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Handball is game played between two teams with 6 field and 1 gate players, total with a team of 7 players. Duration of game consists of two periods with 30 minutes of each. The first years handball was played at big stadiums with a teams of 11 peoples, since 1950 turned to be the hall sport.
At present, handball continues to attract the attention in particular, at the European continent. In modern handball the only team that could take the world and Olympic champion in handball out of Europe was Korea.There is also special interest in this type of sport in Azerbaijan. During the USSR period Azerbaijani handball was always at 2nd-3rd place in the Soviet area. Handball players Rafiqa Shabanova and Ludmila Subina won the title of Olympic champion in the composition of the Soviet team. After the country gained independence, there were many successes of our handball players. In 2002, the Challenge Cup tournament was held in Baku. At competition arranged by the Federation of European handball the Azerbaijani team became the winner of the tournament.In 2008, women\'s handball team of Azerbaijan gained the victory over Bulgaria in the World Championship qualifying group stage at Montenegro, and exceeded over Italy at the second game.In 2010, in the qualifying round of the World championship among women handball players held in Macedonia our players won the 2nd place in the Group.Men\'s handball team has been operating in the country. However, unlike the women\'s team, this team has not yet achieved any significant success.

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