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The well-known doctor and historian born in the family of physician in Hamadan,  later moved to Tabriz and lived and created there. Being a court doctor and vizier of Elkhanids Reshidaddin, at the beginning of the fourteenth century, and Tabriz Rabi-Rashidi township and Darus-Shafa (Health House) scientific center was founded. Rabi-Rashidi was a town uniting an educational, medical, scientific institutions, as well as observatory. Darush-shafa was high school (madrasah) like modern universities. There, along with the Azerbaijani scholars and teachers experts invited from different countries China, India, Egypt and Syria worked, too. Library of Darus-Shafa had ten thousand manuscript books brought from Iran, India, Egypt, China, Crete and other countries. Here 6-7 thousand students came every year from different countries of the East to learn philosophy, history, medicine, astronomy, logic.  

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