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Zarifa Aliyeva


The deserved scientific figure, doctor of medical sciences, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. She worked as scientific worker in Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute of Ophthalmology Research Fellow, since 1969 professor in the Institute of Improvement of Doctors named after A. Aliyev, the senior lecturer of the department of eye diseases, head of the professional vision pathology laboratory, the head of the department of ophthalmology (1982-1985).
She is an author of Z.Aliyeva had an exceptional contribution to the development of the science of ophthalmology in Azerbaijan. 
She was an author of work on study of trachoma once widely spread in Azerbaijan, study of professional eye diseases first in the world practice, especially in the chemical and electronic industries, its prevention and treatment, as well as a number of important studies on the problems of modern ophthalmology, as well as the Therapeutic ophthalmology, Principles of iridodiagnosis, author of 12 monographs, textbooks and teaching aids, about 150 scientific works, 12 inventions and 1 rationalization proposals
Z. Aliyeva had worked hardly for the preparation of highly qualified health staff.
She was member of All union Ophthalmologist Society Managing Board, Soviet Peace Defense Committee, Board of Azerbaijan Ophthalmologist Society, editorial board of Vestnik oftalmoloqu (Moskva) journal.
For high scientific achievements she was warded with prize named after M.I.Averbach of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Oxunub: 156910