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Mammadsadig Abdullayev


During 1988-2006 Professor of Human Anatomy chair, in 1973-1979 chairman of Scientific Society of Azerbaijani Anatomists, Embryologists and Histologist, in 1976-1979, 1992-1995 editor-in-chief of the “Azerbaijan” Medical Journal ,in 1976-1979 member of Terminology Committee of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.  
He was awarded with Glory sign, and in 2001 was the prize-winner of Golden Pen.  
Researches of Mammadsadig Abdullayev were dedicated to ieloarchitectonics of peripheral nerves, both in the norm, and in the conditions of chronic ischemia. He is an author of about 300 scientific publications, including 5 monographs. He acted with reports in a number of international conferences.

Oxunub: 144383