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Taekwondo (Tae - crush, trample down, kwon - fist, do - road and aim) – is one of the most popular sport.In taekwando sportsman\'s wear consists of 2 parts: dabok and strap. Dabok  is a symbol of purity. Dabok word means “do” - real man\'s life and “bok’- which means clothes.Koreans like this color very much. Also there are more silk in Korea, so dabok is also in white color. There are 2 belts in taekwando: white and blackWhite belt in taekwando is worn by newcomers. Black belt is worn after becoming taekwondo fighter. Other belts are for encouraging.Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation was founded in 1992. Since that time, taekwondo fighters of  Azerbaijan took part in many international tournaments.Besides sport achievements, Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation is distinguished with its high organizational skills. Azerbaijan has been entrusted to host the most prestigious tournaments. Examples of such actions are the classification tournament held on 21-22 February, 2004 in Baku for winning license to  the Olympic Games in Athens, and the first Open Championship of CIS in 2003, and the European championship in 2005 among youths.Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and is developing in all areas of Azerbaijan and more than 1000 people are currently engaged in taekwondo, and more than 500 of them have black belt.

Taekwando fighters:
  • Jeyhun Hasanli
  • Fuzuli Musayev
  • Mohammed Abiyev
  • Tapdyq Əkbərli
  • Togrul Yusifov
  • Rashad Ahmadov
  • Reza Ibrahimli
  • Khazar Akberli

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