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Kerim Bey Mirza Mehmandarov


He graduated from the gymnasium of Baku city in 1872, and entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Medical Surgery. After graduating from Academy in 1877 he worked in Saint-Petersburg military hospital as doctor.
Returned to Azerbaijan in 1873, and served as a doctor in Javanshir area of Yelizavetpol province. Then was shifted to Shusha. While working in the city he had an active part in public works, too. Kerim Bey was the chairman of Difai Party, Shusha committee. He died in 1929.
Kerim Bey Mehmandarov received a lot of awards of the tsarist government. In 1880 he was awarded with the second category Saint Stanislav medal, in 1897, the second category Saint Anna, in 1911 the fourth-grade Saint Vladimir orders.

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