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Basketball was established by physical education teacher of Springfield Massachusetts (USA) State College, James Neysmit in 1891. This game has gained popularity in the United States within a short time and became popular in the world.The history of development of Azerbaijani basketball like other sports, made its first steps since 1920 by the expatriate workers and employees working for foreign oil companies. Starting this year at labor collectives, institutions and enterprises, higher educational institutions, societies the sports teams were created. In 1926 just in Baku city it was noted that about 300 basketball teams and trainings were operative.In 1920-30 the strongest basketball team was formed at Railway sports club. It is no coincidence that selected team of this club could hold the title of champion of Azerbaijan for few years.
Since 1926, the selected basketball team of the Dinamo society has won the leadership and kept in it for a long time.During these years N. Talıshkhanov, I.Ionov, G. Abramov, Y. Arunov and from females K.Efendiyeva, S. Pleskunova, Fomina service had great contributions to the development of basketball. In 1931, the selected men\'s team of Azerbaijan won the championship in the Trans-Caucasus championship and for the first time in the USSR championship he got the right to act an independent team. Since this year the selected men\'s team has kept its leadership in the Caucasus for a long time.
Since 1935, the selected team of Azerbaijan started to perform successfully in competitions of the USSR championship. At USSR championship in 1936 our selected female team participating in 1st group had won Georgia with 41:20 score, Belarus with 30:16, and Kharkov with 23:3, Sverdlovsk city team with 28:14 and Kiev team with 25:17 score and have been awarded the third prize.At the first competitions of the men\'s team our team won Georgia (27:24), Minsk (35:20), Kharkov (26:14), Novosibirsk (29:25) and at final match defeated by Odessa team with 24:30 score and got the fourth place.Next years, Azerbaijani basketball team began to perform successfully, and tears were represented a relatively young talented sportsmen.
At the end of XX century Azerbaijani basketball which lived in the period of stagnation, with victories of Azerbaijani sportsmen at the Olympic Games and under its influence has stepped on a new development stage.In 1994, Azerbaijan Basketball Federation (ABF) has become a full member of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), and this allowed our team to act at international competitions under the banner of an independent state.In 1995, international tournament with the participation of national men teams of Turkey, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan held in Baku and the Azerbaijani team became the winner of the tournament..
In February 2000 the teams of teenage boys and girls of our country took part in international competitions held in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The national girl team won the third place.In 2000 at the national championship between men and women at both competitions basketball players of Bakili sport club became champion.
In Andorra the national men team took part in the European Development Cup competitions in 2004 and was awarded fourth place.In 2006, Azerbaijan\'s national men team took part in the FIBA European Development Cup in Albania, and was awarded the first place.In 2007, U-18 junior national team took part in the European Championship.In 2008, European Championship in Scotland it has been awarded the first place at C division.In 2010, Azerbaijan\'s men national team won the 1st place at international championship Novruz 2010 held in Bishkek.  

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