golden Dervish” (2003) award for music of Hamlet works, has been awarded. He is co-author of textbook Saz school, designer of two-volume Azerbaijani folk songs journal. 

Suleyman Alasgarov (1924 - 2000)
He is one of classics of Azerbaijani composer school.  He is an author of 11 operettas (Star, It is our affair, Poor son of a millionaire, etc.), opera, cantata, symphony genre works, including Bayati-Shiraz symphonic mugham (1950). He composed works for Azerbaijan orchestra of folk instruments - Jangi, Lyrical plays, Wordless song, concert for tar and orchestra.

Shafiga Akhundova (1924)
Sh. Akhundova is an author of Home is ours, secret is ours” (1965) operetta, as well as numerous songs and romances, Bride rock opera (1972, first staged in 1974).

Tofiq Bakikhanov (1930)
T. Bakikhanov is an author of Caspian  ballad (1968), The eastern poem (1976), Good and Evil (1990) one –act ballets  One of the six-girl is pariah (1964), Mammadali goes to resort (1969), Girl hurries to meeting musical comedies, 24 sonata,  26 concerts composed for different instruments,  vocal and instrumental works. Tofiq Bakikhanov is also the author of 5 symphonic Mugams:  Dugah, Humayun, Neva, Rahab, Shahnaz.

Tofiq Guliyev (1917 - 2000)
Tofiq Guliyev composed hundreds of songs, 5 operettas, waltzes, preludes and variations for piano, music for movies and drama performances, etc.  He is an author of Oil workers Song, Golden ears, Azerbaijan, It will not remain for you, too, First Spring, My love, You mine, I am yours, Evening meetings, I am happy, etc. classics Azerbaijani works. He is an author of Actress (1943), Gold miners (1963), Your one word (1967), Tahir’s fall (1972), Good morning, Ella (1973) operettas. Tofiq Guliyev had worked some Azerbaijani songs and dances for piano as well. He made notes of Rast and Zabul mughams  (1936) in performance of master of tar  Mansur Mansurov. They were included in the history of music as first note. 

Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1885 - 1948)
He is a founder of Azerbaijani  professional music  and national opera, creator of 1st opera in the East, People\'s Artist of USSR (1938), Professor (1940), academician of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (1945). He is an author of Leyli and Majnun (1908), Sheikh Sanan (1909), Rustam and Sohrab (1910), Shah Abbas and Khurshid Banu (1912), Asli and Kerem (1912), Harun and Leyla (1915) operas. U. Hajibeyov was also the founder of the genre of musical comedy of Azerbaijan. He created such comedies like Husband and Wife (1910), If not this than it” (1911), Arshin mal alan (1913). However, he also wrote for Orchestra of Folk Instruments Chargah and Shur fantasies, Azerbaijani Turkish folk songs, the songs, and cantata and  so on. In April 1937, 30, U. Hajibeyov staged opera  “Koroglu” ( libretto of H. Ismailov, and M.S. Odubadi).  In the 1940-s U. Hajibeyov  created patriotic songs, composed Without You, Sweetheart ghazal romances (on words of Nizami).

Vasif Adigozalov (1935 -2006)
Composer is an author of 4 symphonies, 2 operas, 5 musical comedies, 6 instrumental concerts, 4 oratorio, 3 cantata, chamber-instrumental music, cinema and theater music, romances and songs. Vasif Adygozelov’s heritage include The Dead and Natavan operas, Garabaghh Shikeste oratorio, Mugam Segah Symphony, composed using mugham , Music-fantasy written for organ.

Vagif Mustafazade (1940 - 1979)
 V. Mustafazade composed “Caucasus jazz trio in Georgia Philharmonic in 1965. He was the soloist of the Azerbaijan State Theater Orchestra, pianist (1969-70), and headed Leyli the first female vocal quartet (1970), Sevil vocal-instrumental ensemble (1971-1977) and Mugham instrumental ensemble. He was a winner of Tallin-66, Tbilisi-78 All-Union jazz festivals, 1st place at jazz composers’ Monte-Carlo VIII International competition. Vagif Mustafazade is an author of concert for piano and symphony orchestra, Mugam symphony, etc. works.

Khayyam Mirzazade (1935)
Composer is an author of some symphonies mainly focused on instrumental genres,  Essays -63 symphonic work, orchestra suites, quartets and other chamber works, sonatas. In addition, Kh. Mirzazade composed music for Confess vocal series, pop-symphonic orchestra, plays, cinema films. 

Zakir Bagirov (1916-1996)
Z. Bagirov graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory. He composed Aygun opera, My village song and Mother-in-law operettas, concerts for piano and orchestra, tar and orchestra, composed numerous instrumental and vocal works. He made notes of Mansur Mansurov’s Dugah mugham.

Zulfiqar Hajibeyov (1884 - 1950)
Z. Hajibeyov tried to join folk music with European music basing one of the first Azerbaijani operas Ashiq Garib (1915). He is an author of Young ay age of fifty (1909), The rich (Bride of eleven years old, 1911), Married Single (1911) musical comedies composed on his librettos. 

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