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In weightlifting athletes participate in two programs. It is lifting gradually and by push. At the 1st program athlete flifts the weight first from floor and then on lifts it on top by opening arms. All these, he must do it by power of muscle. In this case, if athlete makes a little push with body to weight, referees will turn on red light and ignore this move.
Lifting with push consists of two actions: athlete squats and at one push lifts the weight and the gets straight. The combination of power and the firmness allows sportsman to lift big weight at total movements. In addition, in order to get out of first place in the competition weightlifter has to lift more weight based on general account of the two types of weightlifting.
Weightlifting has a great reputation at the international level. This kind of sport is developing rapidly in Azerbaijan, and athletes have successful results in various international competitions. Thus, at the World Games of masters held in Sydney in 2009, Akif Aliyev won the gold medal, Asif Malikov the silver medal, and T. Heydarov have been awarded the 5th place.
In 2010 at competition in Singapore in 2010, Nijat Rakhimov became Olympic champion among juniors.
Weightlifting Federation has been operating in the country.

Azer Mammadov
Andrey Chemerkin
Dimas Purros
Elkhan Aliquluzade
Afgan Bayramov
Ali Mammadli
Firidun Guliyev
Farrukh Fataliyev
Hafiz Suleymanov
Nijat Rahimov
Kakhi Kakhiashvili
Kenan Aliquluzade
Pasha Ibrahimli
Rustam Imanzada
Tofiq Heydarov
Yanko Rusev
Zulfugar Suleymanov 

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