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Fencing was the popular sport in Azerbaijan. For many years Azerbaijani fencers took part in the composition of the national team of the Soviet Union in the world and European championships. Fencer Samir Ibrahimov, Ilgar Mammadov and Boris Koretski were world and European champions. In Seoul Olympics in 1988, two Azerbaijani fencers participated in the tournament in the composition of the USSR national team of fencers. Ilgar Mammadov and Boris Koretski won the title of champions of Seoul Olympiad. Later Ilgar Mammadov became an Olympic champion for the second time. At present, the representative of Azerbaijani fencing school Elena Jemayeva continues successful performance, which she began in 1999. She became many times world and European championships, had won various at international competitions.
In subsequent years, a decline of this kind of sport occurred but since 2005 special attention is paid to this area again. In April of 2010 the World Cup held in Baku on fencing encouraged people in this area. About 20 fencers represented Azerbaijan in this championship.
In 2010, at international tournament on fencing of Baku Cup 2 athletes won gold medals. In women\'s competition, Sevil  Bunyadova won all competitors and took the honorary chair of the tournament. Murad Aliyev’s victory in competition of men caused a joy of victory.

1. Aida Alasgarova
2. Aysel Mirzayeva
3. Azer Tagiyev
4. Boris Koretski
5. Eduard Mamedov
6. Emil Karimov
7. Ilgar Mamedov
8. Kenan Aliyev
9. Murad Aliyev
10. Nazrin Alizade
11. Rahim Amirov
12. Samir Ibragimov
13. Sabina Amrahzade
14. Sevil Bunyatov
15. Sevinj Bunyatov
16. Vugar Agakishiyev
17. Elena Jemayeva
18. Yusif Budagov 

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