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It is known that in the Middle Ages shooting competitions on hunting rifles were organized. In many European countries like England, France, Germany, Italy since the middle of the XVIII century specialized clubs on sport hunting were established, and they have begun to hold competitions among themselves. Thus, the foundation of shooting sport was laid.

Stand shooting
Stand shooting in Azerbaijan emerged since 1920. The participation of country\'s stand marksmen in the Olympic Games started with the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. Representing the country in this type of sport Valeri Timokhin was a participant of Seoul and Atlanta Olympiads.
In Summer Olympic Games held in Sydney in 2000, Zemfira Meftahaddinova became the world\'s most accurate stand marksman in the history. She got 98 of 100 possible points, and renewed the Olympic record.

Bullet shooting
In the former USSR the first qualified bullet shooting center was established in 1920, on Nargin island. Trained  marksmen in our republic were participants of Olympiads in the composition of the USSR national team and several time became champions of the European and world champions.
Irada Ashumova became winner of bronze medal at XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. In addition, at the World Championships held in 1998, in Barcelona (Spain) and in 2002 in Lahti (Finland)  Irada Ashumova won the 2nd place with small caliber pistol.

Albert Udachin
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Irada Ashumova
Valeri Timokhin
Zemfira Meftahaddinova

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