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Mirmemmed Javadzade


M. Javadzade  graduated from the Faculty of treatment and prophylaxis of ASMI in 1948. In 1951, he studied at the Department of Urology II Moscow Medical Institute’s post graduate office, and in 1954 defended his candidate thesis on Stones of urinary flow. From 1954 until 1957, he was the assistant in Crimean Medical Institute and then associate professor of urology, chief urologist of Crimean Oblast.
In 1962 M.Javadzade had defended doctoral dissertation on Kidneys polycystic and got the degree of doctor of medical sciences. In 1963, M.Javadzade is invited to Baku an was selected as head of the department of urology and operative nephrology at Doctors Improvement Institute named after A. Aliyev.  
Scientific researches of M.Javadzade has found fame in foreign countries, and represented more than 20 times at the science forums on urology by representing our country.

Oxunub: 183558