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Boxing is a sport kind used by two people within certain rules, in order to attack and defense of self with fists.Boxing is held in ring. Ring is a square form area closed with three rows of high ropes. In the Professional boxing the size of ring is 5-6 m², and in amateur boxing is at least 3-6 square meters. In boxing tournaments both boxers should be in the same weight.Rules of professional and amateur box are different from each other. Professional boxers use glove of weight of 170-283 grams and amateur boxers of 227 gr. Professional boxers wear only shorts, and the amateur athletes - shorts and boxers. Both amateur and professional boxers use teeth and groin protectors in competitions. Amateur boxers can also protective hood.In 1924, the International Amateur Boxing Federation (FIBA) has been established. Since 1946 the organization began to be referred to as AIBA. The first European Championship was organized in 1924.In 1926 for the first time on Boxing Championships were held in Azerbaijan. Namely this year most powerful boxers of Azerbaijan participated in Caucasian championship and became winners. In 1929, Azerbaijan - Turkey international tournament was held. Boxing World Cup was held in 1974. Until 1991, the World Championships were held every four years. After that, this tournament was arranged as the European Championships in two years.The Azerbaijan Boxing Federation is a full member of AIBA and EABA since 1992.  Boxer Agasi Mamedov won a silver award in the world championship in 2001.He is also double European champion. A.Mamedov also won the gold medal at the European Championship among teenagers in 1996 and was awarded with special award as the best technique boxer. He is a winner of various international tournaments. He is the only world championship gold award-winning in the history of Azerbaijan box and still the only sportsman. In Sydney Games in 2000 he has kept the honor of the Turkish national team. The famous boxer gained the license to Athens Olympic Games at the tournament held in honor of Dr. Anvar Chaudhury, the president of the International Amateur Boxing Federation.At XXVIII Summer Olympic Games held in Greece in 2004, Fuad Aslanov fought at 51 kg was one of the Olympic Games award-winner.At world championship held in 2005, Azerbaijani boxers winning 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, overall took 6th place. In 60 kg weight category Romal Amanov at ¼ final won over Polish Krisophe Sotu with 30:17. At semi final Italian Valentino Domeniko also could not resists to our boxer. Amanov won Domeniko with 7 points. Only at the final game he lost to Cuban boxer and won the silver medal. One more silver medal is brought to our national team by 91 kg weight category at the time 19 years old Elchin Alizade. He won at ¼ final the Kyrgyz sportsman Ruslan Mirzatayev, and at semi-final Uzbek Yasur Machanov. Elchin Alizade received injuries and therefore could not fight at final against Russian boxer and was awarded the silver medal. Emil Maharramov lost to Kazakhstani boxer Serik Sapiyev at the semi-final and sufficed for he bronze medal.However, in 2007, at competition held in the U.S. of the licensing nature to Beijing Olympics, Azerbaijani boxers acted below the levels of their capabilities. Elchin Alizade in 91 kg weight category lost to Russian Rahim Ali Jakhiyev at ¼ final with score 17:6 and was out of the tournament. From our boxers only Samir Mammadov (51 kg) returned home with a medal. Samir won Puerto-Rican boxer in the ¼ final but lost at final to American Rosh Warren, the future winner of the tournament. Thus, the boxer besides gaining World Championship bronze medal also won the license to the Beijing Olympics.
From May 4, 2010 to April 25 the World Cup among youths was held in Baku on boxing. This world championship was the first the only licensed youth tournament to qualify Olympic Gamesbe held in Singapore in 2010. 
The world championship of boxing to be held in September 2011 was hosted by Azerbaijan. This championship is the nature of the license for London Summer Olympic Games to be held in in 2012.
Azerbaijan hosted XVI World Boxing Championship held in September 2011. For the first time in the CIS space just Azerbaijan hosted such a great tournament. 570 boxers from 113 countries took part in Championship. The tournament was held as license classification for London Summer Olympic Games that will be held in 2012.
In general, 92 boxers got the license for the London Olympics in world championship held in Baku. 
From Azerbaijani sportsmen in the 64 kg weight category Hajıaliyev Heybatulla, in 52 kg weight category Elvin Mamishzade in the course of the tournament had got the license for Summer Olympic Games. At Championship’s final round 20 athletes competed in 10 weight categories. Azerbaijan was represented by two athletes in the final stage. In 91 kg fights Azerbaijani boxer Ali Mammadov met with Ukrainian Alexander Usik and won a silver medal at world championship.


In weight category over 91 kg Azerbaijani boxer Mahammadrasul Majidov defeated the British sportsman Anthony Joshua and won the gold medal of the world championship. Azerbaijan\'s national team was represented at the XVI World Boxing Championship at 9 weight categories and won 4 licenses for the London Summer Olympic Games. Azerbaijan occupied 3rd place in team-wise after Ukraine and Cuba.

  • Agasi Mamedov
  • Agaali AlısovJ
  • eyhun Ibrahimli
  • Elmin Mamiszade
  • Elchin Alizade
  • Ali Hasanov
  • Fuad Aslanov
  • Iman Ahmadli
  • Malik Muradov
  • Mohammed Tahirov
  • Nasraddin Mammadov
  • Nadir Hagverdiyev
  • Nijat Sarifkhanov
  • Nurlan Hajiyev
  • Orhan Mayıllı
  • Peyman Yusifli 
  • Sadiq Samadov
  • Salman Alizade
  • Samir Mammadov

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