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Aziz Aliyev


He was appointed Rector of the Institute of Clinical in 1929-1932 years.
Establishment of Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, and the subsequent difficult stages required great courage to lead the institute. A.Aliyev was one of figures contributed in implementation of ASMI\'s organizational work and since in June 1, 1932 he agreed to be rector of the institute.
Shortly after being appointed as rector of the ASMI under his leadership extensive plan of action to resolve all the issues that were important, was prepared.  He has expanded the scope of their activity by involving Azerbaijani staff and wrote textbooks, manuals, monographs, and recommendations.
With his initiative I.Berber’s Throat, nose, ear diseases, A. Galtıchin’s Children\'s Diseases, V. Skvortsov’s Pharmacology Course, E. Freyzeld’s Histology books and others authors’ textbooks have been translated into Azerbaijani from Russian.

Oxunub: 187095