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Mammad Aga Vekilov


In 1901 Baku city medical society selects  two doctors (doctors of the area) to treat the sick at home. One of those doctors was M. Vekilov. Thus, the first one of the founders of the organization of outpatient care to the population was M. Vekilov. Working as doctor of the area about a year M. Vakilov witnessed how much the population was in need of outpatient treatment.
That\'s why he arranges the first out-patient clinic in Baku. This wonderful organizer raised a matter in front of city Duma, Baku city medical society on increasing of clinics several times and achieves its goal.
Thus, M. Vekilov opened 10 clinics in Baku. It is interesting that, today, these polyclinics had been operating, too. One of them is the Baku City Polyclinic No. 2, M. Vekilov has been its head for twenty years and until 1944 he worked as a field doctor there.
In general, Vekilov was engaged in medicine for 50 years. 2 city policlinics is named as Vakilov’s policlinic.

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