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Chess is one of the world\'s oldest games. According to legend, chess appeared in India. For the first time the name of chess was SHATRANJ. And then its was modified and named as CHESS. So far, in some countries, the chess is still called as SHATRANJ”.Chess is a struggle of two sides, rivals playing with white and black figures. Each party has 1 King, 1 Vizier, 2 Guns, 2 elephants, 2 horses, and 8 pawns, total 16 figures. Chess board consists of 64 - 32 white and 32 black cells.Since 2005 chess champions are determined only by the line of the FIDE.

Chess in Azerbaijan
Chess has an ancient history in Azerbaijan. Great poets like Khagani (XI century), Nizami (XII century), Nasimi (XIV century), Fizuli (XVI century) praised the chess in own poems, and expressed interesting, very deep thoughts about the game. French writer Dumas played chess with Natavan while visited Azerbaijan and noted that she masters secrets of the ancient game in depth. In a letter written by the famous philosopher M.F. Akhundov to his son he had recommended him to master secrets of chess. Jalaladdin Nakhchivani (IX century), who impressed everyone with a good game in ancient Central Asia was the first prominent representative of Azerbaijani chess players.In 1926 the 1st Baku, and in 1934 the 1st Azerbaijani Championships were held. The winner of the tournament was K. Salimkhanov. At the end of the 50-es a talented chess player S. Khalilbeyli was the first Azerbaijani chess player awarded the title Master of Sports of the USSR. Since 70-es of last century the special care provided at the state level for chess in Azerbaijan. About 60 children\'s chess school was built and commissioned. It soon gave fruits. Azerbaijan gave to world chess such chess-players like Harry Kasparov, Teymur Radjabov, Shahriyar Mammadyarov, Vugar Hashimov, Vladimir Akopian, Emil Sutocskiy.G. Kasparov, F. Sideifzadə, E. Maharramov, A. Huseynov, A. Sofiyeva, F. Valikhanli, I.Qadimova  won victories one after another  in the USSR and international tournaments. In 1992, the national team of girls for the first time won the 7th place among 67 teams at World Chess Olympiad in the city of Manila, capital of the Philippines. In 1993, at the European Team Championships (Debretsen, Hungary), that team was awarded bronze medals. Last 14 years 70 medals won at world and European championships among teenagers. In 2002, European Championships among youth was held in Baku, and 1 year later the World Championships in Nakhchivan. At these Championships players representing Azerbaijan - Z. Mammadyarova (one gold, one silver), Sh.Mammadyarov (one bronze, one gold), and V. Hashimov (one silver) won total 5 medals. In Sheki in 2005, and two years later in Baku, the international tournaments with the participation of world’s strongest women chess-players were held.
In view of the success of this organization, the International Chess Federation assigned to Baku to hold the first stage of the chain of Grand Prix tournaments in 2008. In recent years, Azerbaijani chess-players like Teymur. Radjabov, Sh.Mammadyarov and V. Hashimov were able to become the world\'s leading chess-players. At the end of 2007, selected team had returned home with the bronze medals for the first time at the European Championship qualifying team held in Greek island of Crete.
In the list of FIDE chess Azerbaijani chess-players Teymur Radjabov, Shahriyar Mammadyarov and Vugar Hashimov were ranked among worlds 20 most powerful chess players.

  • Aynur Sofiyeva
  • Emil Sutocskiy
  • Ilaha Gadimova 
  • Harry Kasparov
  • Firuza Valikhanli
  • Shahriyar Mammadyarov
  • Teymur. Radjabov
  • Vugar Hashimov
  • Zemfira Mammadyarov

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