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Since early of twentieth century football began to get popular in Azerbaijan.  Within a short period of time many football teams were established in the city. Circle of football players of Surakhany, Stela and Friends of sport, Sportsman and Congress, Unitas, Belaya, Senturion, Progress, etc were such teams. For the first time the city championships held by an agreement between the captains in the absence of cup competitions, the official games, in spontaneous manner. In 1905, the first football teams were created in Azerbaijan. These teams mainly represented major oil facilities of Baku. The first official championship held in Baku in 1911 and resulted in the victory of the British Club team. In 1912 Azerbaijani football players had their first international match and they won in Tbilisi local Sokol team won with 4:2.1912-1913 at first in Tbilisi, and then in Baku matches between Azerbaijani and Georgian football teams were organized.Football Union was founded in Azerbaijan in 1914. The Union has undertaken the organization of official city of championships and other competitions. In 1920, the Physical Culture Council was established under the general military training bodies of the republic. The Council began managing the development and dissemination of sport in the country and various soccer teams were formed during these years.

Azerbaijani National Team
Azerbaijan national football team is the national team and is managed by the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan. It acts at the international arena since September 1992. In April 2008 Berti Fogts was appointed as head coach. Azerbaijani national team in FIFA ranking had the highest record in June 2010, the 90th step.In 2011 the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijani football was marked. “The State Program on the development of football in the country in 2005-2015  is implemented. In accordance with the provisions of the State program carried out by AFFA as a result a number of successes gained in football and the foundation of greater achievements was laid.

Our clubs in the international arena
The debut of Azerbaijani clubs with clubs of UEFA dates back to 1994. In UEFA Cup the 1st match was held between Tovuz’s Turan and Turkish Fanarbakhcha club. The biggest success belongs to “Garabagh football club. 2009 Garabagh club for the first time in the history of Azerbaijan had passed to 2nd stage in 2009. Azerbaijani clubs also take part in Community Cup started in 1993. For the 1st time in championship with participation of Neftchi“club namely “Neftchi” won the 1st place. Later in 2008 ‘Khazar Lankaran’ and in 2011 “Inter” clubs brought golden medals to Azerbaijan.

The Chronicle of development of Azerbaijani football with a history of a century is as follows:
* In 1912 British Club of Baku city, in 1913-1915, the Sportsman, in 1916 Surakhany players circle, in 1917 the Sokol became the winners of the championship in Baku.
* In 1914 the first football league and the Board of referees was established in Baku. This year 17 teams took part in the city championship. Since 1921, the Baku championship was held in the three groups.
* In 1923, Komsomol team of Baku took first place in the first Trans-Caucasus Olympic Games held in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi among Tbilisi, Batumi football players. Komsomol repeated this success at the next three tournaments.
* In 1924, in Progress team of Baku won with 3:1 Dinamo team in Moscow. 
* The first international friendly matches were held in 1926 in Baku. Baku\'s youth team won the Iranian national football team with 4:3 score. At the meeting with the Iranian footballers Progress team won the victory - 3:1.
* In 1928, in the first Azerbaijan\'s football championship eight teams took part. Along with three teams Khankendi, Ganja, Guba, Sheki and Zagatala players were competed for the victory. Baku\'s Trade Union-2 team became the first champion of Azerbaijan.
* In 1929, Azerbaijan\'s national football team won the victory in all three games - 4:0, 4:1 and 11:0 against the national team of Iran in Tehran. * In 1930, the combined team of Baku won the German national worker team (4:3 and 1:0), and in 1931, the selected worker team of the England (5:2 and 3:1) .
* In 1932 Baku selected team ook part in the championship of the USSR.
* In 1933 the team of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan was a winner of Caucasus championship in Tbilisi
* In 1935 at the first conference of referees of the Azerbaijani football 107 referees took part.
* The Azerbaijan Cup competitions in football have been held for the first time in 1936. The team of South builder was awarded an honorary cup. In 1937 - 1938 Temp football team of Baku raised Azerbaijan Cup over the heads. 
* Competitions for the Baku Cup began to be carried since 1936. Team of South builder won the tournament.
* In 1936-1991 following teams  represented Azerbaijan in USSR championship:  Temp (Baku), Lokomotiv (Baku), Dynamo (Baku), “South builders (Baku),Inter (Baku),Progress (Baku),Oil Rocks(Baku), Spartak (Baku), Youth (Baku), Avtomobilchi (Baku), Termist (Baku), Tokhuchu (Ganja), Progress (Ganja), Dynamo (Ganja), Kapaz (Ganja), Metallurg (Sumgait), Temp (Sumgait), Chemist (Sumgait), Steel (Sumgait), Voskhod (Sumgait), Tokhuchu Mingechevir), Avtomobilchi (Mingechevir), Araz (Nakhchivan),Dashgyn(City),Garabakh (Khankendi),Khazar (Baku),Goyazan (Kazakh), “Garabakh(Agdam).The greatest success of Azerbaijani footballers was in 1966 when they won third place in the USSR championship, with bronze medal awarded to “Neftchi”.
* In 1967, “Dynamo team of Ganja won the license to “A” level of USSR championship.
* Azerbaijani football players Anatoly Banishevsky and Eduard Markarov were awarded a bronze medal in the World Football Championship in 1966, and referee Tofik Bakhramov was awarded with Golden whistle of FIFA.
* 1976 in USSR Championship among 2nd group teams “Neftchi’ was at 2nd place in final table.  * For the first time in UEFA Champions League in 1997-1998 season Neftchi” football club met with Polish Vidzev team.
* Out Football organization joined in May 1994 in UEFA in Vienna at the 22nd Congress of UEFA and FIFA in June 1994, at 49th FIFA Congress held in Chicago. National football teams took part in the World and European championships. 
*Our national team made its debut in the qualifying round against Romania at UEFA Euro Cup in 1996. 
* Azerbaijan\'s national team 12 times has a positive balance in FIFA ranking. At last 2010 the national team started in 114th place ended the rating at 98th place. It means moving forward of our team during the year for a total of 16 steps.

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