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Abulhasan Maragahi


He is the famous physician and scientist of Azerbaijan. He was born in South Azerbaijan, Maragha cityz. During 1775-76 he wrote a work in Persian on medicine and pharmacy Mualijati-munfarida. In this book, treatment of many different diseases with herbs, healing qualities of mineral or animals are narrated.  The full information on diseases of the nervous system like migraine, meningitis, memory disturbance, depression, illusions, epilepsy, cerebral thrombosis, paralysis and other diseases. For example, Abulhasan Maragayi recommended to use the oil beaver (beaver scent), iris, deer fat, honey, rue against epilepsies. 
Although the book was not big in volume, it had encyclopedic character, and covers main issues of medical and pharmaceutical, science. When he writes a work, he benefited from books of famous Azerbaijani scientists who lived before the author, especially of Yusuf Ibn Ismail Khoy Jamul-Bagdadi. Manuscript of work of Abulhasan Maragayi is kept in the Institute of Manuscripts named after M. Fuzuli.

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