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Sambo wrestling is combat sport type emerged in the former Soviet Union and presently widespread in the world.Literal meaning of the sambo word came from a combination of three words in Russian (samozashita bez orujiya) and means unarmed self-defense.This kind of wrestling was introduced in early of 20-es of the XX in Moscow at Dinamo society, a little later, in Vladivostok, and then from 1931 at the Central Institute of Physical Training and at the same time in the Army sports clubs.From Azerbaijani national wrestling catching of leg and throws, so called “mill” tactic were included in the arsenal of sambo and this tricks could draw an attention with the popularity at competitions. Sambo-wrestling is synthesis of best tricks from Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, Swedish belt capture, English, Kemberlend and Lancashire wrestling, Japanese jui-jitsi, karate, aikido, judo, kendo sports.In November 1938, the first official competition in sambo recorded in the history as match of five cities took place in Baku.
Formation of Sambo in Azerbaijan coincided with the end of 30-es of XX century and its development is connected with the name of the late Ismail Ahmedov, honored coach and referee of the Soviet Union.
Students of Ismail Ahmedov Farhad Hayatzada, Idris Bagirov, Zakir Nasirov, Sabir Huseynov were well-known sambo-wrestlers of that period. In March 1954 with the management of Y.M. Chumakov after a special training seminar in Baku the first Azerbaijan Championships were held in 25-28 of March. Sabir Huseynov, Alkivarid Pavlidi, Mukhtar Dadashov, Islam Humbatov were awarded the title of champion of Azerbaijan.On April 3-8, 1954, at championship of the Soviet Union held in the city of Kharkov  Sabir Huseynov and Alkivarid Pavlidi also participated. Sabir Huseynov was awarded silver prize at 60 kg weight category of an honorary II degree. This achievement of Sabir Huseynov, having great contribution in the development of wrestling in Azerbaijan, a master of sports in four different types (Greco-Roman, freestyle, national wrestling and sambo) was the highest result in our republic.Since 1959 Azerbaijani championship is held consequently at the official level. The first gold medal among youths was won by Kamal Gasimov in 1966 in USSR championship held in Leningrad at 52 kg weight category.
The first gold medal of the USSR championship among youths was won by the sportsman of Sumgait sambo school in 1979, at the 57 kg weight category Farhad Agayev.At the world championships among teenagers held in France in 1982, the first gold medal was won by Sumgait sambo school, Faiq Agayev at 52 kg weight category.Sportsman of Aghdam sambo school Jeyhum Mammadov became a winner of first world championship in 1987 among youth, the USSR and the world champion in 1988, winner of the USSR and the World Cup in 1989, the European champion in 1990. Honorary master of sports Jeyhun Mammadov was 7 times of world, 6 times of European champion, the winner of the World Cup, showing the best results and became the world champion, and putting a trace in the sambo of twentieth century as star.
5-fold world champion among women, 3-fold European, 2-fold champion of USSR, honored Master of Sport Zulfiyya Huseynova represented Azerbaijani sambo on a global scale.Sambo-wrestler of Shabran city international master of sports Mushfig Jafarov became the champion of X Sports day of the USSR Peoples in 1991, demonstrated high results in USSR, Europe and the world championships.The first European Championships among women was held in 1992 in Moscow, capital of Russia.Federation of Azerbaijan Sambo was established in 1992. In November 16, 1992 I Congress of the ASF was held in the city of Sumgait.Since 1993, the Federation of Azerbaijan Sambo joined the European Sambo Federation (FES) and the International Federation of Amateur Sambo (FIAS).During the period of independence (in 1997) Azerbaijani sambo-wrestlers became the first in Europe (our juniors national team won I place among youths, and II among men in 1997).Since 2003 the President of the Federation of Azerbaijani sambo is world champion Jeyhun  Mahammad oglu Mammadov.Already in 2008 the International Amateur Federation of Sambo (FIAS) included 62 national federations. Europe, Asia, Africa, America sambo federations have been established for the further development of this kind of sport.To date, more than 30 sportsmen of Sambo School were conferred title of sports master, 4 sambo-wrestlers - Intigam Azizov, Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, Vugar Mamedov, and Sehriman Agayev master of sports of international class, Jeyhun Mammadov, Honoured Master of Sport.In the history of Azerbaijani Sambo, sambo schools of Baku, Sumgait, Ganja, Aghdam, Devechi, Mingachevir hold the important positions.

Akif Ismayilov
Arif Alekperov
Bakhtiyar Abbasov
Jeyhun Mammadov
Emil Hasanov
Elmaddin Ahmedov
Abulfaz. Aliyev
Ahmaddin Rajabli
Akbar Aliyev
Firdovsi Tagiyev
Givi Jamiasvili
Ismail Ahmedov
Heydar Hashimov
Hussein Eyvazzada
Miraga Qiyasov
Mikail Orujov
Namik Sultanov
Parviz Shukurov
Rauf Shafiyev
Ramil Mahmudov
Sabir Huseynov
Shahlar Mustafayev
Telman Bayramov
Vugar Mamamadov
Vitali Apuskin
Ziyabil Abbasov
Zulfiyya Huseynova 

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