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Wrestling is one of the most ancient of sports. As early as 2500 years ago BC in Egypt people was engaged in wrestling. The ancient Greeks also loved this kind of sport. At that time, they usually wrestled in the square covered by sand. Sands get stick on naked bodies of athletes and their bodies became less slippery, and at that athlete could catch each other firmly. Athletes walked in the square, as if look at other thoroughly and suddenly attacked other. Each wrestler had a lovely trick. One was trying to take one of the feet, while the other one pressed other’s head in arms. The wrestler succeeded thrice put the back, shoulder or knee of rival on floor were declared as winner.This kind of sport is wide-spread in Azerbaijan. History of Azerbaijan\'s national wrestling is very old. Professional wrestlers like Sali Suleymanov, Rashid Yusifov and many others’ name are known to many people. After the victory of the Soviet rule in Azerbaijan the national wrestling further developed in the country. Since 1937, the national wrestling competitions are held on regional, city and republic level. Soviet athletes won international competitions with great success in wrestling. From our wrestler I.Dadashov, M. Babayev, R. Mammadbeyov, A.Ibrahimov, A. Niftullayev, R. Hajiyev, T. Pashayev, M. Allahverdiyev (thrice world champion), Kh. Isayev, K. Majidov and others were winners of the world, European Championships or Olympic Games.Wrestling found its formation after the Second World War. Honored master of sports Rza Ibrahim Bakhshaliyev is considered as the founders of the wrestling in Azerbaijan. Rza Bakhshaliyev was honored master of sports of the USSR, the Honored worker of physical culture and sport, the honored coach, graduate of Oriental Studies Dept. of Azerbaijan State University and Physical Training Institute, 20 times a wrestling champion of Azerbaijan.
Previously known as the classic wrestling Greco-Roman wrestling was formed after the Second World War.The title of first World Champion won Arif  Niftullayev at the World Championships in Mexico   in 1978. 
During 1980-1990 Mahaddin Allahverdiyev was 3 times World Champion.For the first time in the composition of the Wrestling Federation of the USSR in 1959, Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation was established as an institution.Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation was founded in 1993, and the same year in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland at headquarters of the FILA (International Wrestling Federations Association) it was officially adopted as member.AWF conference is held once in four years.On November 18, 2008, the V Conference of the Federation was held. The presentation and approval of a new Charter of the Federation of Wrestling,  establishment of regional offices of the Federation , for the conference, the activity of Wrestling Federation’s vice-presidents,  international relations, regions, freestyle, Greco-Roman wrestling, organizational and financial affairs, the duties of the vice-president for teenagers were discussed at the conference, and elections were held.

  • Alkiviad Pavliadi 
  • Aydin Ibrahimov
  • Arif Hasanov
  • Agakishi Iskenderov
  • Aslan Agayev
  • Jamal Yagubov
  • Ehsan Kerimov
  • Eldar Marqunov
  • Elchin Jafarov
  • Aladdin Hajiyev
  • Aladdin Pashayev
  • Ahad Guliyev
  • Aligulu Hasanoglu
  • Fikrat Tahirov
  • Fikrat Akhmedov
  • Fazil Hasanov
  • Firudin Kurbanov
  • Goyush Qurbanov
  • Hajibaba Shikhiyev
  • Huseynaga Alasgarov
  • Islam Humbatov
  • Isaaq Jafarov
  • Ilham Abbasov
  • Ismayil Abdulqadirov
  • Kamal Jamilov
  • Kamal Samadov
  • Kamal Hasanov
  • Kamal Rzayev
  • Mahaddin Allahverdiyev
  • Mukhtar Novruzov
  • Nadir Mammadov
  • Najaf Choliyev
  • Nuhbaba Shikhiyev
  • Sabir Huseynov
  • Sary Samadov
  • Sevindik Safarov
  • Telman Pashayev
  • Oktyar Mammadbayov
  • Gahraman Jabrayilov
  • Rahim Ismailov
  • Ramiz Hasanov
  • Rahim Novruzov
  • Vkctor Abdiyev
  • Khazar Isayev
  • Khankishi Huseynov
  • Farid Mansurov
  • Elchin Aliyev

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