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Gazanfar Musabekov


After graduating gymnasium in Baku he studied at the Kiev Medical University. G. Musabekov in 1917 after graduating from university worked as a doctor in Guba. He was chairman of the Executive Committee of Guba, was commissioner of product delivery in Baku and Dagestan. He was the chairman of the Muslim department at Astrakhan, RC (b) P, one of leaders of Hummat organization in Astrakhan. He went to Moscow in 1919, and arrived in Baku in 1920 with the Army XI. He was first commissioner of food and commissioner of the national economy of Azerbaijan. Elected as chairman of People Commissioners Council of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922 and worked in this position until 1929.
However, he was one of chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan and TSFSR (1931-37), from 1925 – one of chairmen of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. In 1937, he was a victim of Stalin repression and was shot in 1938.

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