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Theorist musicians


Qurbaddin oglu  Mahmud ibn Masud Shirazi (1236 - 1321)
He was naturalist, scientist, physician, a philosopher, a musician. His one of the largest in scale and scope work is  Gurrat-at-taj”  (The prominent place of crown or Pearl of crown) treatise. The great attention was paid to music in work and issues related to music of that time was placed in the mathematics section and it is called as The science of music.

Aghalar Kerbalayi Alakbar oglu Aliverdibeyov (1880 - 1953)
Like a beautiful music expert he taught lessons in the class of singing in Baku Music College named after A. Zeynalli. 

Mir Navvab Mohsen (1833-1918)
Mir Mohsun Navvab’s famous musical treatise Vuzuhul-arqam was first published in 1913 (dedicated to the music  Kashful-haqiqati-masnavi work) in Baku. In that journal Mir Mohsen studies the origin of separate mughams and dastgahs, and their root and touches connection of muggams with poetic texts, the mutual relations between the listener and performer, problems of the optimal location in terms of acoustics.  Navvab for the first time, uses dastgah term, and takes names of six dastgah known then on Garabagh: Rast, mahur, Shahnaz, Rahavi, or Rahab, Chargah and Neva. M. Mohsen Navvab connected Rast mugam with spring dew, Rahavi with rain drops, Chahargah  with lightning stroke,  Dugah with fontaining  springs, Humayun with flight of birds, Neva with cry of unlucky lovers, Shahnaz with song of nightingale, Ushshag with fly o f birds in the air, Uzzal with the movement of  meteorites.

Khurshid Hasan kizi Agayeva (1906 - 1953)
Kh. Agayeva  had been sent to Training Institute in 1930 to study at the Moscow Qualification Institute of music teachers. Khurshid Agayeva worked over translation of textbooks on music theory and history in Azerbaijani.
Khurshid Agayeva is an author of U.Hajibayov monograph, articles on music of Azerbaijan, Centers of Azerbaijani music in the XIX century (due to the death it was uncompleted).

Elmira Abdulhamid kizi Abbasov (1932)
He had trained dozens of graduate-musician, supervised 8 PhD of art criticism. She defended Ph.D. thesis on the subject U.Hajibeyovs’ opera and musical comedies in Moscow All-Union Institute of Art in 1962. During   
1977-91-years worked as the rector of the ADK.

Gulnaz Abutalib kizi Abdullazade (1946)
G. Abdullazade in 1976-1979 was a post graduate student  of Moscow State University named after M.Y.Lomonosov, in Aesthetics chair of Philosophy Faculty.  Having graduated from there, she defended Phd thesis on theme “ Music  art problems  in Hegel’s aesthetics” and received the academic degree of doctor of philosophy. In 1990, having defended thesis on doctoral degree on subject “Historical and philosophical analysis of ancient and medieval music, culture (in the context of the problem of the West-East) and got degree of doctor of philosophy in 1992 and became a professor.
G. Abdullazade is a head of 10 candidates for a degree and 4 post-graduates.

Saadat Abutalib kizi Abdullayeva (1940)
S. Abdullayeva is a professor  of chair of Azerbaijani folk music history and theory. She is an author of books Azerbaijan national musical instruments (Baku, 1972), Modern Azerbaijan national musical instruments (Baku, 1894), Instrumental music of Azerbaijan (Moscow, 1990), History of Azerbaijan national musical instruments (Baku, 1991) Azerbaijani folk music instruments and orchestra” (Baku, 1996), Azerbaijan national musical instruments (musical-organologic research, Baku, 2000). 

Elkhan Alisattar oglu Babayev (1948-2003)
E. Babayev in 1981 - 84  was a candidate of degree in Moscow State Conservatory named after P. İ. Tchaikovsky,  Music Theory Department. In 1985, he defended his Ph.D. thesis on the subject rhythmic of Azerbaijan dastgahs (scientific head, doctor of art criticism, professor V.N. Kholopova) at the Moscow State Conservatory. 

Farah Shirmammad kizi Aliyeva (1961)
Scientific work of F. Aliyeva is connected with study of forming and development of Azerbaijani composer school in the twentieth century.
He is an author of works Music of the pages of our history (2003), The music of the XX century in Azerbaijan: the face to face with history and time (2007). He is designer of book “ The sources of the twentieth century musical culture of Azerbaijan (in 3 volumes, 2005,2006). Here he collected more than 500 articles, music criticism, essays dedicated on music life of Baku, including Eastern concert, creation of U.Hajibeyov published in periodicals press of Azerbaijan in 1901-1920. 

Sevil Mammadbagir kizi Farhadova (1947)
S. Farhadova’s scientific researches  are connected with ceremonial music of Azerbaijan, monody type music in mugham art. He is an author of Ceremonial music of Azerbaijan (1990), Muqa - monodia as a mode of thinking (2001). 

Bayram Khalil oglu Huseynli (1923 - 1992)
B. Huseynli had an important role in the field of recording of folk music, sample collection, documentation. However, since 1980 he was  an honorary member of the Soviet Committee of the International folklore festival approved by UNESCO. He paid a great attention on study of folk dance music and collected samples of the genres of ance like yally, halay, systemized it, and classified folk dances.

Agha Ahmed Isa oglu Isazade (1928 - 2007)
A. Isazade’s contribution in Azerbaijani music was scientific research within the last 20 years, a systematic collection of folklore music of Azerbaijan, publication, and historical, chronological order of Azerbaijani folk music provide in his monographs and bibliographic materials.

Rena Azer kizi Mammadovs (1950)
R. Mammadova music laid the foundation for a new direction in music studies – music turkology. Her more than 100 scientific works - monographs, books and articles have been published, including the Mugham Sonata (1989), Azerbaijani mughams’ aesthetic features (.1987), Azerbaijani mugham’s functional problems (1989), Azerbaijan Mugam (2002). In these art, aesthetic and theoretical issues of music have been studied.

Zemfira Yusif kizi Safarova (1937)
Z. Safarova dedicated her studies on ancient and medieval music of Azerbaijan, as well as creation of Safiaddin Urmavi, Abdulqadir Maraghi, as well as Mir Mohsen Navvab,  U. Hajibeyli and others. He is an author of Music of Azerbaijan, Dada Gorgud’s World of Music, etc. books. He made speeches at number of international scientific symposia and congresses.

Firudun Shushinski (the pseudonym of Firudun  Mahammad oglu Hasanov; 1925 - 1997)
Well-known musician was known as mugham expert. Having heard since babyhood a music at home music, having listened master musicians with great pleasure Firidun\'s love of music was increased further. Being a fonder of Jabbar Garyagdi’s art F.Shushinski had written a lot of articles and books about mugham 

Ramiz Farzulla oglu Zohrabov (1939)
R. Zohrabov for many years is engaged in the historical and theoretical problems of the music.  
He is an author of scientific, scientific-popular, journalistic publications, including 16 books and textbooks, more than 300 scientific and scientific articles. Main works: Azerbaijan tasnifs (Moscow, 1983, Tabriz, 1991); Azerbaijani mughams (Baku, 1986); Mugham (Baku, 1991), Azerbaijani mugham’s theoretical problems (Baku, 1992) Theoretical basis of Chargah mugam (Baku, 2000) and others

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