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Volleyball is an Olympic game played at a rectangular area, which is separated from the middle of a file, by hitting the ball.Volleyball has become a favorite sport in the middle of the last century in Azerbaijan.  The formation of volleyball in the country dates back to 1926. First ar Demiryolchular club, and then at the Neftchi” Society the first volleyball training began. In 1927, in Dynamo and Kommunalnik societies the volleyball training was started, too. Baku volleyball since 1932 began to develop better. The first championship of the city was held at that time. The first name of the winner belonged to men\'s and women\'s teams of railway staff.
M. Lyoqonki, M. Pererva, O. Rusanov, V. Simakov, N. Yurasov, L. Vasilyev, A. Fomina, G. and M. Urbanovich, M. Sluchenkova, V. Savkina, G. Ganeker are members of the volleyball team of Baku.
After the I Sport days of thee peoples of the USSR in Moscow in 1928, the unified rule of volleyball game were developed by A. Potashkin and approved.
For the first time in 1932 the city championship was held with the new rules. Women and men  city teams have won the right to participate in these competitions, winning the right to participate at the All-Union games. At the competitions held in Moscow the women\'s national team took the 2nd, and men\'s team 4th place.
Third All-Union Day of volleyball was held in Azerbaijan\'s capital in 1935. Both teams took 3rd place. In the mid 50-es at teams of experienced coaches S.Shamkhalov, O. Kiblitski and others a large number of players were formed.
Anatoly Makagonov, Roman Eydelman, Hasan Alekperov, Yashar Abbasov, Ogtay Agayev, Khayyam Zulfugarov, Felix Mamedov, Telman Safarov, Gennady Rudnov, Ramiz Khismatov, from women Nelli Lukanina, Tamara Tikhonina, Olympiada Tishchenko are sportsmen of Baku school. Many of them were invited to the country\'s national team, and have been successfully performed at the European and world championships.
In 1955, the women\'s volleyball team of Azerbaijan won the right to play in the high league.
For Azerbaijan volleyball players 1957 is considered to be the most successful year. Selected team of our republic of women and men performed successfully at the same year and won the 1st place at VIII Sports Day of the South Caucasus.
The cup competitions dedicated to 40 anniversary of the Great October Revolution, held in 1957 our men\'s team won all competitors and took the 1st place.
Inna Ryskal began shining in Azerbaijani volleyball in 1960. With her beautiful and memorable game she wrote her name in the history of the Olympic and sports. In 1963, at the European Championship performing for the first time Inna Ryskal gained the title of the continental champion at championship and for the first time was awarded with prize named the best young players. It is not a coincidence that the among Soviet volleyball players L. Buldakova and I.Ryskal are the only winners of 2 gold and 1 silver medals in the Olympic Games.
Coach of Inna Ryskal was Shamil Shamkhalov. He was appointed as head coach of women team of republic at age of 35.  Mahsul team trained by him won the license to high League in 1961. This team playing at the high league of the USSR championship during 12 years (1961-73) won high places several times.
The 1965 was a turning point for women\'s team. At VIII All-Union Trade Unions Sports day wining the Ukraine team it won the 1st place and the team consisting of men - 3rd place.
In 1988, under the leadership of F. Garayev BMKZ (Neftchi) volleyball players won the title of winner one tour prior to completion of tournament among the bests of the first group and got the right to participate from the next season in group of strongest teams.
Cup competitions held i the country in 1991 was the last in the territory of the USSR. It is a nice coincidence that the last owner of that Cup was the BMKZ volleyball players and in the history of Azerbaijani volleyball for the first time they raised auto such an honor place.
After gaining the independence the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1992, he began to participate at international competitions with own national team.
Established in 1992, the Azerbaijan Volleyball Federation joined the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) same year and in 2005 the European Volleyball Federation (CEV), the Eastern European Volleyball Association (EEVZA) zone.
In 2000, Faiq Garayev was appointed as heads coach to women\'s national team, and as well as “Azerreyl club. In 2002, Azerreyl» Volleyball Club gaining the Top Teams Cup became the 1st team in the history of independent Azerbaijan mastering the cup on sport kinds.
In 2004, the Azerreyl» Volleyball Club participated at Final of Four of the European Champions League. In addition, the women\'s national team has represented our country in the continent and the world Championships deservedly.
National team became a winner in 2005 of the European Grand Prix tournament and 4th place in European Championship in Croatia.
Besides the international competitions, the Federation also carried out works in the direction of of Country Championship. Thus, since 2001 League Championships were held in Azerbaijan among men and women. During this period, the children volleyball was also under care and children\'s sections were created under the volleyball clubs and teams participated in League. 
Also the number of clubs representing the country at the European cup competitions has been increasing gradually.

One of the most significant events of the Azerbaijani volleyball was in October 14, 2011. At final stage of the world championship held in Doha, capital of Qatar among women\'s volleyball clubs Azerbaijan’s  “Rabita” club had won in  all sets Vakıfbank  of Turkey (3:0 (25:15, 25:18, 25:9)) and became the world champion .

In the match for 3rd place losers the Brazil Osasco and the Dominican Republic Mirador team came face to face  and Brazilians won with score 3:0 and became world’s number 3.

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