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Ahliman Amiraslanov


In 1985, A.T.Amiraslanov was awarded the prize named after N.N.Petrov of USSR Academy of Medical Sciences for the original monograph Bone sarcomas. Then, in 1986, he was the USSR State Prize Laureate in the field of science and technology for work on the series Development of the restoration methods of treatment of oncology patients and their application in clinical practice.Honored scientist, academician A.T.Amiraslanov 1992 with changing service was appointed as the rector of Azerbaijan Medical University named after N. Narimanov, and through a competitive bidding in 1993, was elected head of the department of oncology of Azerbaijan Medical University named after N. Narimanov. Academician A.T.Amiraslanov is an author of 230 scientific publications, 11 monographs, 9 textbooks, school supplies and educational-methodical aids, 15 inventions and rationalization proposals, 8 methodical recommendations, the author of dozens of scientific articles. 6 people under his leadership have been prepared as the doctor of medical sciences, 22 people as candidate of medical sciences. Academician is honorary member of World Orthopedists and traumatic and Oncologists Associations of  Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Association of European Reconstructive Surgery, real member of American Society of Clinical Oncology, RF Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Natural Sciences of Poland.

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